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Skarvos, Taskmaster Captain
Biographical information




Anarchy's Children







Combat information


Operation: Silver Scorpion


Shrapnel Launcher
Retractible Shock Blades
Canister Launcher
Flenser Drones


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Marauder Dash
Cloaking Field
Gutting Slash
Activate Perimeter Turret(s)
Sabotage Clovis Checkpoint Gates
Sabotage Fusion Reactor


"You want a job done right, you come to me. Any problems coming from your crew? Well, let's just say I beat the sense into them... depending on how I feel."
— Skarvos

Skarvos, Taskmaster Captain is a high ranking member of the Anarchy's Children subdivision of the Jackal Syndicate. Infamous for his self-confident, cynical and hateful personality, as well as his impressive intelligence on human technology, he serves as a highly regarded lieutenant and trusted enforcer of Mazivas. He is seen as the third "boss" of the Operation: Silver Scorpion Raid.


"From what I often hear, or, rather, get an earful from a Warlock, is that there are no truly wicked villains. Just misguided ones. And I often see that! The Fallen so sure the Traveler belongs to them. The Hive believing the latter is an affront to what they believe. The Vex hellbent on seeing their pattern to completion. And the Cabal just simply wanting to go home. But Skarvos, I sincerely believe he was born inherently evil."
— Observations from an imprisoned Michael Vasari



"Now, listen here, Guardians. We have you completely surrounded and locked up here in a reactor that's about to blow. So, considering I'm in a generous mood, now that the spineless coward, Vasari, is dead, I'll give you two options. Either you surrender, and we can promise you a quick, painless death, or we fight until the reactor explodes, which I can't guarantee it will provide you such a mercy. Either way, TIME TO DIE!"
— Skarvos to the Guardians


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