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Krovnik, Godless Archon
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Biographical information

Other names:

Krovnik, the Hopeless
Krovnik, the Despised
"The Red Messiah"




Jackal Splicers




Captain (special)





Combat information


Lair of Idols


Starfaller Cannon
Lightshroud Missiles


Summon Splicers
High Durability
Ultra Smash
SIVA Armor
Gather Nanites
Digitized Absolution
Curse of the Godless
Inquisitive Overflow
Summon Splicer Priests
Activate Teleporters
Lament of the Godless
Regret of the Godless
Summon Archon Servants
Plate Empowerment
Apathetic Karma
Plate Imbalance
Sanctimonious Critical Mass
Wrath of the Godless
Resurging Karma


"I relinquished what was once my senseless form and embraced something greater. ~consume enhance replicate~ Something greater than the Machine-cursed Lights, greater than the proposed Kell of Kells, greater than the reliance of our obsolete Servitors. ~consume enhance replicate~ And I wish to share it to all of my brothers and sisters willing to throw away the burdening shackles of our finite, desperate moment. Free yourself. Hollow yourself. Become the perfect vessels for ascension... and seek us out. ~consume enhance replicate~"
— Krovnik attempting to rally Fallen to the Jackal Splicers.

Krovnik, Godless Archon is a Fallen Splicer Archon twisted and warped by the powers of SIVA and is the head of the once broken Jackal Splicers. Ascended to a self-proclaimed godhood, he turned the technocratic order to something more of a cult, where his now-metal vessel is revered by his subordinates. He serves as the main antagonist of the Season of Pestilence.


Before Ascension[edit]

"Krovnik was a mere scavenger when his name first struck my ears. I thought he would never be a challenge to our sovereign. I thought he would merely fall to my wrath once we ended the Jackals. I guess I was wrong. I should have seen him fall myself."
Joskaa talking about Krovnik.


The Deal[edit]

"Draknis was weak. Pathetic. Reliant on the need for the Servitors that only give us temporary assurance on our survival. So I sought to end his reign with another house. Others who sought something permanent. ~consume enhance replicate~"
— Krovnik on his plan for a coup.


The Road to Godhood[edit]

"I monitored this... Krovnik, for a while. I thought he would never be a true threat. Until he found the false idols. Now, his true, malevolent intent can be felt."
Aliskis on the rise of Krovnik.



"I have no word for this ungodly abomination except for my regards to his mentality. I'm sure the real him would never wanted any of this. If that really is the case, however, then put him out of his misery. If not, end this crazed prophet and his nonsensical promise of apotheosis."

At the beginning of the fight, the Archon will slowly unravel from the center pedestal and begin engaging his assailants. He will utilize his Starfaller Cannon as his main weapon of choice, which fires powerful, energized SIVA projectiles at his enemies at a decent velocity, but with a devastating impact. Another weapon he uses is his shoulder-mounted Lightshroud Missiles which fires rapidly tracking Missiles armed with a SIVA Payload capable of producing a power inhibiting cloud of SIVA Nanites. He will move around the arena to give chase to the Guardian intruders, even rarely teleporting to another corner to get a particularly troubling one, attempting to get near for a Ground Slam capable of severe knockback damage. Finally, he will often slam the ground on his own accord and unleash tunneling SIVA Nodes that will track all existing players in the arena before violently emerging on them.

Occasionally, one SIVA Node on his body will begin to glow following a pop-up text stating SIVA Mites gather around Krovnik.... If this vent is left alone for 10 seconds, the team will be wiped by Digitized Absolution. If a player destroys one of these vents, a Splicer Shrine will unleash a cloud of SIVA Nanites and give the players on that side the Curse of the Godless debuff. If the player(s) takes too long (indicated by [Insert Name] has catalyzed an extermination protocol!) or the player is killed (indicated by A curse has been unleashed!), the team is wiped by Inquisitive Overflow. The players should jump into a portal created by the Splicer Shrines and track down a Purifier Shank to remove the debuff. One of these players will receive the Lament of the Godless buff. Once received, that player should return to their assigned Shrine (travel to another will kill the Lament player with the Regret of the Godless debuff.

He will also rain down Splicer reinforcements on his enemies, which, with the already minimal cover, can be a nuisance to deal with. He also will occasionally summon a Splicer Priest to attack one of the three Splicer Shrines in the arena to wipe the team with Revelation. Much like from The Shrine encounter from earlier in the Raid, only players from another Shrine can damage them. Following them is usually an Archon Servant, which will hold a charge needed to power up the plates for damage phase. Every time a charge is placed, however, the player placing it will be hit with the Apathetic Karma debuff, which will stack if the same player keeps placing the charge. If the plates are charged at different times, the team will be killed by the Sacrifice Imbalance. Players with either the Curse or Lament of the Godless cannot place these charges. For challenge, only one stack is allowed on each plate.

After three of his nodes are destroyed, Krovnik will teleport to one of the three plates in the arena and attempt to cast his Sanctimonious Critical Mass wipe mechanic. The players have only 15 seconds to stall this ability before they are all eviscerated by this attack. The Lamented players should reach the platform Krovnik is standing on and slam the altar there. Following that, Krovnik will stagger and his jagged, synthetic armor will blow off, opening him for damage. All players should stack on one of the plates; damage cannot be done when 5 people aren't standing on them. Krovnik will then focus his wrath on the player who staggered him and attack them with his Starfaller Cannon. However, the team on plates should also be wary of SIVA Seekers he will unleash and players who dunked charges onto plates should see if they are pulsating with the Resurging Karma debuff, where they should vacate the plate immediately. Also during this, Krovnik will begin to gather additional SIVA Mites on one of his Nodes, but only the Wrath player can see it and not damage it. They should call it out for destruction to end the mad Splicer's wipe mechanic as soon as everyone makes it to the final plate. After approximately 12 seconds of damage, the boss will shift his attention back to the damage plate and prepare an Expulsion melee attack. There the team should rinse and repeat 2 additional times before the Splicer heads back to the middle Altar for repairs.

List of Appearances[edit]