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Andiks Prime
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Andiks Prime, the Weapon Constructor, (also known as: Andiks Prime), is the Prime Servitor within the House of Lions, previously served by Seriviks, Lion Archon and by, presumably, Darsiss, the Protector. It is known for having the ability to construct weapons in the House's arsenal.



When the House of Lions moved into the Reef, their Prime Servitor, Jobkis Prime, went missing. This caused Joskaa, Lion Kell to order the Lion Splicers to create a new Prime to replace Jobkis. The Splicers successfully built Andiks Prime, which was made out of parts from other Andiks Servitors, (the Andiks line of Servitors were a modification of the Jobkis line), and scavenged tech. Unlike Jobiks, Andiks has the ability to create Fallen Weapons, such as Shock Pistols, Shock Rifles, Shrapnel Launchers, Shock Blades, and Scorch Cannons and many more, earning the title, The Weapon Constructor. It assumed authority as the new Prime Servitor, and the Andiks line usurped the Jobkis line.


Before the Red War, the House of Lions had heard the Fall of the House of Wolves by Reksis Vahn, the Hangman. The Lions had decieded to work with The Last City, to hide the Prime. Its successfully worked only temporary, because due to the Red War, the Cabal stole Prime. causing the House to slowly damage it self. although some had tried to take the Prime's place.

The False Prime[edit]

With the Lost of the Prime, when the House of Dusk used their building and tech skills to rebuilt Jobkis Prime, although some believed it was finally over, and Jobkis return. The Kell of Lions, Joskaa believed its was a trap and later sent The Guardian to investigate. But a few more weeks later, it was heard that Andiks was held captive by Bracus Za'orug. Fighting through the Cabal, The Guardian was able to kill the Bracus, and rescued Andiks.

Return of Prime[edit]

With the Return of Andiks, the Guardian and the remaining House of Lions staged an assault against the false Jobkis Prime. With the help Andiks Prime, and Lion reinforcements, they were able to destroy the false Prime. After that whole incident, Joskaa thanks The Guardian for saving the Prime.


Prime Defenders[edit]

Despite not phiysically being in the mission, Andiks is needed to be protected.

Return of Prime[edit]

Andiks Prime has the same abilites as the Pilot Servitor, although it has one added ability: it can summons Fallen Scorch Cannons for Guardians to help It destroy the fake Jobkis Prime.


  • Andiks has the same design as Kaliks Reborn, from the Prison of Elders.
    • Unlike the Kaliks, Andiks's Eye is the color, Orange.
  • Constructor means: "a person or company that builds, designs, or makes something".[1]
    • This fits Andiks's minor purpose, as it was also created to produce weapons for the Fallen.

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