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Serkuleks Perfected
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Dusk Splicers




Prime Servitor

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Revenge of the Machine


SIVA Servitor Eye
SIVA Focus Beam


Initial Immunity
Servitor Aura
SIVA Swarm Effect
Paralysis Effect
SIVA Teleport
Midair Levitation
Servitor Melee
SIVA Detonation
Voltage Discharge
Summon SIVA Turrets
Cannon Lockout
Blindness Effect
Slowness Effect
Charge Lockout
Shocking Debuff
High Durability
Sundered Debuff
Ether Drain Link
Summon SIVA Nodes
Servitor's Wrath
Servitor's Grasp
Servitor's Fall
Maximum Overdrive
Summon Splicers


Serkuleks Perfected is the remastered variant of Serkuleks, the Fount and the Prime Servitor of the Dusk Splicers.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Ether Shielding[edit]

Serkuleks Perfected will be inactive until Kraviks, Archon Prime has leaked his Ether upon death. However, it will only start attacking once the player has their Ghost examine the dead Archon Prime's ether samples, which it will sap to grow in strength and gain an immunity shield. This will allow it to keep firing its Servitor Eye cannon, which will fire rockets that create miniature SIVA Swarms upon detonation; it will also have an alternate firing mode in the form of a focus cannon which fires high-impact beams that cause brief paralysis upon a direct hit.

Wreaking Havoc[edit]

Serkuleks will summon a myriad of Splicer reinforcements to attack the player, which will distract them from the stronger Empyrean Splicers that will be guarding SIVA charge plates. Serkuleks will be shielding these specialized Fallen with its Servitor Aura. As the Splicer onslaught occurs, there will be a special Ultra Empyrean Captain that will appear and try to sacrifice himself to a voltage machine. He will be armed with a Scorch Cannon and must be killed. If he reaches the voltage machine before he dies, it will charge the machine by 20%, giving off a SIVA Detonation that will instantly deal high damage to one team member at random. If the machine is fully charged, then it will generate a voltage discharge, immediately killing everyone. More Captains will spawn until two more are killed. These Captains will drop their cannons on death, but they will be shielded by an aura provided by special SIVA Turrets. Standing in this aura will blind and slow anyone that steps in it. Destroying the turrets will disable their aura, allowing people to wield the cannons, which are the only way to destroy the voltage machine. Afterwards, the voltage machine will drop three SIVA Charges, which must be thrown at the Empyrean Splicers guarding the charge plates, after which the plates will be activated, granting the thrower the "Empowered" buff, which will last for 60 seconds.

Charge Plates[edit]

Only those who have the "Empowered" buff can stand on the charge plates; those who step on the plate without the buff will be inflicted with a shocking effect until they step off. Those with the buff must stand on them for the remainder of the buff, taking 5 seconds to charge the plates before disabling Serkuleks' shield and granting full damage capabilities, for if they step off, then they will take more damage until they get back on. However, after 20 seconds of standing on the plates, major Servitors will activate Ether generators next to the plates to start a link that will slow and damage anyone standing on the plates, and the generators will be immune until the Servitors are destroyed. If the generator is not shut down in time, then the one standing on it will have their health fully drained via Ether Drain Link. These machines can only be destroyed by the Scorch Cannons. When the buff ends, the plate erects a closed SIVA Node that will remain immune until the next damage phase.

Servitor's Wrath[edit]

When at 50% health, Serkuleks will enter a state of rage called Servitor's Wrath, which will inflict a debuff that will dramatically slow down ability recharge and health recovery rates. It will also gain the ability to teleport players at random intervals to various locations and heights. Its beam attack now detonates when it strikes a surface and its eye cannon gains tracking abilities. Periodically, it will also unleash an attack called Maximum Overdrive, in which it will charge up and release a detonation, instantly killing everyone. This attack can be prevented by running into cover and breaking sight from Serkuleks. It will remain in this enraged state until it is killed.