Giant's Scar

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Giant's Scar
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Enemy factions:

Unidentified Vex collective

Connecting areas:

Lost Oasis
Terrabase Charon
Excavation Site II
Warmind Vault JYS-2

Area type:


Public Events:

Spire Integration
Taken Blight

Patrol beacons:



Giant's Scar is a location in Echo Mesa, Io. It is a Red Legion drilling site intended to tap into one of the pockets of the Traveler's energy beneath Io's surface. Unknown to the Cabal, the drill was set up directly above a Golden Age Warmind vault, which managed to escape discovery before the Red Legion evacuated the moon. Giant's Scar has since been overrun by Vex and Taken.

Points of interest[edit]

Xur spawns here periodically for his weekly visits.

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