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Aincrad, Nexus of Darkness

Focal world(s):

Solar System


Destroy the Traveler and the Light
Recreate the universe with Darkness

At war with:

The Last City
House of Lions
Stygian Brood
Eternal Brotherhood
Vothriks' Faction
House of Flame
Castris's Criminal Empire
House of Dragons
Imperial Cabal
House of Time

Average height:


Average weight:




Average lifespan:


Notable groups:

House of Shadows
Shadow Brood
Shadow Divisive
Shadow Legion
The Reborn
Cult of the Scorned
Ghosts of Nagasaki

Notable individuals:

Kazuto, Blade of the Winnower
Stacia, Kazuto's Betrothed
Eobard Thawne
Malcolm Merlyn

Other Names:

Heralds of the Darkness
The Big Man's Killers
Shadow Army
Winnower's Last Attempt

Shadow Collective
Shadow Collective


Solar System


Tatsuyi's Darkness Force


Serve Tatsuyi Kirigaya, Tyranaks, and Xavyskaa and their armies

Other names:

Shadow Syndicate
Tatsuyi's Horde


Shadowkeeper Apocalypse


Tatsuyi Kirigaya, Vibebreaker of Shadows
Tyranaks, the Overlord
Xavyskaa, Heiress of the Shadow Collective

Notable information:

Adept Fusion users

"Ever since you slew its champions, the Darkness had become desperate. We thought it would be the end of the Dark, but now it's gained untold numbers of allies from dimensions beyond our understanding, and this time, it plans to bring forth the end of the Light once and for all. The Shadowkeepers may have found a new ally who can help usher in a new era of darkness, but we have allies of our own. We must deny Kazuto and his Shadow Heralds the chance to destroy the Traveler so that we can continue what Zavala left off in preventing the Darkness from succeeding in corrupting both our world... and possibly the multiverse."
Hannah Ciel

The Shadowkeepers (also known as the Shadow Army, and Winnower's Last Attempt) are a force of Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Taken, Scorn, and human antagonists from different time periods and alternate universes led by the Shadow Heralds, a group of elite and powerful enemies, selected by the Darkness. They were formed by the Darkness as a last attempt against the Light.

They are the main antagonists of the Paradox expansion, having slain Zavala, corrupted Mal with the Darkness, and caused the Shadowkeeper Apocalypse.


Recruited by the Darkness as its last line of defense in a desperate attempt to finally destroy the Traveler and end the age of Guardians, the Shadowkeepers, led by the Shadow Heralds and their Agents, serve as a multi-dimensional legion of notorious villains from both different time periods and alternate universes, deploying various forces of the Darkness across the Solar System with plans to further weaken the Light. While the Shadow Heralds can be identified by their black-blue Pyramid-forged armors with hues of purple, green, red, and turquoise, their Agents can be identified by their main outfits adorned by Pyramid-enhanced ornaments.

Some time during the events of the Apocalypse, few members of other enemy factions began defecting over to the Shadowkeepers’ side, causing said factions to retaliate against the Shadows and deem them as heretics due to the defectors joining a Darkness-related faction, as well as them following some Shadows who are humans.



"For centuries, humanity built the world on lies, mutual interests, truces, and so-called heroics, tainting the majesty of our shape. Ever since they came to this world, they've infested existence with the most gruesome of all lies: this abnormal addiction they call goodness, but that will all change. The universe now calls out to you... I now call out to you. I have seen your struggles, your sufferings, your pain enacted by those who claim to be heroes and villains. I have witnessed your ambitions, your powers, your awakening, your desire... to change the world. I can give you everything you've always wanted. All you have to do is carry out my will. Become the Black Swordsman and Lightning Flash, Overlords of Shadows, the instruments of our reckoning, and the heralds of our ascension. Reclaim your powers so that you can finally destroy the Light once and for all. Reshape the universe as you see fit so that it can emerge, prosper, and free its inhabitants from humanity's greatest lie: FREEDOM."
— The Darkness, speaking to Kazuto and Stacia.

