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Thralkis, Kell Prime
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Dusk Splicers







Combat information


Revenge of the Machine


SIVA Molten Welders
SIVA Gatling Guns


Initial Immunity
Kell's Frenzy Debuff
SIVA Swarm Effect
Slowness Effect
Invisibility Tech
SIVA Teleportation
Ultra Smash Attack
Voltage Shockwave
Shocking Debuff
Summon SIVA Turrets
Ether Detainment
Turret Detonation
Turret Overdrive
Summon SIVA Nodes
SIVA Overload
SIVA Grasp Attack
Guard SIVA Charges
Burning Effect
High Durability
Critical SIVA Density
Crushing Might
Sundered Effect
Poison Gas Vents
Summon Splicers


Thralkis, Kell Prime is the Kell and military general of the Dusk Splicers.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Kell's Frenzy[edit]

Thralkis will permanently be in a state of rage called Kell's Frenzy, where he will inflict a debuff that will dramatically slow down weapon handling, reload speed, and rate of fire as well as disable radar and periodically suppress Guardian abilities. In addition, he is clad in heavy SIVA armor, enabling him to wield both a pair of SIVA Molten Welders, which fire tracking rockets that leave SIVA Swarms upon detonation, and a pair of SIVA Gatling guns, which fire bullets that inflict a slowness effect. Upon sight, he will turn invisible and teleport to a random location. He will remain completely invisible and attempt to sneak up on one Guardian at random, and only his teleportation trails will be noticed. When close enough, Thralkis will unleash an Ultra Smash, which will unleash a Voltage Shockwave that will travel along the ground, inflicting a shocking effect to whoever it strikes. As time goes on, more hazards will appear.

SIVA Hazards[edit]

The first hazards that will appear are special SIVA Turrets that will fire bullets that inflict a debuff that the will slow the player down enough, after which they will pick the player up with an Ether Link and start slowly drain their health. These turrets will need to be shot down in the right order based on certain SIVA symbols that appear on the wall. If the wrong turret is shot, then the one who shot it dies from a turret detonation, and taking too long to destroy the turrets will result in a turret overdrive, causing an unstable chain reaction that will kill the entire team. After the turrets are destroyed, then a forest of SIVA Nodes will appear. Only one will be open at a time, which is able to be destroyed. Killing it will open up another one at a random spot across the arena, and so on, until they are are destroyed. If the nodes remain for too long, then the room overloads with SIVA and kills the whole team. The last among the hazards will be SIVA tentacles that will grasp players and immediately kill them. These tentacles must be destroyed to gain the "Empowered" buff. The buff is granted to those who destroy the tentacles. Once the tentacles are down, special vents on the floor will release Solar SIVA Charges. Those who do not have the buff while attempting to pick them up with be inflicted with a burning effect until they step away from it. Those who are empowered must throw their charge at Thralkis, which will bring down his shield and finally stun him for 30 seconds, which starts the damage phase.

Critical SIVA Density[edit]

After recovering from damage, Thralkis will teleport back to the center of the arena and initiate a critical SIVA density that will wipe everyone if they don't stand on a cleansing plate. Special Captains will spawn with Scorch Cannons. Killing these captains will drop their cannons, which must be used to destroy the Servitors disabling the plates. If it takes too long to reach the plates, then Thralkis' density of SIVA will kill the entire team instantly.

Raised Stakes[edit]

When Thralkis is at 50% health, the SIVA hazards gain increased range and cover more of the playing area. Thralkis gains the ability to unleash a shoulder punch when continuously faced at close range, inflict a debuff that sunders all Guardians' resilience values by 75%, and will also unveil poisonous vents whenever the hazards are active. These effects will remain until Thralkis dies.