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Armada of Dakiliss


Dakiliss, the Strategist
Qalaks, the Silent Inquisitor
Wravis, the Wrathful Inquisitor


Dreksor-2, Pilot Servitor


Splicership Dreksor-Syn


Season of Opulence


The Armada of Dakiliss is a sect within the Jackal Syndicate, lead by the witty Baroness, Dakiliss. It acts as the primary fleet of the Jackal's, used in ship-to-ship combat, trading, and negotiations lead by their mothership, Splicership Dreksor-Syn. Due to years of combat and arms trade, the crews of this fleet are tactically profound and are armed with the best weapons and armor.


Recent Events[edit]







Unique Forces[edit]

  • Crew Dreg - Dreg specialists who serve as maintenance, as well as light assault in case of a break-in. Equipped with a heat-protective jumpsuit, these Dregs work in hot environments such as engines and not suffer heat stroke; this suit can also take a beating from outside hazards, including, say, bullets. They also wield tools instead of the average Shock Dagger, providing more damage in close quarters. Carries around a modified Shock Pistol which fires a heavier caliber Shock round. Also throws extremely volatile Shock Grenades which detonate upon impact.
    • Exovehicular Dreg - Dregs equipped with an EVA suit to serve as ship-to-ship combatants. Armed with thrustpacks to move through the vacuum of space and Grenades which quickly and relentlessly tracks a target through space.
  • Crew Wretch - Wretch specialists who serve as guards and security to patrol the vast corridors of the ship. Equipped with a light armor, these Wretches can be protected from outside hazards and gunfire while maintaining their heightened agility due to years of living aboard a low-gravity ship. Their Arc Spears are longer and wider, providing a longer and more devastating blow to any opponents. They also have the ability to dodge roll and strafe gunfire.
  • Crew Vandal - Vandal specialists who serve as soldiers and enforcers used in ship-to-ship combat as well as serve as a shock reserve. These Vandals are equipped with a dormant and collapsible Shank with them to serve as a tactical tool and automated bodyguard for either protecting themselves or their allies or for pressing their enemies. Shock Rifles now fire faster and endlessly to the user's will and Wire Rifles are now automatic.
    • Exovehicular Vandal - Vandals equipped with an EVA suit to serve as ship-to-ship combatants. Armed with thrusterpacks to move them through the vacuum of space and razor-sharp Wrist-Blades which they use when charging an opponent to sunder their shield before kicking them backwards.
  • Crew Marauder - Marauder specialists selected from the most ambitious, cunning, yet useful Vandals to serve as a special-ops unit sent anywhere necessary. These Marauders will do anything to inconvenience their enemies or make easy targets of them, so they are armed with Trip Mines and Web Mines, which they either place or throw to deny their enemies an area for cover or anything useful to them. Shrapnel Launchers are silenced and can be fired from farther away with a tighter spread and fires rounds at an accelerated rate. Their cloaking shimmers less than other invisibility tech.
  • Crew Captain - Captain specialists chosen to serve as field commanders and labor taskmasters. These Captains are armed with a collapsed Security Turret which they place in an important area when they, others, or their important environment is under threat by any infiltrators. Absorption shields are more resilient, teleportation goes a longer distance, and any Elemental Cannon can be used by them. Molten Welders fire faster, rounds travel faster and explosions are more volatile.
    • Exovehicular Captain - Captains equipped with an EVA suit to serve in ship-to-ship combat. They are armed with thrusterpacks to maneuver through the vacuum of space and a Shield Drone Overshield to act as a primary shield from gunfire with an Absorption shield as a secondary means of protection.
    • Ketch Enforcer


  • Crew Shank - Modified Shanks utilized as automated repair drones to fit through smaller spaces and eliminate anything threatening it and maintenance. These automated drones can boost the power of their thrusters to swiftly dash away, through, or towards harm. Shock Turret fires faster.
    • Hull Repair Shank - Shanks designed for extravehicular maintenance and are used for defense against boarders. Thrusters allow swift movement through the vacuum of space and the Turret now fires tracking solar projectiles.
  • Crew Exploder Shank - Modified Shanks utilized in Torch-and-Burn and Scorched Earth Operations. These swift drones are fitted with a Web Mine payload which activates when the Shank detonates. The Web Field also weakens targets for their allies.
  • Crew Tracer Shank - Modified Shanks utilized by Marauder units and other Special-Operations among the Jackals. The Wire Rifle now fires rounds loaded with a paralytic agent which briefly slows targets and weakens their damage. Can briefly go invisible to search for another perch when threatened.
  • Crew Heavy Shank - Modified Heavy Shanks usually seen as a central processor for Shanks and other Automata while doubling as a security proxy. These Shanks can place a stationary barrier which can protect allies and, inadvertently, enemies. Though these barriers can be destroyed, additional barriers can be produced. The Rotary Turrets fire faster and enhanced thrusters add increased mobility.
    • Exovehicular Monitor - Heavy Shanks designed for zero-gravity environments used to coordinate nearby Shanks and act as a Sentinel against invaders. Heavily modified thrusters allow swift movement in the vacuum and fires a Solar Trace Beam rather than a Void projectile volley.
  • Crew Servitor - Servitor designed and programmed to supply enough Ether to maintain the crew(s) and act as copilots when necessary. The Ether shield ability is rarer, but it also boosts ally damage and rejuvenates any allies' health lost. Fires either a volley of Eye Blasts or a single powerful Blast which continues on the ground and even tracks enemies; this blast can bypass cover.

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