Some time after the Guardians' victory during the events of Lightfall, the Darkness, having found a still-open portal, used its dying breath to send the Black Fleet into the dimensional gateway to recruit its new allies, such as Kazuto and Stacia, alternate version of Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online, where they not only beat the game, but also took over and ruled over within Aincrad; Totomaru, a former member of the Phantom Lord guild and the manipulator of the Solar element; Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash and a speedster who murdered Nora Allen, the mother of Barry Allen; and Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer and the man who orchestrated the destruction of the Queen's Gambit and played a role in Sara Lance's death.

Along with Damien Darhk, the leader of H.I.V.E. and the man who murdered Laurel Lance; Tobias Whale, a crime lord and the man who murdered Jefferson Pierce's father; The Doctor, a Framework persona of Leopold Fitz and HYDRA's ruthless second-in-command; Anton Ivanov, the leader of the Watchdogs and a powerful mercenary known as Omega; Hiram Lodge, a powerful businessman and the leader of a notorious criminal empire responsible for the emergence of the Ghoulies; Morgana le Fay, the Mother of Monsters and a powerful wizard who was betrayed by Merlin and allied with Gunmar and his army in her quest for revenge on the Trollhunters; Zevon, the son of Yzma who invaded Auradon with plans to steal the Golden Cobra and the Birthright Jewels so that he could rule said kingdom; Uldren Sov, the Prince of the Reef who was presumed dead during the Battle of Saturn; Djin, the leader of the Numeros and a former member of M.A.T.A.; Sasuke Uchiha, the lone surviving member of the Uchiha clan who acquired the Sharingan and the Rinnegan; Phoenixaro Uchihamaki, the leader of the Akatsuki and Kakashi Hatake's estranged brother; and Ruby Hale, the Destroyer of Worlds and the daughter of General Hale, who had been genetically engineered by HYDRA's leader Daniel Whitehall, the Shadow Heralds would resurrect Sachi and Eugeo by implanting the respective memories of Reign and Fikrul, the Fanatic into their vessels' bodies and form a notorious organization unlike anything the world had ever encountered known as the Shadowkeepers.

At some point in time, the Shadowkeepers would grow influence amongst minor figures from the enemy species of The Last City, and the Traveler, and rallied many of their people to join the Shadows. However, many other Factions deemed them as heretics due to reasons such as the Darkness as well as some of those Shadows are humans, causing many Factions to attack the Shadows as a result. But nonetheless, the Shadowkeepers were able to gain enough numbers to form small divisions, such as the House of Shadows, Shadow Brood, Shadow Divisive, Shadow Legion, The Reborn, and the Cult of the Scorned.

The Dark Campaign[edit]

Attack on Auradon[edit]

"The world now knows the identity of the one behind it all: Kazuto. The Black Swordsman of Aincrad. The man who murdered Zavala. And now, he has set his eyes on our universe, seeking to destroy the Light."
Eris Morn


Killing the Vanguard Commander[edit]


A New Aincrad[edit]

"My loyal and ambitious subjects, you are here today to finally end your troubles, finally end your griefs over your losses, finally to end your droughts against The Last City's forces...and to finally bring your people's salvation. The wait is finally over, for I, Kazuto, Chosen by the Winnower, Champion of the Black Fleet, Bringer to Light's End, will bring you the Salvation and justice that you crave so dearly..."
— Kazuto, addressing the Shadowkeepers and his elites.

Moments after taking over Auradon, Kazuto and Stacia set up countless programs and SIVA networks from his computer that the Black Fleet used to rebuild Aincrad as they saw fit and split up the Shadow Army into its six respective groups: the House of Shadows, led by Kotrik, the notorious Fallen Kell of Shadows who formerly worked with the House of Devils; the Shadow Brood, led by Zharves, a surviving Hive Deathsinger who formerly served Crota and his father; the Shadow Divisive, led by Hydrax, a massive Vex Axis Mind Hydra who possessed the ability to stop time; the Shadow Legion, led by Gha'arn, a powerful Cabal warlord who helped restore the Cabal Empire to its full glory; the Reborn, led by Thu'urg, a Taken Cabal commander who sought to seize control of Oryx's army; and the Cult of the Scorned, led by Vayeriks, Fikrul's right hand and a commander of the first Scorn.

