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Jackal Splicers
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Krathiks, Rabid Archon (deceased)
Aliskis, Splicer Savant (formerly)
Krovnik, Godless Archon (deceased)


Semkis Perfected (destroyed)
Reverent Distributors (destroyed)


The Crimson Vault (formerly)
Onyxship Garvaks-Fel (formerly)
Splicership Dreksor-Syn (formerly)
Lupine Monastery
CB Blacksite Ge-5


Crusades of the Jackals (briefly)
2nd SIVA Crisis


"The Jackals are no novices when it comes to the power and control of SIVA. I thought they would scatter with the Jackals once you killed the source... I guess I was wrong. We have to stem the tide of this pestilence before it gets... in layman's terms, out of hand."
Skorvik on the rise of the Jackal Splicers.

The Jackal Splicers is the Splicer sect of the Jackal Syndicate responsible for the creation of new technologies and the repurposing of SIVA. Briefly encountered during the Crusades of the Jackals, they make a more prominent appearance in the Season of Pestilence.


Once a minor part of the Jackal Syndicate, the Jackal Splicers helped to create the armaments and technologies that helped the Syndicate advance to it's technocratic state. Once headed by Krathiks, Rabid Archon, this order had a minimal supply of SIVA to further strengthen the Syndicate, but was quickly neutralized by Lion-backed Guardians before they could have expanded their nanoplague-driven enterprise. With the death of Krathiks, following those of Seriviks and Semkis Prime, the Syndicate quickly fell apart, with remnants establishing themselves on Io, and minor scavengers stranded on other focal worlds with the House of Dusk.

However, some members of the Jackal Splicers remained, with one sect remaining vigilant over the Jackal's Solitary Prison, while others evaded Lion hunting parties within their hidden blacksites. With the collapse of order in the Jackal's Solitary, there were only those who hoped to avoid their hunters. Among them was a young Captain, known as: Krovnik, who swore revenge against the Lions and Guardians who brought him to this impoverished state. After a coup, with the support of the House of Onyx, he secured a position as Archon, and killed the current Archon Draknis, the Hermit. After months of searching, they finally reawaken SIVA, becoming a new military power that rivaled even the technologically superior Jackal Syndicate. As one, the Splicers and the House of Onyx became a force to be reckoned with, with each and every member attempting to achieve Godhood.

Recent Events[edit]

Following the discovery of a Clovis Bray blacksite within the European Dead Zone, the Jackal Splicers doubled their production of SIVA, gathering more followers to their ranks and unleashing the techno-virus, warping the cityscapes and forests with the massive veins and nodes corrupting the environment, thus turning the European Dead Zone to the European Corruption Zone. It would be uncovered by Lion scouts, turning this info to Skorvik for analysis. Before he could make a plan on how to deal with the infestation, he would receive a personal message from an obscure source not to send Lion troops, but send Guardians instead. With this, the Jackal Splicers' operations would be revealed and the Second SIVA Crisis would begin.

Following their discovery, they would stand their ground against their Lion assailants, but would be constantly attacked by the Guardians, who would continue to thwart their apotheosis-driven agenda, denied loads of SIVA from their production rituals and losing many leaders as a result. However, they would take the greater blow by losing their command ship, Onyxship Garvaks-Fel, and their newfound warmachine, Experiment 7-B. With this loss, the Splicers reeled, allowing Lion troops to enter the area and finally gain a foothold, creating a successful quarantine zone to keep the infestation from escaping the Corruption Zone. Now locked into a three sided war, against the Cabal, the Taken and the Lions with their Guardian backup, the Splicers turned to their Priests, who devised a plan to enhance the SIVA they are currently producing.

Once this word hit Skorvik's ears, he wanted his Guardian mercenaries to investigate, discovering the newfound and violent abilities of the SIVA in their hands. Shivering at the thought of such a thing, he decided to stem the root of this problem and destroy the blacksite, their stronghold, where their leader, Krovnik, reigns. With the help of the Guardian, he was able to assemble a Raid team to punch through the defenses of the stronghold, destroying the Perfected Tarantula, ending the torment of Andiks-9, killed both Hrovin and Volamis and, finally, slew the mad leader, Krovnik, and leveled the blacksite. With this major defeat, the Splicers were left with no other choice but to scavenge and survive, while attempting to gather their respected SIVA from remaining nodes. Otherwise, the Splicers were left in an impoverished state once again.

One Last Attempt[edit]

After the deaths of their Archon, Commanders, and Champions, The Jackal Splicers were in chaos. As many of their members were leaving the Syndicate, and tried to form their own enterprises, or join other Houses, such as: the House of Lions, House of Dusk, or The Spider's Crime Syndicate. To further their problems, their minor blacksites and SIVA caches were immediately destroyed or stolen by Guardians, during their looting runs. This led to further crippling of the Faction. Within the chaos, the remaining Jackal leaders and priests, suggested an idea, that was risky and possibly suicidal. The plan was to head into Mars and break open the Warmind, Rasputin, and use him to direct any SIVA nodes, to both, rebuild their order, and destroy The Last City. To do this, the Splicers utilized their remaining SIVA, to build a massive Warmachine, that was greater than Insurrection Prime, of the Kell's Scourge, This plan could go in two ways, either this succeeded, they could control Rasputin to make SIVA with ease, and can turn the Warmind against Humanity. But if failed, the Splicers could lose everything, which can cause the Splicer order to disperse, and by extension, an end to The Jackal Syndicate. Despite they knew this could be the end for them, They went with it, anyway, as they had no other option. This plan would become "Project: Vaultbreaker".

