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Pevkis, the Dishonored
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House of Lions

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A devoted supporter in Skevsis, the Prowling's Rise to Kellship


Pevkis, the Dishonored was a Fallen from the House of Lions, that was a supporter of Skevsis, the Prowling, a Fallen noble that was a claimant of being the new Kell of Lions. Pevkis fanatically served as Skevsis's Enforcer, fighter, and even sometimes claimed himself as his right-hand man. He would lead rallies and battles in the name of Skevsis, as well as participating in both of the destruction of Skrisah's fleet and her demise, after Skevsis became the new Kell of Lions, Pevkis was given a large ration of Ether and was welcomed by Skevsis. Until the rebellion, led by Joskaa, Grayvis, and Andiks-5, Skevsis's rule would fall, and would be killed. After the rebellion, Pevkis, along with other supporter of Skeklos, would be arrested to see if they had any part with Skevsis's scheme or if they was a member of the House of Sky. Pevkis tried to prove of Skeklos of not being guilty, but would failed, but would do devious acts, in attempt to clear Skevsis's name, but would be docked, because of this. After his attempts, he would join a Coup to overthrow Joskaa, he would take part in a suicide bombing within Lionship Andiks-Fel, in he would perish in the event, believing it was the right thing to do.

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