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Takedown in the Arcology Depths


Destiny 2



Recommended Power Level:



New Pacific Arcology, Titan


Delve deep into the heart of the New Pacific Arcology and stem the tide of a new and powerful Hive force.

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A new figurehead has assumed control over the Hive. Strike him down before he can bolster his army and hone their abilities.

The Takedown in the Arcology Depths is a Hive Takedown following the Season of the Witch. After the events of The Witch Queen, Eris would hear of a new, powerful Ascendant champion claiming control of a scattered Hive on Titan. Upon investigation, The Guardian would discover the new champion would be a son of Xivu Arath, God of War, Koraak, a Knight rife with magical, furious power; as well as his plan to call forth his mother's horde and grant the remaining Hive their power. Much like the Cabal and Vex Takedowns before it, players must race through the overgrown and infested cityscape and forests of the New Pacific Arcology with a chance to unlock Hive themed gear and weaponry, as well as a chance to get the Deepeater's Riposte Exotic Sword through difficult puzzles and a more ferocious opposition.


After the fall of Savathûn, the Witch-Queen and her Taken army, the Vanguard would witness strange, more militaristic Hive movement on the moon of Titan. At the same time, Eris will begin hearing strange, yet familiar voices and names coming from her Ascendant Stone. After investigating the Hidden Swarm after they began to employ these tactics, The Guardian would uncover the presence of a powerful Knight named Koraak, the eldest son of Xivu Arath, God of War. Fearing what would happen if Koraak succeeded in calling forth his mother's horde, Eris Morn would plea any Guardian capable to gather a team and delve deep into the New Pacific Arcology and end him and his army once and for all.

Keeping with the tradition of Takedowns, there is a lack of mechanic based encounters alongside the lack of checkpoints, offering only three positions to save: the beginning, after defeating Tarhak-Hul, the Progenitor and after defeating Zohksǔl, Forsworn of Quria for players attempting the Deepeater's Riposte.



Drownhollow Outskirts[edit]

The Drownhollows[edit]

The Scarred Shrine[edit]

Tarhak-Hul, the Progenitor[edit]

Gardens of Forfeit[edit]

Adamantine Arena[edit]

Koraak, Son of Xivu Arath[edit]

Deepeater's Riposte Side-Quest[edit]


Unique Enemies[edit]

  • Paladin: Female Knights granted beneficial and deadly powers for the purpose of defending and heading the rituals of Xivu Arath's horde. Can fire off blasts of void energy, conjures barriers for all allies and unleashes a massive wave of occult energies that enhance the power of all nearby Hive units while damaging any enemies caught in the blast radius after "Sacrificing" an enemy.
  • Iconoclast Ogre: Powerful, glyph covered Ogres empowered by the occult energies of Xivu Arath's War Sorceresses and Paladins. Keeps much of the Ogre's abilities, now can punch the ground to unleash a cascade of Solar energies towards enemies while creating incendiary crags down its path of travel and can create occult shield plates to protect it from all damage at those points.
  • Scourge Thrall: Armored Thralls armed with energized and razor-sharp claws. Mostly walks due to its dense chitin armor but can rapidly charge at an opponent with their claws and helmet mounted horns to deal significant damage and knock opponents back. When enraged, they can slam the ground much like the basic Ogre variant, albeit weaker and less powerful.

Returning Enemies[edit]