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July 21st


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July 20, 2020



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About me

I am Mercedes, sometimes reffered as "The Foreigned", "The Scout" or "The Seeker". Another name given among the Eliksni is "The Befriended" and "The Passenger". Yes, I got quite some nicknames.

How I got the Eliksnis nicknames? Over time, I befriended with several higher ranked Eliksnis and I was welcomed around them for my calm, helpful and, towards them, accepting nature. It wasn't always easy for me as I was often expected to be a Guardian and threatened. But that's for later. I support the Eliksni because I see what they are capable of. Not in war. In everything else as well. I received trust and acceptance after proofing myself in several supporting events, for example defending some wounded Eliksni in a war between them and Cabals, keeping some Guradians from attaking and killing them or guiding a few lost Eliksnis back to their tribes. Those are only examples. I was able to learn their language with their help and highly appreciated their trust into me. I want to be known among the Eliksni because I enjoy being around them and so they know that I am not hostile towards them.

As for, why I said I was often threatened of being a possible lightbearer? It's simple. I am the second Exo not to be forged in light. I have knowledge of the myth about the Exo Stranger but I don't have her abilities. That's the reason why I always have to be careful not to be hurt in conflicts. My other nicknames I received from people of the Last City, Lightbearers and the Vanguard. I don't actively work for them but I am often called for supporting opinions on different events due to my long scouting experiences and my studies about the different races, the planets and history. I am a walking encyclopedia you could say. I keep scouting every day, I keep studying basically everything that can be studied and this often gives me great opportunities to show my interests towards life and its worlds, stories and its history.

Hobbies & interests

Transformers, Fast and Furious, Taxi 1-4, Sword Art Online, Unstoppable Transformers Prime, Sword Art Online, Criminal Minds, Navy CIS Passenger, Kollegah, Eminem, Linkin Park, Robbie Williams, Xavier Naidoo, Mark Forster, Bastille Destiny 1/2, Need for Speed, The Crew 1/2, WWE

Favorite Destiny moment

Finally getting my first ever Raid done Garden of Salvation

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It’s fine, plus I wasn’t really in Destinypedia, since no one really did anything on other pages, or Fan Fiction.


Well they live out in the Reef, before the Season of Arrivals.


I guess around before Arrivals.


Yeah, it’s fine, also does she meets him during before or after the Season of Arrivals, because the House of Lions would move to Earth, during the Arrivals.


Yeah, I guess, we can just talk about it here, I guess.


Oh cool. And yeah most of the original top notch Guardians retired. Additionally, you do know we can talk on Discord right? I'm in the destinypedia server. I'm a bit slow responding on here cause i forget to check most times. lmao