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The Lion's Scourge


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Splicership Dreksor-Syn, Earth's Orbit


Neutralize Jackal leadership by assassinating the infamous Baroness, Dakiliss

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Hit the Jackals where they are the strongest and kill their leader... and avenge the dead.

The Lion's Scourge is a Dungeon which opens every 3 weeks, where Guardians are to infiltrate the Jackal's capital ship and kill Dakiliss, the Strategist not just to gut Jackal leadership, but also avenge the lives she took. With the release of the Season of Pestilence, a new difficulty was unlocked, now bearing Champions, rotating modifiers and requires 950+ Power.



In order to get to the Dungeon, you must first enter to The Drain, where you found the Fallen Transponder nodes. There's a Fallen teleporter will be in it's place. When you activate it, it will take you to the Aerial Zone, there you must get to the back of area, where there is another Fallen Teleporter, but it is guarded by two Ketch Enforcers, they must be killed in order to activate the teleporter, there it will take you to a deep forest, there when you get to the center, a massive Ketch will be there at center. There is multiple Fallen patrolling the area, similar to the "Storm the Ketch" segment of the Scourge of Winter segment, but there are four Ketch Enforcers, two outside and two in the Ketch entrance, you must kill all of them, in which you get to a closed door, where the prompt it gives you to enter the dungeon, is there. Just like The Shattered Throne, it is no longer to do these steps, as you can open it from the director.

The Garage[edit]

The Drydocks[edit]

Trial of the Blaze[edit]

Kashemos-Beta, the Volatile[edit]

The Cannons[edit]

Qalaks and Wravis (Splicer Redux Encounter)[edit]

Shield of the Scourge[edit]

Dakiliss and Dreksor-2[edit]


  • This Dungeon is the first of it's kind to feature the Fallen as the main enemy.
    • This Dungeon is also the second Dungeon to get a harder difficulty setting, with Shattered Throne as the first.

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