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Mal Bertha.jpg
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Mallory Bertha
Mal, Scourge of Auradon (High Orbit)
Mal, Daughter of Hendrick Yor and Kaguya Narusaka
Dragon Queen
Mali, Little Girl, My Girl (by Hades)




December 31, 1999







Hair color:


Eye color:

Gray (Formerly)
Turquoise (Temporarily)
Green (Darkness)

Political and military information


Isle of the Lost (formerly)
Core Four (formerly)
Shadowkeepers (currently)


Dragon Queen

Notable info:

Villain Kid
Member of the Shadowkeepers
Alina's mother
Hades's stepdaughter


Mal is the main antagonist of Destiny 2: Paradox, although she eventually becomes good again after the end of the High Orbit mission. She is the daughter of Hendrick Yor and Kaguya Narusaka. She is the fiancée of Zevon, mother of Alina, and the Dragon Queen of Auradon.


First Life[edit]

During her birth, before her parents Hendrick Yor and Kaguya Narusaka were killed by Maleficent, they forged the Shadow Crystals and attached one of their crystals, Mal's birthright jewel called the Crystal of Memory, onto her necklace, in order that she can continue their legacy. As soon as Maleficent kidnapped her, she proceeded to kill her, but is stopped by Hades, who brutally stabs her in the heart with her own scepter before saving Mal. When they arrived at the Isle of the Lost, Hades promised her that he would protect her.

Original Timeline[edit]

Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[edit]

In the prelude novel, Mal is introduced as the daughter of Maleficent, the worst of the villains. Mal was born and raised in the Isle of the Lost, along with her mother, best friends and their parents. One evening, Mal dreams of being in Auradon on the edge of a beautiful lake with the soon-to-be-king Ben (to whom she did not know).

She doesn't always do so well in school, except for Advance Evil Schemes and Nasty Tricks taught by Lady Tremaine. For her Ultimate Project she chose to humiliate Evie in which she fails to do so. However, when Diablo was reanimated and informs Maleficent of the return of magic to the fairy's staff, Maleficent instructs Mal to retrieve it to prove herself evil. Mal convinces Jay, Evie, and Carlos to accompany her in getting the staff back from the Forbidden Fortress in the Isle of the Doomed, an area near the Isle. She saves Evie from getting cursed by the staff at the cost of the staff losing it's magic once returned to Maleficent. Afterwards, the four teens become friends.


Mal is first seen spray painting a brick city wall. Then, she and her friends wreak havoc across an area of the Isle of the Lost. (Rotten to the Core). After taking a lollipop from a toddler, her mother Maleficent comes. She gives the news that the four have been chosen to attend Auradon Prep. She gives the four a task to steal the Fairy Godmother's wand, and hands over her spell book to Mal. When they arrive at Auradon Prep, they are welcomed by the Fairy Godmother and Prince Ben, who made the decree that they'd be given a chance to live among them. Audrey, Ben's girlfriend and the daughter of Aurora, is unwelcoming and rude towards them. Mal and Audrey exchange awkward looks, before Audrey takes Ben away.

Mal goes on a date with Ben to the Enchanted Lake. While on the date, they find they have some things in common, such as embarrassing middle names, and the status of their parents; Ben explains that while he has the "poster parents for goodness" and her mother is Mistress of Evil, they're not automatically like them as they get to choose who they get to be.

She is then taken aback when Ben tells her that he can see goodness when he looks into her eyes, not evil. While Ben takes a swim, Mal begins feeling conflicted since she's falling in love. (If Only). When Ben doesn't surface, Mal attempts to save him despite not being able to swim; Ben saves her, albeit a bit confused. Mal points out that there's a barrier around the Isle of the Lost, preventing swimming. When asked if she loves him, Mal says that she doesn't know what it feels like to love; Ben says he might be able to teach her.

Prior to Family Day, Mal and her friends are allowed to video chat with their parents. Hearing her mother's subtle message, Mal decides that they're all goners if they don't succeed. Come Family Day, Mal attends with her friends and is introduced to King Beast and Queen Belle by Ben as his new girlfriend; the experience is mutually uncomfortable for three of them.

