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Jobkis Prime
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Jobkis Prime was the Prime Servitor within the Fallen House of Lions, previously served by Archon Priest, Warvriks.


Jobkis Prime was the original Prime Servitor of the House of Lions, but when the Lions moved into The Reef, Jobkis went missing, due to a unknown cause, which led to the Lions creating Andiks Prime to replace it.

The False Prime[edit]

When the House of Lions was in ruins, the House of Dusk, led by Warvriks, the former Archon of Jobkis, began trying to take control of the Lions, by building a replica of Jobkis Prime. With the returned Prime, the Lions leadership was slowly rebuilding itself, however Joskaa, Lion Kell suspected it was a trap to lure the Lions to Dusk, but with the help of the Guardians and the return of Andiks Prime, the Lions battled Dusk and defeated the fake Prime.


  • Despite the House of Dusk recreating Jobkis, it's truly unknown what happen to the Real Prime, if it was destroyed or captured, by a unknown source, but it's possible that the Prime is, at least, somewhere on the Reef, if the Prime is still alive.
  • It's Unknown why, or how did the Prime disappeared, but some of the Lions believed it was it Archon Servants, but it also said, that the Prime, never had Archon Servants.

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