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Operation "Duskfall", is a series of events, targeting the broken House of Dusk. The Operation was founded by The Spider, leader of his own organization, Joskaa, the Kell of the Fallen House of Lions, and a unnamed, Reef Paladin. The Operation was in question, during the aftermath of the Crusades of the Jackals, where Joskaa began to investigate, and search deep into the continuous breaking of the House of Dusk, but after the Battle for the Yarkora Homeworld, and a encounter with a former member of Dusk, the project would go to immediate effect, by him sending his ally, AJ, the Relentless, to search for any Force-sensitive Eliksni, who were under control of Srikes. After finding, and freeing the force-wielding slaves on Hoth. Joskaa would join with The Spider to dismantle the tri-groups of the Dusk, who are attempting to lead the House: Srikes, the Dusk Splicers, and the original House Dusk, by masking the targeting within the Bounties, provided by The Spider, and sending to The Guardian, to Hoth, to learn, and deactivate the Cloning machines, manufactured by the Dusk Splicers. The Operation was later put on hold, during the events of Shadowkeep and the arrival of the Pyramid ships. However, the Operation would make a return during the Season of Elders.

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