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House of Sharks


Sal, the Unstoppable Snap


Carnix Prime


Unknown Golden Age City, Europa
Fleetbase Everest, Europa (formerly)
Shining Sands, Mercury


The House of Sharks is a Fallen house, that was a recently made after Shadowkeep. Just like the Hibachi's Sting Syndicate And Tiger's Claw, not much was known about them, although they was hated by dusk


Early days[edit]

As mentioned by Norlan and Taox, the last proto-Hive, that the House were once members of dusk who were kicked for cannibalism, then they met some a white skinned Human Shark in a formal suit With the ability to turn to a Albino Great white Shark,they then formed a house, Sal, the Kell of this new House, planned to "Borrow" a cloning machine from dusk to repopulate, they then soon made a base in Fleetbase Everest

Dusk attention[edit]

Somewhat in Hoth-III With Irxis, Dusk Baroness Saw one of the cloning machines Stolen she went to the Security feed and found out it was Sal,She then Listens and found it he's going to Europa, Irxis contacts Forum:Srikes, Exile Veteran she'll be back, Irxis grabs her STG-44 and bring a team to Europa and did a surprise attack, Then The house of sharks then flees to a ghost town which was a once a golden age city now a ghost town, the dusk then Punishes the sharks by taking over Fleetbase Everest as their punishment.

Bounty place on Sal[edit]

With the Activity Growing with Sharks, this got The Spider's attention, since the Spider and his group, The Spider's Crime Syndicate, which were studying Human weapons from the past (Such the AK47, M-16, MP5, Fal, P90, Etc). One of the Spider's men gave intel on Sal. Which the Spider to place a Bounty on Sal's head. The Spider then calls The Guardian, Meme Squad, AJ's Host, and the House of Lions to stop Sal and the House of Sharks.

Unique Units[edit]

  • Cryo Wraith:based on a Cured Wraith Made From Dusk Tech,It Charges the player With Ice Torches
  • Splicer Screeb:A Screeb Fused with SIVA, it has more Blast Radius,

Unique Weapons[edit]

  • Ice Torch



Notable Members[edit]