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Throne Worlds are pocket dimensions within the Ascendant Realm forged by beings of strong wills.


Beings which have obtained sufficient paracausal power have the ability to create pocket universes within the Ascendant Realm known as Throne Worlds. These are personal realms whose forms and laws are defined by their creators, and which serve as a refuge for the creator's consciousness or "soul" in the event of their death in the physical world.

The most prolific creators and users of Throne Worlds are the Hive, who may become "Ascendant" through practicing the Sword Logic and eventually become powerful enough to create their own Throne Worlds. All laws within these realms obey the Sword Logic, even other paracausal forces, such as the Light. They are typically formed and can grow in size by the deaths of powerful entities, including the Light-affiliated Guardians. Throne Worlds are completely immune to the effects of paracausal weaponry, such as the Harbingers of the Awoken, being spiritual worlds created from the mind of their resident Hive god. If one of the Hive gods is slain in the material world, or in another god's Throne, their soul will pass to their throne where they will regain their strength until they can re-enter the material world; this can potentially be accelerated by the sacrifice of lesser Hive. If an Ascendant Hive is killed within their own throne, they will die permanently. The lesser Hive may enter the Ascendant Realm at will, but only if they are Ascendant Hive, those Hive warriors who command legions of lesser soldiers and can pay a tithe of death and destruction to the Hive god who rules them.l

Other beings are also capable of creating Throne Worlds. Hiraks, the Mindbender is an unprecedented Ascendant Fallen, as he fell into the Hellmouth as a Dreg and somehow gained Ascendant status, forging his own Throne within the Ascendant Realm by means of Cayde's death.

Prior to the Taken War, Mara Sov also developed a Throne World known as Eleusinia using Eris Morn's knowledge of the Sword Logic along with Riven's wish-magic. However, it was corrupted by Oryx following Mara's death in the Taken War, and became the lair for Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return, who perpetuates the Taken curse of the Dreaming City.

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Canon Throne Worlds[edit]

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