On Mars, the project was complete and the Splicers' machine would march to the BrayTech Futurescape, protected by multiple Fallen, knowing this is their only hope, they protect it with fierce determination. When seeing the mech from afar, Ana and Rasputin attempted to destroy the mech, only to fail, due to the Fallen modifying it with indestructible shields, Rasputin attempted to prevail it, by redirecting SIVA, but failed, due to the Splicers modifying the SIVA, so that the Warmind couldn't bypass it. This cause Ana to call up The Guardian, for assistance and destroy the abomination once and for all, issuing a Takedown in the process. aided by Rasputin's armaments and warsats, the Guardian was able to destroy the Warmachine, ending the Splicers' final attempt, and defeating the Jackal Syndiacte. Which caught the attention of both Joskaa and the Vanguard, seeing this a great victory.

While the Jackal Syndicate was defeated, the remaining and depraved crews were dispersed and remain hidden within unknown dens and camps, refraining themselves from being seen by Guardians, or City-allied groups. The only known Jackal that was in the open, was a Splicer, that was last seen on Europa.




Notable Fallen[edit]

Notable Servitors[edit]

Notable Automata[edit]



Unique Forces[edit]

  • Splicer Dreg - common cannon fodder for the Jackal Splicers enveloped with SIVA, as well as graced with its beneficial abilities. Rather than throwing a Shock Grenade, the Splicer Dreg instead throws an impact SIVA Charge. Headshots may release a tracking ball of volatile SIVA energy.
    • Ascended Splicer Dreg
  • Splicer Wretch - special, lower caste melee troops graced with the energies of SIVA. SIVA tendrils on their arm allows the Wretch to grapple up ledges and lunge at targets. They now can throw their spears, now creating a SIVA barrier for cover. Headshots may release a tracking ball of volatile SIVA energy.
    • Ascended Splicer Wretch
  • Splicer Vandal - common Fallen shocktroops graced with the technological abilities of SIVA. They have a smaller critical spot thanks to SIVA armor and can enter a melee rage that heals the Vandal once entered. Headshots may release a tracking ball of volatile SIVA energy.
    • Ascended Splicer Vandal
  • Splicer Marauder - specialist infiltration units graced with the powers of SIVA. Can throw a SIVA-fied device that cloaks all allies in it's vicinity. It's melee ability can disorient their enemies, as well as suppress their weapons and abilities. Headshots may release a tracking ball of volatile SIVA energy.
    • Ascended Splicer Marauder
  • Splicer Captain - field commanders and taskmasters gifted the powers of SIVA thanks to their leadership roles. They can summon a shield drone to create an immune overshield to protect itself from other assailants. Much like other Captains, they also have the ability to rapidly teleport. Headshots may release a tracking ball of volatile SIVA energy.
    • Ascended Splicer Captain


  • Splicer Turret - stationary Fallen emplacements improved with SIVA's symbiotic capabilities. The Splicer Turret now has the ability to switch firing modes: from automatic, shotgun for close-quarters, sniper for long-range and rockets for armored targets. Automatically releases 3-5 volatile balls of SIVA energy when killed.
    • Ascended Splicer Turret
  • Splicer Shank - automated cannon fodder and scout drones improved with the symbiotic benefits of SIVA. Increased mobility and a higher rate of fire from its gun makes the Splicer Shank a more lethal threat.
    • Ascended Splicer Shank
    • Splicer Exploder Shank - automated kamikaze drones improved with the volatile, yet beneficial qualities of SIVA. Increased mobility allows the drone to rapidly track their targets before releasing a cloud of SIVA energy to deny their enemy the area and negate their maneuverability.
      • Ascended Splicer Exploder Shank
    • Splicer Tracer Shank - automated sniper and scout drones improved with the symbiotic benefits of SIVA. Increased mobility allows the drone to quickly find a perch and strafe gunfire, while bullets fired from it's roof-mounted Wire Rifle now have the ability to track.
      • Ascended Splicer Tracer Shank
    • Splicer Heavy Shank - automated heavy drones and mobile nexus units improved with the symbiotic benefits of SIVA. Increased mobility allows this Heavy Shank to quickly navigate the battlefield while it also can launch SIVA mortars to negate portions of the arena. Also can put up a barrier shield for allies to shoot through, also increasing their outgoing damage. Critical kills may release a volley of unstable SIVA energies to avenge the fallen warmachine.
      • Ascended Splicer Heavy Shank
  • Splicer Servitor - enforcer and Ether-production units improved with the symbiotic properties of SIVA. Rather than an Ether shield ability, it instead releases a cloud of SIVA nanites that attach themselves to other allied Splicer units, increasing their resilience and damage output while moderately healing any damage done to them. Death triggers a violent explosion capable of killing a Guardian if their health and power are low enough.
  • Splicer Walker - powerful automated artillery batteries and mobile foundries improved with the symbiotic properties of SIVA. The Laser Cannon unleashes a volley of explosive tracking flechettes that can easily kill a Guardian if enough consecutively hit. Dual Missile Pods launches volatile mortar rounds capable of unleashing a cloud of SIVA nanites from above. The rotary cannon fires projectiles that may burn target if enough consecutively hit. And, finally, the foundry on it's abdomen is capable of creating all variants of the Splicer Shank. Can also conjure SIVA Nodes to dot and limit the field of movement.
    • Ascended Splicer Walker

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