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Anaksos, FALCHION Beta
Biographical information




Anarchy's Children




Heavy Shank

Combat information


Foundry Assault


Arc Wire Rifle
Solar Rocket Mortars
Solar Rotary Cannon


Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight
High Durability
Summon Fallen
Grounding Round
Shield Projectors
Onboard Repair Module
Environmental Hazards


"It appears that Anarchy's Children are looking for a highly advanced design capable of dealing with a wide assortment of threats: squads, armor, vehicles, anything. I don't know how they'd go about accomplishing that bu- Oh, Shank. Big Shank! Very, big Shank!"
The Ghost on the FALCHION's development

Anaksos, FALCHION Beta is one of the first and largest of new designs of Heavy Shank designed by Anarchy's Children engineers as a versatile siege engine capable of a wide assortment of objectives. It is the first boss faced in the Foundry Assault activity.


Throughout the first week of the Foundry Assault activity, the players will actually be clued to the development of the FALCHION unit as they progress through it, often seeing as parts of it are being delivered to the keep itself as they try to coax or find a way inside. After reaching the final quarter of the activity, players can find it being slowly assembled inside and brought to the smoke-stack where the unit is specifically fought.

After reaching the massive main smoke-stack of the foundry, players will see it soar upwards after interfacing with a terminal in the back of the circular arena. Following which, Anaksos will begin battling the its Guardian adversaries. While it mainly uses it's rather powerful dorsal, turret-mounted rotary chaingun to deal with it's assailants, it will also make use of the Arc Wire Rifle fixed right next to it, as well as wing-mounted rocket mortars that will fire in an four or eight round burst (depending on the nearby Guardians), where the rounds will arc downward and try to eliminate their targets.

While these are its basic means of defense, it can also make use of special abilities to help even the playing field. Occasionally, indicated by a more cyan glow, the Wire Rifle will launch a Grounding Round that will stun a Guardian, keeping them still and making them defenseless for about four seconds, making them easy pickings for Fallen reinforcements or the boss itself. Another painful ability it has is the ability to slightly heal any lost health through a built-in Repair Module that can be stopped by destroying the green device that activates when it does so (cannot heal past a health gate). It can also overload parts of the arena, shocking exposed floors and rupturing steam vents on the wall, burning and launching players close to it. Finally, Anaksos will let out a loud alert as it begins to hover down and spool up its rotary cannon. Following this, it will use it's Killzone ability, firing a massive barrage of Solar bolts in a circle three times, almost instantly rinsing anyone who has not found cover from the attack (can be survived with overshields and Wells of Radiance, but will likely kill anyone and will likely kill them on the other sweeps).

Every third of its health, it will become coated in an immune shield activated by shield projectors mounted across the walls of the arena. To deactivate them, players must recover key codes from Captains, as well as Scorch Cannons from Vandals in order to deactivate their own shielding device and destroy them. Keep in mind that Anaksos will continue to use it's special abilities (save for healing), so players should also keep an ear out for the Killzone sweep. The second time players reach a health gate, they should notice more generators activation and tougher opposition assaulting them. Nevertheless, once done, the players should be free to unload everything they got into Anaksos and finally destroy it, causing it to spiral as it loses one of it's frontal engines, explodes once before beginning to fall down the chimney and violently exploding one last time as it's ordnance overloads.

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