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Adaptive Brig
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Fiery Burst
Adaptive Armor


Arc Turrets
Void Rockets
Solar Blaster



Elite Heavy Artillery


House of Salvation


Adaptive Brigs are a powerful class of war machine occasionally deployed by the House of Salvation.


Adaptive Brigs will primarily attack their targets with a variety of weapons: nose-mounted turrets that fire homing Arc projectiles, an arm-mounted salvo that rapidly fires a long barrage of high-velocity Void rockets, and a shoulder-mounted blaster that fires high-explosive Solar payloads. If faced up close, they will unleash a concussive burst of flames that inflicts heavy knockback and damage and attempt to relocate itself. The most notable feature, however, is their adaptive armor plating which allows them to resist incoming damage from the damage type they are currently taking damage from as they lose health from it, eventually becoming immune to said damage type. Attacking the Brig with a damage type that it has fully adapted to will heal it based on how much damage it would normally have been dealt. Damage adaptations also determine the type of damage the Brig deals and the type of status effect it can inflict on its targets: staggering for kinetic, blindness for Arc, burning for Solar, increased damage vulnerability for Void, and freezing for Stasis. Fighting these enemies with Anti-Adaptive Rounds is ill-advised, for without them, the player will be unable to stun them and cancel out any damage adaptations, although the cancellation only lasts for a brief window, so burst damage is highly recommended when taking advantage of this mechanic.