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Omphalos, the Fateseer
Biographical information




Vex Sol Collective


Axis Mind


Hydra (special)

Combat information


Takedown at the Pyramidion Core


Arc Blasts


Summon Vex
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Axis Crush
Eye of Inevitability
Voltaic Cascade
Deploy Siren(s)
Deploy Seekers
Platform Obliteration
Divide Platforms
Powered Crystals
Teleport Enemies
Conflux Energy Bypass


"A war approaches,/
an army must stand ready./
You must understand.
I know what you saw./
A poor Divisive secret./
You know all our stakes.
So you should know why/
and what I call forth beyond./
You will not stop me.
— Omphalos communing with The Guardian.

Omphalos, the Fateseer is a massive Vex Axis Mind Hydra that took up the mantle of overseer of the Pyramidion following the destruction of Brakion, Genesis Mind. The Axis Mind is responsible for the mysterious attempt of awaking something within the clouds of Jupiter, thus making it the main antagonist of the Season of Revelation and serves as the final boss of the Takedown at the Pyramidion Core.


See the Vex Takedown page


  • Omphalos is the first Vex unit to intelligibly speak, let alone directly to The Guardian.
    • Omphalos's dialogue, curiously, is spoken in a haiku format. Which would imply that that is how the Axis Mind naturally communicates to its units or was something the Fateseer picked up when attempting to communicate with the Guardians.

List of Appearances[edit]

  • Destiny 2
    • Season of Revelation (First mentioned)
    • Season of the Occult (First appearance)