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Semkis Prime, Pretender to Andiks
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The Jackal Syndicate


Prime Servitor



Combat information


Kell's Wrath Target: Semkis Prime, Pretender to Andiks


Servitor Eye
Web Mines


High Durability
Midair Levitation
Ether Consumption
Servitor Attack
Cannon Shield
Summon Fallen
Summon Archon Servants
Summon Cannon Engineers
Summon Shock Grenades


"So the Jackals tried to build a Prime to make fun of ours. Let's see who's laughing, when that thing is eradicated by your team...which you will do, right?"

Semkis Prime, Pretender to Andiks is the Prime Servitor, within The Jackal Syndicate, served by Krathiks, Rabid Archon. Semkis was titled to precisely mock Andiks Prime, the Prime Servitor of the House of Lions.




Semkis Prime will be in the Maevic Square, around the stolen supplies seen in a noted adventure, when facing them, Semkis will behave like a normal Ultra Servitor boss, except it doesn't have the Ether shielding ability. However, when 20% of it's health is gone, it will project a shielding bubble for it's self, and began calling in Skiffs to drop off the Prime's allies, as well as placing Web Mines along the area, along with a group of Archon Servants, which are Elite variant of Dregs, that has extreme high durability, and carries a Molten Welder to protect Semkis, and their allies, and began sacrificing themselves to heal Semkis. As for the barrier, four Scorch Cannon forges will be deployed over four corners of the area, which will be needed to stop the shield, so the Fireteam, which is recommended to be more than three, should break into two groups, one to deal with the Archon Servants, while the other create the Scorch Cannon. The Cannon forges, will be guarded by two, Shock Rifle-armed, Elite Captains, titled "Cannon Engineer", which must be needed to be killed, to drop the parts and core for the Cannon. When creating the Scorch Cannon, the team must get to Servitor to deactivate the barrier, after doing so, Semkis will be stunned, for 15 seconds, but should not be majorly matter, as the team must put all their fire power, mostly Power, or Elemental weapons, to damage the boss, but when Semkis is no longer stunned, Semkis will fire it's eye, as well as deploying Shock Grenades, to defeat the fireteam, however after reaching a certain threshold, the Prime will project it's barrier and began to summon it's followers and reactivate the Cannons. The team must split into two one again, to stop the Archon Servants, and produce the Cannon to bring down Semkis' barrier. Repeat the steps, until either the Semkis is destroyed, or the Fireteam is defeated.


  • Despite Semkis has a Archon, which is Krathiks, he is never seen fighting alongside the Servitor, it is unknown why.

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