Playing a game of croquet prior to lunch, Mal meets Audrey's grandmother, Queen Leah, who initially mistakes her for her mother in shock. Ben explains the situation, but Queen Leah is furious at the very memory of her daughter needing to be raised by fairies due to Maleficent's curse. Feeling sorry for the misery her mother caused, Mal attempts to apologize, but is stopped by Chad Charming, who has never trusted Mal or her friends. After Evie knocks out Chad with a sleeping potion, Mal is left feeling hurt and confused more than ever; Ben attempts comforting her prior to leaving to prep for the coronation the next day. Jane and Audrey make fun of Mal, who snaps back at them by undoing the makeover she gave Jane's hair; she threatens to do worse, telling her friends she's looking forward to the coronation.

The following day, she rides with Ben in a carriage to the coronation. He eats a cupcake with the antidote to the love potion in it too early; however, she learns Ben has been free of the spell since their first date, thanks to the Enchanted Lake washing away the spell. Wondering if Ben had been faking his affection for her, Mal is left happily surprised he entrusts his signet ring to her. This however, causes her to begin questioning if she should give up this happiness love has brought her, in order to fulfill her mothers' evil desires. During the coronation, Jane snatches the wand to give herself a makeover; however, the magic backfires and makes a hole in the barrier surrounding the Isle of the Lost. Mal takes the wand, and after encouragement from Ben, decides to choose good as it's brought her more happiness than evil ever did and states the fact that she wants to live here in Auradon because it brings her happiness. Her friends agree, just as Maleficent arrives to take the wand. With everyone but herself and her friends frozen in time by her mother, Mal finally stands up to Maleficent, saying she's never considered what Mal wanted. Having a stare-off and using a spell, Mal shrinks her mother down to a small lizard, which is equal to the love in her heart.

Fairy Godmother unfreezes time, freeing everyone. Mal shares a moment with Ben, while telling Fairy Godmother not to be too hard on Jane since it was her fault for putting the ideas in her head. With her mother locked up, Mal decides to enjoy the after party with her friends. Mal dances with Ben to (Set It Off). She then narrates "You didn't think this was the end of the story, did you?" while giving a smirk to the audience as her eyes glowed green.

Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[edit]

In the sequel novel, Mal has adapted fairly well into life in Auradon. She has gained popularity and respect due to her heroic act. She and her receive anonymous text messages telling them to return to the Isle of the Lost before the new moon. She then concocts a plan to sneak back onto the island by attending the Castlecoming ball then sneaking out with a limousine containing the button to open the island's barrier. On their way out, they encounter Ben's royal carriage, and Mal explains everything. Knowing the situation is dire, Ben lets them go. Once back on the island, Mal and her friends meet the Anti-Heroes Club, a group of teen villains wanting to turn good. The founder, Yen Sid, tells them that magic on the island transferred underground when the barrier was formed and was beginning to seep its way out, causing disturbances on the country. Mal and her friends then venture to the island's underground to locate the four talismans of evil, where they eventually succeed in collecting them all and return to Auradon safely.

Descendants: Wicked World[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Mal returns in the animated short series Descendants: Wicked World, voiced by Dove Cameron who also portrayed her in the live-action film.

In the series, Mal continues to attend Auradon Prep and tries her best to be a good person. However, her good intentions often backfire, resulting in a lot of people sending online posts about her mishaps, promoting everyone to think she's still up to her old ways. In addition, she's shown to be somewhat more incompetent (or rather clumsy) with her magic.

Season 2[edit]

After the Neon Lights Ball, the Vks are told that the next big event is the Jewel-bilee, where they will be receiving their Birthright Jewels as a reward for their good behavior. However, when Mal learns that her mother hid her jewel somewhere on the Isle, she goes with Freddie to find it in Dr. Facilier's Shop. While they don't find it, Freddie gives Mal a necklace that actually contains the jewel and to make matters worse, Maleficent cursed the jewel, making Mal act more evil and pull mean pranks on everyone back in Auradon. She also helped Zevon, son of Yzma, obtain Jafar's Staff so that he can take over Auradon.

Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[edit]

Mal and the gang are celebrating the different kingdoms of Auradon. When Arabella, Ariel's niece ask for their help. She used her grandfather's trident and now it's floating somewhere near the Isle of the Lost. Mal with the help of Ben, Jay, Carlos and Evie sail out to sea to retrieve the trident. But they end up in a tug of war for the trident with Uma; Mal's nemesis. They get the trident and bring it back to Arabella, so she could bring it back to the museum before the sea king can realize it's gone.

