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Kherdahl, Deathsinger
Biographical information

Other names:

Kherdahl, Hand of Darumel




Blood Sect




Taken Wizard





Combat information


Masochist's Prison


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Void Dying Stars
Summon Acolyte's Eyes
Summon Shadow Thralls
Immunity Shield
Deathsinger's Song
Deathsinger's Gaze
Corrupt Guardian
Demand Light
Blight Apoptosis
Darkness Overflow
Display Weak Points


"[...] So I call forth Kherdahl, beloved daughter of Feynzii, to join my Ascendant Inner Circle. Her very presence strikes fear into even the most daring of Knights, the emotionless of Ogres, and most stern of Wizards. Her song destroys those around her, their light wrung dry from their bodies. Such a delight to see! [...] Cunning Kherdahl, you ceaselessly amuse me! Your song corrupts to the very bone and your gaze freezing to the bone. Your desire to serve the Blood Sect feeds me! So I shall offer you the knife of [I see you], so your gaze, like your song, can provoke death. All I ask is that you accept the shape The Deep offers you, O Niece Mine..."
— Exerpt from Dirge of Darumel

Kherdahl, Deathsinger is a daughter of Xî Feynzii, Herald of War's Approach who became a Deathsinger and became well feared among her horde. After proving herself to Darumel, she was Taken, and made his Hand with Vordyxx, the Simulacrum. She was set to be a priestess to spread Darumel's influence and tithe power to him, working in the Altars with other Taken Deathsingers, where she is the second boss of the Masochist's Prison.


Kherdahl will be seen in the center of the arena with her 6 fellow Deathsingers, Vulâhk, Mrurnu, Brylxx, Wellki, Skâvik, and Drekah. All will be immunity shielded bound to 3 Blights which need to be destroyed simultaneously. Once the Blights are destroyed, the Deathsingers will glance at the players, move into their attack stance, and teleport away. The Deathsong will begin.

Surrounding the arena is a maze where the Deathsingers lurk. All around the maze are Acolyte Eyes watching for any unwanted visitors, and Major Shadow Thrall pouncing out of the rifts which deck the halls. Each minor Deathsinger will be hidden in a random place in the maze, continually spawning Major Shadow Thralls from the Blight puddles which surround them. Meanwhile, Kherdahl will lurk the walls of the maze, seeking out any Guardians. With her ability, Deathsinger's Gaze, if she spots a Guardian, they will be killed nearly instantly.

A player will be corrupted, armed with a similar ability comparable to the Antumbra Buff from Last Wish. They can't damage enemies, but can damage players, which they'll have to do sometimes, or will be killed. If they are spotted by Kherdahl, the whole team will be wiped. What they must do is find one of the minor Deathsingers and point out the one which appears to be glowing. That Deathsinger must be killed. If the wrong Deathsinger is killed, the Deathsinger won't appear the next round, eliminating any chance of a third damage phase. If the right Deathsinger is killed, the Corrupted Guardian will receive the Deathsinger's Will buff, which allows the Guardians to destroy Kherdahl's shield and to be spotted while not being inadvertently killed in the process. Once Kherdahl's shield is sundered, the Guardians will be brought to the center of the arena, where the damage phase will begin. While no longer able to Gaze the Guardians, Kherdahl still has her Deathsong, Void damage Dying Stars and her fellow Deathsingers which join her. The damage phase will last until the Deathsong is complete, wiping the team, if Kherdahl is killed, or the Deathsong is halted by the Corrupted Guardian, where the team rinses and repeats.