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Kavahn, Head Guardsman
Biographical information




Dragon's Breath







Combat information


Hunter's Palace


Seeker Rifle
Bolt Revolver


Summon Dragon's Breath Operatives
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Cloaking Tech
Hunter Dash
Ultra Smash
Place Snare Traps
Activate Turrets
Grapple Hook


"My loyalty is only to the Kell of Kells wretch. I won't follow your blasphemy unless explicitly told maggot. [...] Oh I'd love to see you even try to get my tongue Thrall-bait, you need us, and killing me is not the way to thrive, stu-pid. Hahaha!"
— Kavahn conversing with Gralkis, High Priest

Kavahn, Head Guardsman is the middle son of Vulpis, the Dracobane and Guardsman Of Dragon's Breath. He is seen in The Hollows, Mars selling tech and weapons stolen from humans and Cabal to the House of Dusk and one of their lieutenants, Gralkis, High Priest. Two week after his death his Foster Son was enraged by his death he Sent his best Shadows


Kavahn grew up with a dangerous sense of envy for his sister, Panavis, High Priestess. He earned his reputation growing up through contract-killing, hunting bounties with his trusty Rifle. Every kill he devoted to Dragon's Breath and his mother. Seeing all of his work, Vulpis promoted him to the head of Kell's Guard.

He was ordered by his mother to establish a new den on Mars and begin the development of new weapons there. So, he used the Dust Palace as a base-of-operations. He began stealing Cabal tech from nearby Red Legion strongholds and Clovis Bray tech from the ruins of Freehold. There, he was contacted by a Dusk Splicer Priest, Gralkis, High Priest. After some disagreements, they began their business venture together and ransacked what was left of Meridian Bay. Their work is eventually uncovered by the Vanguard and are hunted down by The Guardian. While Gralkis fled, Kavahn eagerly awaited this new arrival, which will lead to his demise.