Hoping to further weaken the Traveler, they sent their forces across the Sol System to sow chaos amongst the many factions of the system, including the House of Time and Dusk Splicers, as the rest of their cloning machines went missing, as well as frequent attacks led by the Shadowkeepers’ commanders, even taking a foothold over Hoth, finally ending the reign of the Dusk Splicers.

The Shadowkeeper Apocalypse[edit]

Battle of Bannerfall[edit]

Some time during the Apocalypse, Kotrik and his House of Shadows and their operatives had managed to compromise the outer sensors, defenses, and outposts; as well as suppressing the Satellite's communication systems of the City and Reef and concealed their presence, stealing Guardian tech and the Last City's arsenal along the way. In anticipation of the heist on the City, Kirito directly sought to use Kotrik's attack to his advantage in the hopes of crippling the Last City's defenses. To achieve this, he even managed to blind the Guardians' precognition and prophetic abilities in order to enable Kotrik's surprise attack to be 100% effective.

Ahnkra's Campaign[edit]

"So, it seems that one of Vizzy’s precious servants turned traitor and joined up with that stupid brat and his boot-licking army. That rat bastard Ahnkra’s been tearing up the Shore with a resurrected army of brainwashed soldiers. A trick he picked up from Xivu Arath, I assume. Anyhow, the Shitkeepers are gonna be even more of a problem now that they have knowledge of the Stygian Brood’s special blend of necromancy, know what to do. Time to take out the garbage."
Vothriks, the Lost

Some time during the Apocalypse, the Stygian Brood fell under attack by Kazuto and Stacia and their army. While most remained loyal to Viznoor despite the damage they suffered, a few did defect to Kazuto's army, among them being Ahnkra, the Desolate, who viewed the swordsman as “the true pillar of strength.” Ahnkra pledged absolute loyalty to Kazuto's cause and the Shadowcaster, and shared his knowledge of the Stygian Brood’s necromancy and the method they used to free themselves of their Worms. Setting up a base deep within the Tangled Shore, Ahnkra then began replicating Xivu Arath's method in resurrecting a wide array of previously slain foes from Fallen, Cabal and other sects of Hive and corrupting them into his mindless servants, effectively creating the Shadow Army’s sect of Wrathborn, the Shadow Ravagers.

In the following days, Ahnkra would launch repeated strikes against the Stygian Brood while adding more to the Shadow Ravagers’ ranks from across the system. Furious, Viznoor rallied his brood to stage a counterattack on Ahnkra’s forces, leading to a violent large-scale conflict between the Shadow Brood and the Stygian Brood amidst the Tangled Shore. Sometime after the skirmishes began, Ahnkra began preparing a ritual to infest the Tangled Shore with Darkness in Kazuto's name, which a Fireteam, led by a wandering Guardian, would discover when they were sent to investigate the Hive activity. Working with Viznoor and his forces, they managed to break through the Shadow Army’s defenses; however, before they could have the chance to stop the ritual from being completed, the crew would be slaughtered by Ahnkra, forcing Viznoor's forces to retreat. Moments after discovering that one of the Guardians slain by Ahnkra was in fact a friend of her, Hannah Ciel went to her friend's last spot on the Tangled Shore and fought a harrowing battle against Ahnkra. However, just when Ahnkra was about to slaughter her, she is saved by Eris Morn, who sends a series of brutal attacks against Ahnkra, who is forced to retreat, but not before vowing revenge on Eris.

Assault on the Empire[edit]

(TBA - to be filled by Unscathed)

Dark Powers[edit]

Hunting the Agents[edit]

Toppling the Heralds[edit]

Final Showdown[edit]


Nightmare Resurrection[edit]

Shadows Gathering[edit]

"I have gazed the abyss and came back unscathed. A true testament to my will and perseverance and the extent to which I'll go to avenge my fallen friends and family. Now that I have the secrets of power unending, it's time I now emerge with my trusted subordinates and show our tormentors the true meaning of pain."