Descendants 2[edit]

Mal first has a daydream of her, Jay, Carlos, and Evie, huddled around a bubbling cauldron. She casts a spell on some apples to make the taster wicked. The four are then shown passing out apples and watching chaos break loose. (Ways To Be Wicked). She then is being crowded by several reporters in the front of the school asking her questions about the Cotillion and her life in Auradon. Ben and the Fairy Godmother intervene to veer the reporters away from a very relieved Mal. Ben talks to Mal about spending time together, before remembering that he is late for a council meeting and leaves abruptly after apologizing to Mal. Evie and Mal then walk away to get to Mal's dress fitting for the Cotillion. Mal is then shown in her Cotillion dress getting fitted by Evie in their room. She complains her discomfort to Evie about the dress, along with the stress of all the events she has to attend to even after the Cotillion. She then asks Evie about what they would be doing if they were still in the Isle, which Evie laughs off. The TV then shows Mal and Ben on their tour of Auradon dining with Aladdin and Jasmine, which they stop to watch. The TV goes on to talk about the days until the Cotillion when Mal would officially be a Lady of the Court.

Mal gives a surprised gasp, at this, as she counts the days on her fingers. She walks over and picks up her spell book. She then chants a spell to remember everything she reads at lightning speed and starts to go over a book for "Lady Manners." Evie notices and scolds Mal about how dishonest she was being which Mal shrugs off saying that she was a mess before she started using her spell book. Evie takes the spell book away and when Mal begins to protest, she tells her that her spell book should be put in the museum along with Evie's Magic Mirror. After reluctantly giving up, she asks Evie if she ever missed running wild and breaking all the rules. Evie gives a shocked "no" asking why would they. She takes Mal and leads her back to the TV saying that they were in Auradon and that they were Auradon girls now. They watch the TV talk about Mal's love of strawberries, showing Mal and Ben on a romantic date eating strawberries. As Mal looks sad, Evie tells her that Auradon is the land of opportunity and that they could be whatever they wanted to be. Evie asks Mal to leave the past in the past, and when Mal still looks sad, she cheers her up by showing Mal her Cotillion shoes.

Mal then is shown walking through school with Evie, Jay, and Carlos. Jay flirts with some girls and Carlos asks why he hasn't picked anyone to bring to the Cotillion already, which he responds that he's going solo so that he can dance with all of them. After Carlos calls him the expert, he asks him on advice on asking a girl to the Cotillion, and Jay jokingly responds that he has to look like him. They run into Jane, who addresses Mal, but Carlos cuts in. He nervously asks her if she liked the carrot cake the night before, and Jane says that she had the pumpkin pie. After Jay drags him off, Evie addresses Lonnie and Jane if they wanted a spot for Cotillion fitting at three, Lonnie hurriedly claims it. She apologizes to Jane, saying that she will take Jane later. Jane starts asking Mal about decorating at the Cotillion. Mal says she has to get to class, but Jane says that she can just nod if she likes it. Jane hurriedly starts listing decorative items. Mal starts to protest after Jane asks her about party favors, but she interrupts and starts listing more items. Jane stops to ask about pen toppers, and Mal eyes glow green. She closes them for a moment, and then smiles at Jane, agreeing with her. Lonnie comes around and tells Mal that she is excited to see what Mal's wedding will look like, and Mal, dazed, agrees before looking surprised. Jane tells Mal that the Cotillion is like getting "engaged to be engaged to be engaged." Mal started stuttering about not knowing about it and that her entire life is just laid right in front of her as Ben walks up behind her. Ben addresses Mal, and tries to talk to her but is drawn aside by Jane as Mal waits for him. Jane then talks about Ben's present to Mal at the Cotillion, which turns out to be a stained glass window depicting Mal with Ben kneeling before her. After Ben reminds Jane to make Mal's eyes green, he says goodbye to Mal, who walks away. Jane then asks about the different shades of green to use, and he chooses one.

