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Masochist's Prison


Destiny 2



Recommended Power Level:



Darumel's Realm


Prevent Darumel, Pride of Xîn from being resurrected

Stop Darumel from rising to consume the world.

Masochist's Prison is a Dungeon where a Fireteam of Guardians must prevent Darumel, Pride of Xîn from being resurrected from his Ascendant realm. They must breach the Stronghold, eliminate his lieutenents, survive his challenges, and finally lock him back in his own prison.


"[...] Thus, I shall create a prison out of my Plain without Death, so my failures in the real world can be punished, while I shall forever live. Any who follow my way shall forever live, but they too must pay a toll, suffering. Isn't it wonderous, O Mother Mine?"
— Darumel explaining his Ascendant Realm

As per ususal among Ascendant Hive, Darumel tore a hole out of reality and created his own Ascendant Realm. There, he created it in the image of feeding their Worms through pain. There, inhabitants of that realm shall never die, but will forever suffer in return.

He also made it as a means to pit enemy against enemy for entertainment. He created an altar for his prized Deathsinger, Kherdahl, and laboratory for his Taken Hydra, Vordyxx. In a time he wants to be resurrected, he can devote his power to his personal creations, the Avatars.



The Chasm[edit]

Vordyxx, the Simulacrum[edit]

The Deathsingers[edit]

Pit of Judgement[edit]


Avatars of Darumel[edit]