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"Processing excess rations of Ether..."
— One of Rezziks Prime's memory files
Rezziks Prime
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House of Dusk


Prime Servitor

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Rezziks Prime is the Prime Servitor of the House of Dusk.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Ether Barrier[edit]

Rezziks will initially be fully shielded by Ether generators scattered around the arena. These generators can only be destroyed by Molten Welders that are dropped from Major Captains. If these generators aren't shut down quickly enough, then they will activate an Ether density that will automatically kill the entire team.

Servitor's Sights[edit]

After its shields have been removed, Rezziks will fire concentrated beams of energy at all players at once and hold them at place. Once held up, it will start draining the player's health. These beams must be destroyed to deal maximum damage to Rezziks. After all beams have been cut off, the shields reactivate.

Servitor's Wrath[edit]

After reaching 50% health, Rezziks will enter maximum overdrive. This gives it increased damage resistance, a greatly increased fire rate, more rapid teleportation, and it will inflict all players with a debuff that decreases ability recharge rates. It will remain in this enraged state until it is killed.