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Takedown at the Pyramidion Core


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The Pyramidion, Io


Enter the bowels of the Pyramidion and defeat its new master, Omphalos.

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The Vex must not awaken what lies within Jupiter. Enter the Pyramidion and destroy the source of the Energy Spike.

The Takedown at the Pyramidion Core is a Vex Takedown released following the Season of Revelation. A culmination of the Guardian's efforts during the Season of Revelation, Guardians must return to the Pyramidion and defeat the Vex Mind, Omphalos, the source of a Vex Energy beam that seems to be awakening something within the clouds of Jupiter. Much like the Cabal Takedown preceding it, players must race through an immense force of Vex units and through the expansive defenses of the Pyramidion itself with a chance to gain Vex themed gear and weaponry as well as an opportunity to gain the Vex Mythoclast through difficult puzzles and more merciless opposition.


After the mysterious activation of a Vex energy beam, Asher Mir would call for the help of any nearby Guardian to discover the source of the Energy beam by searching throughout the system and completing Network Scans for him. After the final push on an extension of the Insight Terminus and the defeat of Delphinion, Chronicler Mind, Asher would discover source of the energy beam, the new overseer of the Pyramidion, Omphalos, the Fateseer, as well as a way to enter the depths of the Pyramidion from where the Fateseer lurks. With these discoveries, Asher Mir would organize a Takedown, calling together any Guardian available and pleading them to bypass the Mind's defenses, neutralize it and stop its plan dead in its tracks.

Much like its predecessor, the Cabal Takedown, there is a lack of mechanic based encounters with the exception of the bosses, as well as the return of the unforgiving checkpoint system, only offering three save spots: the beginning, after defeating Malypikos and after defeating The Silent Weavers for those who embarked on the Vex Mythoclast weapon quest.



Player(s) will teleport to the section where they would descend down the pit in the strike. However, upon closer discovery, the player(s) will find the hole patched over with a Vex barrier. After approaching the hole, the wall facing the Guardian(s) will begin to dissipate, revealing a small Vex Transfer Gate. Entering the gate will warp the team into a cell filled with idle, statuesque Vex units, 3 Minotaur statues, 2 of which are holding orbs both firing a beam towards a barrier at the other end of it, scattered ammo crates, an orb generator and a hastily placed vault. Within the cell, there are a few frequently opening windows that will reveal Vex patrols on either already existing platforms or marching across a constantly disappearing and reappearing bridge often leading to a ledge or a conjured Transfer Gate. The Minotaur Statue in the middle of the Vex units, only for those preparing for world's first, seems to have its three eyes active, revealing Vex symbols that seem to "countdown" to something. For players prepping for World's First, once the timer hits "zero", the barrier automatically subsides, while players returning to or playing the Takedown later will be given the option to activate a mechanical conflux in the center of the cell to start it, removing the barrier to the untracked corridors of the Pyramidion.

Taken Infestation[edit]

Evading the Deviant Mind[edit]

The Fractured Chamber[edit]

Malypikos, Deviant Mind[edit]

The Shapeless Chamber[edit]

The Silent Halls[edit]

Omphalos, the Fateseer[edit]

Vex Mythoclast Side-Quest[edit]


Unique Enemies[edit]

  • Crocotta: Specialized Minotaur enemies armed with Void Energy Blades on their wrists, with the main intent of assailing enemies at close range as well as the ability to parry oncoming gunfire. They also have the ability to create a suppressive Bubble that negates all light-based abilities and weaponry only shut down with a successful melee.
  • Siren: Ultra-class Harpy units armed with Aeon Maul, Detainment tech that entraps any Guardians within the Siren's sight and energy tentacles that entraps and slowly constricts enemies caught in the tendrils's barbed and burning grip. Immune when in it's attack position until the node(s) empowering the Siren are destroyed.

Returning Enemies[edit]