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Vyslaks, the Technomancer
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Vyslaks, King Baroness
Vyslaks, the Splicer





Political and military information


House of Kings (formerly)
Splicers (inferred)
Castris's Criminal Empire


Baroness (formerly)
Archon (currently, self-proclaimed)
Splicer Priestess (inferred)

Notable info:

Beloved pupil and loyal fiend of Castris


"House Castris has become widely feared for many reasons. One of which is our quality firearms and androids. Who made them some may wonder. Look no further than me."
— Vyslaks on her accomplishments

Vyslaks, the Technomancer is the High Splicer Priestess of Castris's Criminal Empire and heads the minor Splicer branch of the syndicate responsible for developing weapons and assault automata. She's known for her serious, self-crediting and distrustful personality, as well as her tendency to constantly infuse alien tech into her arsenal and body.