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Trial of Elders


Season of Sorrow


Stop House of Dusk from learning the powers of Corruption at any cost.

House Dusk rallies to wield Corruption, yes? They will be consumed by the ruin it shall bring. End them before their hubris destroys more Eliksni lives.

Trial of Elders is a Quest players acquire after completing New Arsenal and speaking to Variks, the Loyal. Fallen of the House of Dusk seek to acquire the powers of Corruption. The Guardian is tasked by Variks to stop the Fallen's operations with wielding the power to ensure that it is to be used for good rather than to sew destruction.

Quest Steps[edit]

"You wield a newfound dark power. [insect-like chattering] But House Dusk has seen your efforts and belief themselves to be its wielders."


{Vendor Cutscene}

  • Variks - Your efforts with Corruption are [insect-like chattering] admirable. House Dusk seems adamant as well. They do not know of its true power, its origins. Corruption is not just an element of Darkness, but that of destruction. They must be stopped before more Eliksni lives are lost. Cease House Dusk's efforts to wield it or all that we have worked for is lost.

"House Dusk scour the Reef for this newfound power. Like House Salvation, they flock to it by temptation [insect-like chattering] Do not let their greed become our undoing."

  • Return to Variks with your new prize

"The Sorrow-Maker's plan to crush House Dusk has ceased. Return to me with whatever you have found from their… remains [insect-like chattering]."