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The Girl (Eris Morn)







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Daughter of Maleficent

Malora, the Cursed
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The Cursed Spawn (Tonpetty)
Malora, Champion of Vor (Tomb of Eternity)


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Wicked Nine



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The Cursed Deception (Temporarily)
Forever Royal (Brief encounter)
Tomb of Eternity


Soul Sacrifice
Ebony Torrent
Summon Taken


Mal was a non-Lightbearer who died long before the Collapse. According to Eris Morn, she was supposed to be the last remnant of free will, but was killed by the Overtakers in an attempt to subjugate the entire world to Maleficent's will.

Although not much was known about Mal, Eris and another Guardian known as Horus somehow knew that she was betrayed.

Upon resurrection, she became Malora, the Cursed, a soulless phantom and Vor's champion who had caused a series of brutal necromantic attacks against numerous Lightbearers on the orders of the commanders of a murderous cult known as the Wicked Nine, even going on to haunt the memories of one of Mallory's doppelgängers.

Mal's Biography[edit]

Past Life[edit]

For more info about her life, visit this page.

Betrayal and Death by Fate[edit]

"Let this day be a reminder that there is only one true path to peace: servitude. After all, the good of the many outweigh the lives of the few."
— A corrupt Benjamin Florian, addressing the civilians of Auradon about Mal's death

Some time before the Golden Age even began, she would be unknowingly betrayed by her friends Evie and Ben, who had been secretly conspiring with her mother Maleficent in a plan to cripple Auradon from within. Shocked even more by their allegiance, she attempted to alert Jay, Carlos, Uma, and the rest of her friends, but was surrounded and captured by the Overtakers and one of its commanders, The Man, who had arrived in Auradon in accordance with a prophecy stating that killing her would supposedly ensure permanent compliance and the subjugation of the whole world to the will of the Overtakers, telling her that he had her friends killed in order that Maleficent would be able to isolate and weaken her.

Attempting to escape from their clutches, she would instead be shot in the head by Maleficent, her body immediately rotting away and powers being pushed back into Maleficent's life force.


"Our ancestors could've done something to save the girl from death, but they didn't. And still, we don't really know why."

At some point in time during the Taken War, Zavala would erase any and all documents involving her from Vanguard archives, replacing them with documents and files detailing her attempts to overthrow Ben's parents and lead the world to extinction and how Ben bravely brought an end to her reign of terror, in an attempt to prevent anyone, even the Guardians, from finding out the truth about what really happened to her.

However, some time during the Red War, a girl would stumble upon an abandoned burial site covering her grave. Intrigued by this mysterious presence emitting from the grave, the girl would adopt the name as her own, infusing residual powers with her Darkness.

Later on during the events of The Witch Queen, Horus and his Ghost detected an indistinguishable energy spike from within the ruins of Auradon. Expecting to find surges from the Pyramid Scales, they would instead find a tarnished grave of Mal, whose clothes and powers had gone missing. Distressed by the fact that he could be watched at any moment, he immediately teleported both himself and the corpse to another secluded place, hoping to find out about what happened to her.

Malora's Biography[edit]

Demonic Revival[edit]

"I've decided that the sweetest revenge is taken not on Mallory herself, but on what she holds dearest to her heart. Her friends, her Light. I will trap her in an endless wave of insuppressible fear and take possession of her power itself! But first, I must destroy the one thing that made her who she is now."
Vor, Queen of the Wicked


Rising of the Cursed[edit]

"Her death brought pain and sadness to those who fought to protect their freedom, but now, her life brings trauma and despair to those who sought to forget about the past."
Tonpetty, referring to her attacks on Saturn.


Ending Her Misery[edit]

"I offer up what remains of my life to fulfill your undying cause, my master! Come forth and continue our mission!"
— Malora's last words.


"Not only was she a traitor, but she was also a defiler!"
— Malora blaming Mallory for what happened to Auradon.


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