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Povnis, the Cannoneer
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Jackal Splicers




Splicer Captain



Combat information


Finding a Foothold


Molten Welder


Summon Splicers
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
SIVA Shields
Summon SIVA Nodes
SIVA Seeker Swarm
Summon Splicer Skiffs
Summon Scorch Captains
Summon Splicer Walker


"Lightbearer! Support is on its way!
Uh, how soon?
ETA? 2 minutes.
Ah, not soon enough to deal with an angry Baroness, huh? Great.
— Dialogue traded between Aliskis and The Ghost

Povnis, the Cannoneer is a Jackal Splicer Baroness seen during the Finding a Foothold mission, where the Baroness arrives at the Splicer's Weapons Cache to reclaim the Splicer's automated guns. Following a fierce battle between her and the Lion-backed Guardian, she would eventually be slain and the weapons destroyed.


Povnis will arrive in her Splicer Skiff in the center of the arena, fully enveloped in a SIVA Shield while flanked by her subordinate Scorch Captains. On occasion, she will conjure more SIVA Nodes on the battlefield, some permeable while others are immune. Other times, she will release a swarm of SIVA Seekers to track her assailant(s). She will also call for Skiff support to rain heavy fire on her enemy while also deploying reinforcements to the battlefield. To remove her shield, the Guardian must look for her Scorch Captain back-up and procure one of their Scorch Cannons, which will strip her of the immune Shield, allowing damage to be done. When she loses a third of her health, she will call for Walker support to help deal with her attacker. After 2 minutes, House of Lion troops will arrive to support the Guardian.

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