Shadow Heralds[edit]

  • Kazuto, Blade of the Winnower: The doppelgänger of Kirito, the Legendary Black Swordsman of Aincrad, the boy who cleared the death game called "Sword Art Online," and the hero who saved Asuna. Kazuto is from an alternate Dimension where he conquered the game and instead of escaping it, he became the tyrant ruler over the game and enslaved everyone within it. After meeting with the Darkness, in their last call, Kazuto would answer them and help assist in the invasion into the Destiny Universe and murdered Zavala in the process. Kazuto Kirigaya, along with other notorious villains, leads a legion of Darkness-aligned enemies who call themselves the Shadowkeepers, and serves as one of the Shadow Heralds. His ascension over the Solar System could spell the destruction of the Light and everything we fought for.
    • Stacia, Kazuto's Betrothed: Kazuto's betrothed who helped murder Zavala and bring on the uprising of the Shadowkeeper Apocalypse, Stacia, alongside her husband and the other Shadow Heralds, has now become a threat even greater than the enemies we've faced in our past.
    • Yui Narusaka: A former AI turned human and the first daughter of Kazuto and Stacia.
    • Tatsuyi Kirigaya: The eldest son of Kazuto and Stacia who murdered Cisco Ramon by disembodying his hands and stealing his metahuman powers shortly before fusing them with both his Necrotic Grip gauntlets and Thorn. He leads a group known as the Shadow Collective.
    • Konno Yuuki: The second daughter of Kazuto and Stacia
    • Yuji Kirigaya: The second son of Kazuto and Stacia
  • Totomaru: The manipulator of the Solar element and a member of the Shadowkeepers, Totomaru wields a terrifying form of dark power that once destroyed an entire civilization within the margins of the Dreaming City.
  • Eobard Thawne: The infamous speedster known as the Reverse-Flash and one of the leading Shadow Heralds, Eobard Thawne wields an unfathomable ability to defy time and space through the Negative Speed Force, and his coming death by your hands will help avenge the Flash.
  • Malcolm Merlyn: The notorious Dark Archer and a member of the Shadowkeepers, Malcolm Merlyn has allied with Kazuto and Stacia to fracture reality beyond the heart of the Light. His demise is your key to avenging the Green Arrow's death.

Agents of the Heralds[edit]

  • Damien Darhk: A member of the Shadowkeepers and the man who murdered Laurel Lance, Damien Darhk has regained his means of immortality and now wields a dark power capable of destroying countless sources of Light.
  • Tobias Whale: The most notorious crime boss in Freeland and a member of the Shadowkeepers, Tobias Whale possesses brutal means of strength far more menacing than all Titans combined.
  • Reign: A member of the Shadowkeepers and a Kryptonian Worldkiller now reborn with Sachi's body, Reign now leads an army of Worldkillers and possesses great means of power rumored to have killed Supergirl and her friends.
  • Leopold Fitz: A member of the Shadowkeepers and the leader of HYDRA known to some few as Bostok, Leopold Fitz has replicated various technologies foreign to most Guardians. His death at the hands of Guardians like you will be the key to preventing the Vex from enacting a dark future.
  • Anton Ivanov: A member of the Shadowkeepers and the notorious syndicate leader known as Omega, Anton Ivanov leads an army of enhanced mercenaries with deadly powers that crippled waves of defenses within the frontiers of humanity.
  • Hiram Lodge: A member of the Shadowkeepers and the man who hired Penny Peabody and Malachai and their armies of Ghoulies to lay waste to Riverdale, Hiram Lodge now wields dark powers forged from the shadows of the Pyramids, each of which brought waves of destruction against those who stand between Kazuto and the Traveler.
  • Morgana le Fay: A member of the Shadowkeepers and the champion of darkness who slew countless Trollhunters, Morgana le Fay now leads a dark army of rogue powerbearers hellbent on exacting their revenge against the Traveler. Her demise at the hands of the Guardians will avenge Jim Lake's death.
  • Zevon: A member of the Shadowkeepers and the son of Yzma who has now been freed from the frozen prison within the Isle of the Lost, Zevon has brought with him a terrifying army of Fallen with plans to help enact a dark future by the Shadowkeepers. Defeat him to avenge the deaths of Evie Grimhilde and Benjamin Florian.
  • Fikrul: A member of the Shadowkeepers, the leader of the Barons and the dark, corrupted evolution of the Eliksni known as “The Scorn,” and second only to Prince Uldren Sov, Fikrul, now reborn with Eugeo's body, views his Scorn as an evolution of the Fallen and the final manifestation of what they were always meant to be – eternal.
  • Uldren Sov: A member of the Shadowkeepers, the brother of Mara Sov, and the man who helped kill Zavala, Uldren Sov now leads an army of Fallen and Scorn in a bid to cement Mal's darkness.
  • Djin: A member of the Shadowkeepers and the leader of the Numeros, Djin now leads a dark army of SIVA-enhanced Vex in a diabolical bid to bring on the end of the Golden Age.
  • Sasuke Uchiha: A member of the Shadowkeepers and the lone survivor of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke Uchiha now wields the powers of the Rinnegan and Sharingan with powerful surges that destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village. Hunt him down and avenge the deaths of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno.
  • Phoenixaro Uchihamaki: The Taken Emperor and Threatmaster of the Akatsuki, a member of the Shadowkeepers, and the estranged brother of Kakashi Hatake, Phoenixaro Uchihamaki commands a dark army of Reborn soldiers from aboard the Shadowdrifter to carry about our eradication.
  • Ruby Hale: A member of the Shadowkeepers and the Destroyer of Worlds, Ruby Hale, now resurrected by the Darkness, leads dark armies of our worst nightmares in her goal of revenge against those who killed her.

