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Kraviks, Archon Prime
Biographical information




Dusk Splicers







Combat information


Revenge of the Machine


SIVA Gatling (Phase 1)
SIVA Molten Welder (Phase 2)


Initial Immunity
SIVA Teleport
Blindness Effect
Electric Feedback
Unstable Discharge
Critical SIVA Density
Arc Energy Shield
High Durability
Archon's Fury
SIVA Swarms
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Splicers


Kraviks, Archon Prime is the Archon and field commander of the Dusk Splicers.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Electric Feedback[edit]

Kraviks will initially be protected by an Arc shield that will be immune to damage, allowing him to freely lay down suppressive fire with SIVA Gatling gun. Shooting Kraviks while his shield is up will inflict the player with a blindness effect similar to a flashbang grenade. If they do not look away, then their senses will be overwhelmed by electric feedback, killing them on the spot. To break down his shield, the feedback machines that power it must be jammed. These machines are shielded by Major Servitors, which must be destroyed through a specific buff. Specialized Heavy Shanks will arrive to defend Kraviks, and they must be killed to obtain an Arc SIVA Charge. This charge will deal no damage initially because it is not fully charged. To charge it, the wielder must run through 5 pillars of electricity to gain maximum stacks for the "Charged" buff. Once the SIVA charge has received 5 stacks, it will become unstable. If it is not thrown in time, Kraviks will detonate the bomb early, causing an Unstable Discharge. The charges need to be thrown at the Servitors to be able to damage the feedback machines, after which Splicer reinforcements will flood the area. If the machines are not jammed quickly enough, Kraviks will intiate a critical density of SIVA, instantly killing the entire team. After jamming the machines, they will be overridden and open up some caches with Shock Cannons and SIVA Charges, both of which are recommended for breaking down Kraviks' energy shield. Once his shield breaks, the damage phase begins.

Deeper Inside[edit]

Once Kraviks' health reaches 50%, he will retreat deep within the Dusk Splicers' den and will wait for the Guardians in the revived Prime Servitor's chamber. Upon sight, he will enter a berserker rage called Archon's Fury, increasing his speed and rate of teleportation, making him more aggressive. He will also have replaced his gatling gun with a SIVA Molten Welder, and will perform an ultra smash when faced up close. Kraviks will be permanently vulnerable, although he will occasionally be shielded by Major Servitors. He will have no extra mechanics during this second phase, he must simply be killed on the spot.