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Sorrow Hunts are activities introduced in Season of Sorrrow. Hunts are instructed by Drifter and Shin Malphur to Guardians to defeat members of the Sorrow Court before they could rally more forces under their control and create new Weapons of Sorrow.


Sorrow Hunts are a 3 player activity, with similar modifiers of a Strike, with Heroic, Legend and Master.

Throughout the activity, Guardians will primarily face against Hive forces, with other factions that originate on their respective planet. Champions also feature across the activity. Each Hive boss possess a unique ability pertaining to their name, whether it is to defeat them with swords or in a gunslinging showdown.

There are a total of 4 Sorrow Hunts, each with their own boss who pertain the title of that specific Hunt.

Sorrow Hunt List[edit]

Sorrow Hunt Location Hive
The Blademaster Catacombs Davaj, the Blademaster
The Huntsman Diaviks Mine Kramûc, the Huntsman
The Cryptkeeper Salt Mines Ir Abzûl, the Cryptkeeper
The Warpriest Jirgâth's Hold Jirgâth, the Warpriest