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Mestiks, The Weasel
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Mestiks, the Despised
Mestiks, Jackal Baron
Mestiks, the Thief
Mestiks, The Sea Wolf (formally)





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House of Winter (formally)
House of Wolves (formally)
House of Dusk (formally)
House of Lions (formally)
The Jackal Syndicate (formally)
Weasel's Claw




"Mestiks? ohh him, yea I threw him out, he has the cunning yet the cowardice in him, some of his superiors had despised that and pushed him around. Enough for him to leave and join sis’s crew, only to disappear in the Crusades, never to be seen again…up until he sticked his little “weasel” head out and grabbed many Eliksni to his plan of harassing the system. Just end him please."

Mestiks, the Weasel (formerly known as Mestiks, Jackal Baron) was a former member of The Jackal Syndicate and current leader of the Weasel's Claw. Known for his deceitful behavior but usual cowardice coupled, he began his assault onto the inner system which caught a bounty onto his head by the House of Lions.


Early Life[edit]

Mestiks was born in the old House of Winter until when he grew older and left to join the House of Wolves where he truly learned how to become a soldier and a thief and these skills would earn him the title of “Sea Wolf”, However, after the events of the Wolf Rebellion he became a little twitchy and grown paranoid from the battles he was in. Right before the Scorn attacked the House of Wolves he disappeared and then later reappeared in the House of Dusk where he would learn the ways of Thaviks, The Depraved, to him Thaviks was a father figure since Mestiks never really knew his father and only heard briefly about him, though in unnecessary circumstances he went into a battle against the Cabal and lost his legs-making him have to get prosthetics. Mestiks had a very hard early life, and a very hard life in general.

Struggles under the Lions[edit]

After the House of Dusk got into a broken state he was picked up by the House of Lions and was offered to join and of course Mestiks said yes, however this was Mestiks’s worst choice, he was put into many battles making him much more paranoid and giving him much more anxiety which made him cowardice, due to this his superiors despised him and pushed him around and tried to turn him into “A stronger person” though this would of course just made a Mestiks even worse and also made him very insecure about himself. After years of battles and abuse from his superiors he had enough and confronted his superiors right before leaving the house never to be seen again.

New Life within the Jackal circle[edit]

After years and years away from any type of Fallen house and grew confident of himself and decided to become a thief, though when attempting to steal from The Jackal Syndicate, he was found and taken in for questioning, however, after being questioned Seriviks offered him a position in The Jackal Syndicate where he would prove himself worthy to become a Baron, Mestiks was favored specifically by Seriviks for being able to steal from people flawlessly and being able to sneak behind enemies and quietly taking them out even with a gun. After a while, Mestiks had a liking for Seriviks, not for just being a leader but also being very kind to him, however at the end of the Crusades of the Jackals when Seriviks invited him to a meeting about attacking the House of Lions, he vanished once again.

Formation of the Weasels[edit]

"This will be the day that we will no longer be Drehks, scoundrels, or malcontents, today will be the day we show the Houses that we are not pushovers, not thieves, or anything of the weak. We will show our true potential, our strength, our cunning, our resharpened blades. We will show all across the Houses and the inner System, that we are not weak, nor Drekhs, but warriors, deception, and will make them suffer for wronging us!"
— Mestiks rallying his troops

Weasel's Conquests[edit]

For a long time Mestiks was gone and at that point the House of Lions thought he was dead, until he came back with a new group, a group that he led, Mestiks led his troops to surprise attack the Reef which lead to the death of thousands of people around the Tangled Shore since they didn’t know what was going on, after this horrific attack the Guardians were called in, as the Guardians fought through the Fallen they eventually found Mestiks trying to recruit poor members of the House of Lions.

"You be peasants to that Kell no longer, join me and your purpose will be rewarded with endless riches!"
— Mestiks to Lion Dregs

The members roared with excitement and hope, and when the Fallen and Mestiks saw the Guardians they immediately started to attack. A few now former Lions fought the Guardians while Mestiks and a the rest of the former lions fled to Mestiks’s ship where they would fly into space. When the Guardians took down the remaining former Lions they thought about what Mestiks said and traveled Joskaa for answers. As the Guardians and the House of Lions went on a journey hunting down Mestiks’s chosen, he spent his time recruiting more members and stealing more money from many places and people including the Spider, and when traveling through bases of the Scorn he found holographic devices specifically used by Pirrha, the Rifleman, he would use these devices to trick the Guardians into thinking that the hologram is actually Mestiks and would go into his maze to try to kill him, and this idea did work, the Guardians did get tricked and ambushed once the finished killing the hologram, and while the Guardian was at Mestiks’s maze, Mestiks himself led a large scale attack on the House of Lions and when the Guardians finally got back the damage was already done and Mestiks was gone, though most Lions including Joskaa were able to survive. And when the Guardians went back to Joskaa he gave them the coordinates of where Mestiks is heading and told them that he put a tracker on his ship, and this is where they all realized that Mestiks’s luck was running out.

End of the Line[edit]

"Pop goes the Weasel!"
The Ghost after the Guardians killing Mestiks

As the Guardians helped the Lions recover, Mestiks traveled to the planet of Venus where he would coordinate a plan to stop both the House of Lions and the Guardians, though since Mestiks is being tracked down he doesn't have that much time to waste since the Guardians will be there any moment to either end Mestiks's life or bring him back to the House of Lions. As Mestiks finished with his coordination plan, the Guardians found his location. To distract the Guardians from getting him, he sent out his last two Chosen Commanders, they put up a great fight against the Guardians, but they were of course unsuccessful, Mestiks ran into his bunker which was designed like a borrow, The Guardians chased after Mestiks as he slides through his borrow until ends up at dead end. This was the time where Mestiks realized that he can't keep running, he needed to fight, Mestiks fought like never before, using all sorts of weapons like guns, knives, bombs, and even brought down some of his Gang members for backup =, but no matter what he did he was unsuccessful and the Guardians at last killed him.

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