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""Experience is my strength. Knowledge is my advantage. Scouting is my job.""
— Mercedes
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The Foreigned
The Scout
The Seeker
The Befriended (among Eliksni)
The Passenger (among Eliksni)
The Kindhearted (among Eliksni)









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Her appearance is very similar to the ones of the Exo Stranger. Though, she doesn't share her time travelling ability. Her calm, accepting nature often affects them in a positive way.


Mercedes (formerly known as Project M), is a young Exo Scout and Explorer. The duplication of her knowledge and the studying of the universe are her greatest self-made tasks. She especially shows interest to the Eliksni. Similar to the Exo Stranger, she was not forged in light.


The Myth of Project M

"I am a Myth. Undiscovered. Hidden. Do I exist?"
— Mercedes in thoughts

Although having been called Project M, her origins are unknown. Anything indicating that she even exists has been deleted. She was called Project M due to different old signatures showing that she must have been part of something. Nothing further is known. There are no files about her Identity and no files about where she was built or manufactured. Yet, it is clearly visible that she is a Exo. What is her story?

The Red War

Early Life on the streets of the Last City

"Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? I am different, but why?"
— Mercedes asking the Strangers

During the years someone would call their childhood, Mercedes didn't have a good time. Among a small poor group, she lived on the streets. Two Strangers were sharing their food, water and their sleeping places with her so the kid wouldn't have to live too bad. They were trying to give her a normal life as good as possible, considering the conditions for living on the streets at least. Although being a Exo, they were trying to give Mercedes the chance to live a normal life like any other human. She had to learn the hard way that life isn't always fair for everyone. She also learned never to give up during that time. Although there were the foundations and groups that tried to support everyone, they may not reach everyone. To be in a school like others at her age wasn't possible, no one really tried to give Mercedes a chance except for the strangers she was living with. She didn't know who she really was, where she comes from and if she has parents. The Strangers decided to give her a name. After reading 'Project M' at her arm, the decision fell for a name that started with the letter M, Mercedes. She liked and accepted it.

For Mercedes, the Strangers that raised her for about the first five to seven years of her life, they were more then just strangers. They were family and friends. One day, Guards paid them a visit. It was not on good terms as the two persons were forced to go with them. Mercedes never was allowed to know the reasons. She was also taken with the Guards as they considered letting a kid back on the streets to care for herself isn't a option. It was that day when a family was asked to take care of her, a woman with her man who was a retired Guardian, and their two children. Until today, Mercedes kept all the experiences and memories of the Strangers and is thankful for everything they taught her until then.

Young Years at the Last City

"This family is my greatest win since the War."
— Mercedes at her Mother.

She kept living in the Last City, now as part of a family that has taken her in and cared for her. She needed time to understand and accept the changes. Everything was new, different. Better? Years passed as she learned to live and survive on her own before being 'adopted'. The family offered Mercedes everything she needed to develop. They expected her to be like a normal kid, full of power, always needing something to do but she was different. Mercedes is intelligent. Once the parents realized her great learning abilities and her great memory, they encouraged and supported her.

She read a lot of books, examined Humans and their behaviours and studied them. She also studied the Last Citys history and kept all her knowledge. She started questioning different things and tried to learn about them. Mercedes developed interest into exploring and scouting activities and locations, but she wanted to do so alone and on her own. Although she wasn't allowed to leave her home for her own safety, she would often sneak away to go and see new things, studying nature and the cycle of life. It was one day during one of her secret trips when a Titan walked through the streets near their house and she became curious. When she spoke to him, he revealed himself to be the Titan Saint-14, one of the most famous Titans in the history of the Last City. This was her first interaction with a Lightbearer and although he didn't rescue her life, she gifted him with a piece of her brown cape. It probably didn't fit the ribbons he was collecting from those he saved, but she persisted him to take it. Mercedes later noticed that this meeting was a dream, caused by what she read about the legendary Titan. She still didn't have contact with a Lightbearer in reality except for her retired father. After this, she grew more interested into the Light and the Guardians. She was always requesting to know what that big round thing, known as The Traveler, was but whyever, no one would tell her.

That's when she decided to start working on her own, trying to gain more experiences and knowledge away from her living place. Her interest in learning about the whole Universe, its worlds, its races and histories always kept her going. After years of living with the family, when she mentioned herself to be old enough to continue on her own way, Mercedes bid farewell to the family that raised her for most of her young years. They kept contact the following years as Mercedes would sometimes return and visit them. The family was important for her and played a big role in her development. Until today, she loves them like it was her real family and is thankful for all their support and all their help they gave and still give her.

Life outside the Last City

This was the decision that changed her complete life. Behind the walls Mercedes was completely on her own. Her weapons to defend herself was her Fathers No Land Beyond and Mothers Drang, gifted to her before her departure. Her father trained her using those weapons so she wouldn't go unprepared. She wasn't a Guardian after all and she knew that life is more dangerous for her, which didn't stop her from going her ways. She learned everything to survive.

She moves through the landscape, examining different plants, trees and the wildlife. She felt free here. Weeks of travelling pass with no further important incident until one day, she found a crashed Jumpship, abandoned but intact. If he would be able to repair it, she knew it would offer her the possibility to explore more of the universe but then she noticed something. There was noise close to it. Weird language. She couldn't understand it. The situation would change her life even further.

Meeting the Eliksni

"If I wanted to hurt you, I would have done so already. Please lets remain peaceful."
— Mercedes at the Fallens threatening her.

Personality and traits