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The Kell's Gauntlet is a event that is situated in the House of Lions Expansion. Where Guardians compete in gladiatorial combat against Fallen assailants to gain rewards from the House of Lions.


Originally a Archon's Forge burrowed into 2 Pallas, created by the Fallen House of Lions to those who wished to prove their worth and ascend to higher ranks, until, Seriviks, the House's Archon, left the Lions, the Forge was took over by Joskaa, the Kell of Lions and was modified to the Kell's likings and House of Judgment standards (manned by Divhoris), to serve as a Gladiator-style arena dubbed, "The Kell's Gauntlet", which was used to the hone skills of thrill-seeking Fallen Warriors within the House, allow those who wishes to improve their worth through the use of combat, and for a few prisoners who wish to prove their innocence. While gathering a audience from the House to watch the battles and duels happening within the Prison while the Lion Kell watches over the Arena to see the battles, as well as anoint or bring their own hand picked champions to contest in these games for their personal enjoyment.

Ever since the rise of the House of Storm and the return of Tikmiks, the House of Lions allowed Reef-bound Guardians and Awoken who wish to participate in the trails-of-combat within the Kell's Gauntlet. As well as uplifting new champions within the Battle arena, notably AJ, the Relentless and The Guardian.




  • (Weekends will be random)


  • Missions will be only for special, or Story-related Arena bosses
    • The Archon strikes back - "Tikmiks and his fellow prisoners will earn freedom, if they're able defeat the Kell's Champion, YOU. end them to keep that from happening."
    • Storm's Vengeance - "House of Storm has raised a High Servitor in the form of Revenge. Put it out"
    • Calling to Oryx - The Hive are making sometype of ritual. Stop it from happening.
    • Boloug's Hand - A Hive Knight wishes to battle you, as a offering to Oryx. destroy the Knight to blight his offering.
    • Forgotten Mind - The Vex has a Mind trapped within the Dungeon, that could lead to a rebellion, destroy the Mind before it could try to escape.


Normal (or repeating) Bosses[edit]

Special Bosses[edit]

  • Tikmiks, Archon Priest - Acts like a normal Captain, however when his health will reach a certain threshold, he will call his bodyguards, Tikmiks's Protectors, to attack the player, every time the player's health is taken away from the protectors, the player's lost health will be transferred to Tikmiks, and his health will regenerate.


Destiny 2[edit]

The Kell's Arena in D2, acts similar to The Reckoning and the Archon's Forge, in that it has 6 rounds, with enemies becoming more dangerous and unpredictable, with the bosses being a bit of a bullet sponge.


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