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"I can't take this anymore!"
— Phryzzak's general mood
Phryzzak, Dusk Kell
Biographical information




House of Dusk







Combat information




Molten Welder
Shrapnel Launcher
Shock Rifle
Wire Rifle


Ether Density
Ether Barrier
Summon Walker
Kell's Frenzy
Ring of Fire
Bleedout Effect
Shock Current
Stun Field
Ultra Smash
Summon Fallen
Summon Skiffs


Phryzzak, Dusk Kell is the Kell of the House of Dusk.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Ether Barrier[edit]

Phryzzak will be fully shielded by Ether generators, which are shielded by Major Servitors. Destroying the Servitors will make the generators vulnerable. As always, these must be destroyed quickly or ether will overflood the room and cause a wipe. Destroying the generators will cause Phryzzak to teleport away and summon a Walker that must be destroyed. After the Walker is down, he will enter a long-lasting rage.

Kell's Frenzy[edit]

In this enraged state, Phryzzak gains new abilities. He will have one weapon in each arm: his Molten Welder creates rings of fire upon detonation that actively seek out players and ignite them; his Shrapnel Launcher projectile attack causes a bleedout effect on impact; his Shock Rifle projectiles produce a Shock Current around the player thus causing the Shock debuff; his Wire Rifle bolts produce Stun Fields that slow players down. In addition, players that are too far from him will suffer a blackout effect while those who are too close will suffer a blindness effect. He also has high damage resistance while in this state, although this resistance can be disabled by running through pillars of Light that grant a damage bonus, and the shields will only activate again once he reaches a certain health threshold.