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Vordyxx, the Simulacrum
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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Vordyxx, Permutational Mind (Formerly)
Vordyxx, Hand of Darumel




Blood Sect




Taken Hydra



Combat information


Masochist's Prison


Arc Aeon Maul


Summon Taken
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Shield Prism
Summon Blights
Void Axion Dart
Retreat to Blight Shield
Summon Oracles
Summon Simulated
Detainment Prism
Prism Light Siphon


"Vordyxx, splendid Vordyxx, you sought to understand The Deep's power. I am merely an agent, surely you may understand! Vordyxx, sweet Vordyxx, you create shapes from nothing. Your use is indispensable to me! [...] You serve a cause you cannot liberate yourself from. I have freed you! Feel free to create things from nothing. It entertains me! Your desire to understand feeds me! So, I shall grant you the knife of [They are real], so that your machinations shall dispose of our intruders. All I ask is that you accept the shape the Deep offers you, O Scourge Mine..."
— Exerpt from O Scourge Mine

Vordyxx, the Simulacrum was once a Vex Mind who was the first non-Hive/Taken soldier to breach Masochist's Prison. After Darumel discovered it's ability to form simulated enemies from nothing, it was Taken, and made his Hand with Kherdahl, Deathsinger. It was set to be the first defender of Masochist's Prison, and the first boss of the similarly named Dungeon.


Vordyxx will be covered in it's Prism Shield in the center of the arena, upside down much like Argos, Planetary Core. To start the encounter, players must detonate an Oracle located above it. Once the shield breaks, Vordyxx will reorient itself to engage with its assailants. There will be a brief moment for Guardians to sneak some damage into the Hydra, but not enough to put much of an imprint on it's health. It will teleport to one of the obscure corners of the arena and regain it's Prism Shield and starts blasting the players with it's Arc Aeon Maul, summoning Blights to inconvenience players, and fire off massive swarms of Void Axion Darts to keep the players on their toes.

After enough time, it will start an animation like the Templar, when a large, indestructible Blight will envelop it. Then, a sequence of Oracles will spawn. These Oracles are to be destroyed or the team will be wiped. The Oracles will keep spawning and spawning and keep getting more resilient until they become too unmanageable and finally eliminate the team. To end this, players must kill a simulated Taken enemy. The Taken enemies will be more resilient and powerful than most other Ultras. Each boss is unique: Thuun summons a vast swarm of Axion Darts, Kargen (Generally Weaker) splits if not killed fast enough, Thaviks tosses a larger Darkness Blast cone, Protheon has a larger Temporal Shockwave area, Brakion instantly regenerates it's Retaliation Swarms (No Animation), and In Anâhn summons a whole horde of Major Shadow Thralls. The more phases the team has to undergo, the more bosses Vordyxx will spawn. A way the team can manage this is one can destroy the Oracles while two deal with the bosses.

Once the bosses are killed, they/the last one will drop a charge. The charge is to be thrown at the Blight Vordyxx hid itself in. Once the Blight is destroyed, Vordyxx will, once again, reorient itself to engage the Guardians and the damage phase will begin. Throughout the damage phase, Vordyxx will continue to summon Blights and exude Axion Darts, while teleporting to avoid the Guardian's gunfire. Now, Vordyxx will fire off Detainment Prisms and capture a Guardian. The captured Guardian will slowly lose health while Vordyxx will regain some health. If the detained Guardian is killed in the Prism, Vordyxx will regain a major sliver of it's health, and the Guardian's respawn time is doubled. The damage phase will last a total of 45 seconds, unless it is finally killed, until the team has to rinse and repeat.