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House of Onyx


Kell of Onyx
Zilviks, Onyx Baron (formerly)
Hrovin, Onyx Baron
Belknis, Onyx Baroness (formerly)


Garvaks Prime


Unknown Den located on Sedna
Onyxship Garvaks-Fel

"The House of Onyx? I haven't heard of them in a very long time. The last I heard, the House of Scar gutted their Prime Servitor and left them to languish in the depths of the void. They are the embodiment of our perpetual tragedy."

The House of Onyx was once a minor Fallen house believed to have collapsed after the fall of their Prime Servitor, Garvaks Prime.


Once a minor collection of former merchants and laborers from the Eliksni homeworld, they were all forced to evacuate their home during the Whirlwind. During their travel through the void and pursuit of the Traveler, the House of Scar would attack them and destroy their Prime Servitor along with a nameless Archon, incapacitating the House, losing countless Eliksni allies as a result. Once arriving at the Solar System, they would avoid battling Humanity in their fragile state, setting up a new den on the exoplanet of Sedna. Slowly building up their ranks, they would recover from their desperate state, but not by much. Later, however, a Splicer Captain named Krovnik would contact them for help against his superior, Draknis. Eagerly, the Kell of Onyx accepted the deal on the condition that Krovnik would serve as his puppet ruler, catching the Splicers off guard and killing the Archon in the process. However, his puppet ruler would soon break free with the promise of evolution, causing a split in the house, leading to a civil war resulting in the death of the Kell of Onyx and most of his supporters, ending the House's true sovereign while the remnants and Krovnik's rebels work with the Jackal Splicers.





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