Shadow Lieutenants[edit]

Shadow Associates[edit]

  • Kate Harling: A former ally of the House of Forgotten who sided with the Shadowkeepers after the Darkness corrupted her on Europa
  • Syonide: The enforcer and surrogate daughter of Tobias Whale and a member of his criminal organization, The 100
  • Joey Toledo: A member of The 100 and the right-hand man of Tobias Whale
  • Pestilence: A Kryptonian Worldkiller armed with retractable claws capable of poisoning her enemies
  • Purity: A Kryptonian Worldkiller born with the ability to vocally emit a focused, high frequency sonic scream that penetrates her enemies
  • Penelope Blossom: Toxicologist for the Shadowkeepers
  • Claudius Blossom: An accomplice recruited by the Shadowkeepers and the heir of the Blossom Maple Farms
  • Sheriff Minetta: A corrupt police sheriff hired by the Shadowkeepers to frame Archie Andrews
  • Malachai: The leader of the Ghoulies and an enforcer recruited by the Shadowkeepers
  • Penny Peabody: An accomplice of the Ghoulies recruited by the Shadowkeepers to ambush Jughead and render him unconscious
  • Elykris, the Machinist: The Scorned Barons' Second in Command
  • Hiraks, the Mindbender: Leader of Mindbent Hive
  • Reksis Vahn, the Hangman: Destroyer of Wolves Servitors
  • Araskes, the Trickster: Spokesperson for the Scorn
  • Kaniks, the Mad Bomber: Explosives Expert
  • Pirrha, the Rifleman: Chief Sharpshooter
  • Yaviks, the Rider: Leader of Scorn Pike Gang
  • Dos: The first of Djin's Numeros army
  • Trez: A big-bodied man with cybernetic arms that enable him to lift a load 10 times heavier than a normal human
  • Cinco: The "enemies spy" of the Numeros whose real name is Jenny
  • Seis: The twin brother of Siete and a silent-type and serious agent
  • Siete: The twin brother of Seis and a noisy and annoying agent
  • Ocho: The robotic master of the microbugs
  • Nueve: A mad scientist whose real name is Dr. Aaron, who invented the NeuroGear, the NeuroLink, and the I.R.I.S Separator


Unique Forces[edit]

Shadow Collective

Dark Guardians:

Tyranaks's Guards:

  • (TBA)

Xavyskaa's Horde:

  • (TBA)


Shadow Heralds
Shadow Agents
Shadow Collective


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