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Dusk Splicers


Kraviks, Archon Prime (deceased)
Thralkis, Kell Prime (deceased)
Greg, Skriviks's Champion


Serkuleks Perfected (destroyed)


Site-6, Earth (Formerly)
Echo Base, Machine Graveyard, Glacier, Hoth
Cyclades Macula , Europa
Spherus Magna
Dreshdae, Korriban


2nd SIVA Crisis


The Dusk Splicers are a unique sect of the Fallen House of Dusk's Splicers.


Early History[edit]

During the Red War, the loss of Raksil, Archon Priest and Serkuleks, the Fount have greatly despaired the House of Dusk. Their primary Archon as well as their main Prime Servitor and Kell: Karnix, Rezziks Prime, and Phryzzak respectively, have been brought down and slain at the hands of the Guardians. With no enhanced ether production, their Barons then began to discuss the best course of action in a secret meeting. They sent former Devil Splicers engineers to retrieve SIVA samples across the system. Aboard their Skiffs, they detected remnant SIVA samples in Exodus Black on Nessus. They snuck onboard and successfully stored them on their Skiffs. Meanwhile, two powerful Fallen commanders rose to leadership: Kraviks rose to the position of the House's new Archon, and Thralkis rose to the position of the House's new Kell. As the engineers return, they present offerings of SIVA to the Barons, giving them newfound strength. Then, in an act of ritual, they used SIVA to resurrect Serkuleks, which then became known as Serkuleks Perfected. Ever since, the Dusk Splicers have started the reconstruction of Site 6 deep with the underground tunnels of the European Dead Zone, combining their enhanced Ether and retrieved SIVA samples and becoming the most powerful faction of Fallen since the SIVA Crisis.

Strengthening the Splicers[edit]

"For a bigger Army, We need some of the Devils in SIVA Crisis Back to make us STRONGER."
— Greg The Dreg explaining his Scheme

One month after the Red War, the Dusk Splicers employed Greg, Skriviks's Champion, a House of Devils veteran. He led an Ether sacrifice ritual that revived Aksis, Archon Prime, Vosik, the Archpriest, Kovik, Splicer Priest, Rahn, Devil Captain and Riksis, Devil Archon; Rahn and Riksis became known as Rahn, Dusk Captain and Riksis, Dusk Archon respectively. Later experimentation led to them infusing SIVA with Thralls and on a Wampa named Rampa, Perfected for some "fun". They built new lairs on Hoth, Mars, Venus, the Moon,Spherus Magna including the ruins of Dreshdae on The Sith Homeworld

Dusk Broken[edit]

After the events of Shadowkeep, the House of Dusk was broken apart, and split into 3 groups, in which the Splicers was one of them. While Dusk tried to survive and not fall, them and the Srikes went against each other, tried to take full Leadership of the House, and full control over Hoth. As well as, as trying to claim that they are the true House of Dusk. But While Srikes has began to take control of Hoth and Mars, the Splicers utilized their cloning machines to clone Eliksni to rebuild their House. This would catch the attention Joskaa, the Kell of Lions, in which he would form a secret project to take down Dusk. This would be called: Operation: "Duskfall", which involves deactivating the Splicers' cloning machines, and defeating Srikes.

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Advanced Shank: Armed with a SIVA burst-fire turret whose shots zigzag towards their target. Equipped with Solar shields.
    • Advanced Exploder Shank: Equipped with explosives that leave behind a SIVA swarm upon detonation.
    • Advanced Tracer Shank: Armed with a SIVA burst-fire Wire Rifle whose shots fire straight at their target. Direct hits inflict brief paralysis and increase damage taken.
    • Advanced Heavy Shank: Armed with dual SIVA auto-turrets with an upgraded rate of fire, as well as a mounted Scorch Cannon. Capable of shock emissions when engaged at close range.
  • Advanced Dreg: Armed with a SIVA burst-fire Shock Pistol whose shots zigzag towards their target. Equipped with a SIVA Shock Dagger that briefly slow Guardians with each strike. Throws SIVA Charges that leave behind SIVA Swarms upon detonation. Summons a seeker orb upon a precision death.
    • Crow: Surgically altered Dregs that have had Cabal jet packs implanted on their backs. Wield dual Enhanced Shock Pistols.
  • Advanced Wretch: Armed with a SIVA Arc Spear that leaves a redness effect upon contact. Capable of performing giant leaps towards their targets. Summons a seeker orb upon a precision death.
  • Advanced Vandal: Armed with SIVA Shock Rifles that inflict a Burning effect with each direct hit, and can stack up to seven times. Can enter a permanent berserker rage on low health, restoring lost health and attempting to land a devastating melee attack that knocks Guardians back. Summons a seeker orb upon a precision death.
  • Advanced Marauder: Armed with a SIVA Shrapnel Launcher whose shots can attach to their targets as well as any surface, which then detonate to deal high damage. Equipped with Shock Blades on its lower arms which inflict a shocking effect with each hit. Summons a seeker orb upon a precision death.
  • Advanced Captain: Armed with SIVA Molten Welders whose rockets track their targets and leave behind SIVA Swarms upon detonation. Melee attacks deal significant damage and knock Guardians back. Equipped with Arc shields and can teleport. Summons a seeker orb upon a precision death.
  • Advanced Servitor: Armed with a SIVA full-auto Servitor Eye cannon which fires at 720 RPM. Rockets fired leave behind miniature SIVA Swarms upon detonation. Can draw energy from shielded Fallen to fire concentrated SIVA beams that deal more damage based on the amount of surrounding Fallen. Direct hits from this beam cause brief paralysis. Equipped with Void shields and can teleport. Summons a seeker orb upon death, which inflicts a burning effect upon detonation.
  • Advanced Walker:: Armed with a SIVA cluster cannon that locks onto targets and fires tracking shots that instantly kill their targets. Can fire concentrated SIVA beams from its missile pods. Fires seeker orbs that inflict a burning effect and leave behind SIVA Swarms upon detonation. Equipped with rotating heavy repeater turrets for close combat. Can deploy Web Mines which inflict a shocking effect upon detonation. Rolls out Shock Grenades and Shanks from a small vent in its backside. Summons SIVA Nodes when its core is exposed.


Head Leadership[edit]

Major Characters[edit]

Veterans of the siva[edit]

Those are Formerly members of Devil Splicers who been revived and had their colors replaced to dusk