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Dreksor Prime
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"We have beaten the Jackals, left and right. But we have been getting reports of the Jackals, having heavy activity over at that old Vault, this might be where their Leader is hidden, pursue them, corner them, and execute their leader, before they can grow strong again."
Joskaa, Lion Kell

Dreksor Prime is a Prime Servitor, within The Jackal Syndicate.


When the Jackal Syndicate's remaining members quickly moved to Io, after the many deaths of their leaders, by the hands of the Guardians. After arriving and settling a foothold, they would build Dreksor Prime, with very little parts and destroyed parts from their machinery, causing it to have a very unusual appearance, but nonetheless, they would carry on, and used it to restore their leadership. Dreksor would then began directing it's followers to capture key locations, such as: Warmind Vault JYS-2, Terrabase Charon, and Giant's Scar; derailing any Vex or Taken forces who had a grip on those bases. The Jackals would use their bases to contact any their remaining forces on any stranded planets, to move to Io to regain their strength and resources; they would also use their base to house Dreksor and their scavenged supplies. But while they were sending their messages to Earth, it would be intercepted by scouts, belonging to the House of Lions, who would report it back to Joskaa to gather a plan. He would send The Guardian to the EDZ to retract that signal and its origins, which would point to Io. There, Joskaa would order the Guardians to recon and break the Jackal's grip on their strongholds, and report any of their leaders. After gathering much intel and reports, Joskaa would lead the Guardians to enter the Warmind Vault and draw out Dreksor. Doing this, Dreksor would escape out to the open and be attacked by Guardian forces, but despite it's reinforcements and abillites, the Servitor would be destroyed, rendering any of the Jackal forces, and crippling their leadership.


During in the Shadow of a Prime mission, Dreksor would be seen teleporting out of Warmind Vault JYS-2 and out to the Giant's Scar. When confronting the Prime there, Dreksor would unleash it's attacks. Dreksor behaves like a Prime Ether Servitor, shooting it's barrage of Void Energy, calling out it's forces to defend it, and using Servitor's Grasp and Servitor's Fall; Servitor's Grasp teleports the player away, and Servitor's Fall: Teleports the player high up in the air. But at a couple of times, he will shield itself and teleport away to Orbital Strikes, similar to Elykris, the Machinist, after it is over, it will come back and continue to attack the player. However at very low health, it will began to malfunction and will attack it's allies, opponents and anything in it's way, and will shoot small Void lasers while doing so, similar to a Cyclops, when it is malfunctioning. The Prime will also began to melt their allies and opponents with overloaded Ether. It will continue to malfunction, until it is destroyed or the player is killed.


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