While Mal is at her locker, Ben walks up to her. He tells her that he has surprise for her, and she laughs about how many presents Ben gets her. When Ben looks into her locker, he sees her spell book, and asks her if she is going to donate it to the museum. She closes the locker door to block his view and muses about how she had forgotten about it. She says that she has to get to class, but Ben stops her and walks her over to a purple scooter with a bronze bow on the handle. Mal gasps in surprise and tells Ben how she loves it. She then says that she didn't get Ben anything. He reminds her that she told him that she would take him on a picnic with all his favorite foods. Mal says that the picnic is going to be on Thursday. They start arguing about it being Thursday until Ben takes his phone out and shows her. Mal covers up her surprise and says that she was just joking. She says she needs to bake only one more thing, and when Ben reminds her about class, Mal says that she will multitask and walks away laughing. Mal runs into Carlos's room as reporters follow her and she slams the door, panting. She locks the door, then walks over to the TV, which was talking about her, and turns it off hurriedly with the remote as Carlos watches her. When Mal's eyes glow green, Carlos tries to calm her down. Mal starts to rant about how reporters are always running after her and taking pictures of her. She asks him if he ever missed screaming at people and making them run away from him. He tells her that she was thinking of Carlos's mother, Cruella, which he was usually being the one running away, and tells her no. Carlos then asks Mal if she brought "it" (a truth gummy) and she starts to open a small container. Chad suddenly opens the room silently and stealthily, unaware that Carlos and Mal were in the room, and closes it. When he turns around, he looks surprised to see Carlos and Mal there. He awkwardly says hi, and then tells Carlos that he just wanted to use his 3d printer. Carlos asks Chad about how he got the key to his room, and Chad says that he printed it off the last time he was there, when they were sleeping. He tries to defend himself by saying how good Carlos's 3d printer is, but Carlos tells him to get out and leave the key. He angrily walks out and slams the door. Carlos then reminds Mal about the "potion," which turns out to be a truth gummy that will allow Carlos to say what he wants to say to Jane. Mal cautions him about if he really wants to take it because it will make him say the truth all the time and remarks that if she took it, she would get sent back to the Isle. Carlos tells Mal that he will take his chances, but before Carlos takes it, Dude jumps off the bed and eats it from Mal's hand. Dude then starts to talk, much to Carlos's and Mal's surprise and disbelief, remarking that the gummy was "nasty." He continues, chiding Carlos about how he needs to "man up," and to scratch his butt. Mal, shocked, told Carlos to scratch his butt, then awkwardly turns and leaves. Carlos protests about Mal just leaving him there with Dude. Later, Mal and Ben are sitting together on a picnic date near the Enchanted Lake. She feeds him a hors d'oeuvre which Ben remarks is the best thing in the world. Ben said that she had made every single dish Mrs. Potts made for his parents. He asked Mal if it really took her three days to make it all, which she jokingly asks him not to even ask her. Ben told her that it meant a lot that she stopped and did all of that for him, and that they didn't have a lot of time being just "them." Ben then asked if there were any napkins. He reaches into the picnic basket, and Mal tries to stop him saying that she can get them herself. However, Ben takes Mal's spell book out, to Mal's shock. She quickly makes up an excuse saying that she threw the book in the basket at the last minute in case it rained during the date. However, Ben started to read the list of spells that Mal had tabbed showing him that she had used the spell book to read quickly, turn her hair blonde, and cook all the food that she had "made." Ben starts to get angry, telling her that he had been falsely complimenting her for fitting in well. Mal, desperate, tries to spell him into forgetting the moment, but she messes up. Ben jumps up from the table, figuring out she was trying to spell him. They start yelling at each other, Mal saying that transitioning into Auradon was hard, while Ben retorts that becoming king has been hard as well. Ben says that Mal has been lying and keeping secrets from him, and reminds her that Auradon isn't the Isle of the Lost. Mal retorts that she knows it isn't, and explains that she isn't a pretty pink princess or a Lady of the Court. She then grabs her spell book and casts a spell over the feast which turns it back to "what is real," which turns out to be a peanut butter jelly sandwich and a glass of milk. She then walks away, despite Ben trying to call her back.

Mal returns to hers and Evie's room dressed in her VK outfit. She grabs a pencil and pierces air holes into a blue and black pencil box. She drops it, then starts to cry saying that she doesn't belong in Auradon. She picks up the box again and walks over to the glass cage where her mother, Maleficent the lizard, is kept. She opens the cage, takes out Maleficent and places her in the box. She then smiles weakly and says that they're "blowing this popsicle stand," then places the lid on the pencil box.

Afterwards, Mal drives her purple scooter wearing a purple helmet to a cliff at the edge of Auradon overlooking the sea and the Isle of the Lost. She stops, breathing heavily, and takes off her goggles. She quickly takes her spell book out and casts a spell on her scooter that will take the driver anywhere. She then drives across the water trailing green magic, slightly hovering over the water and bouncing into it occasionally. Mal rams into the barrier, but passes through it with a gasp of surprise. She then is shown driving through the "market" causing many people to shout in surprise and move out of her way quickly. She stops at a corner and takes off her goggles to see a poster on the wall advertising the Royal Cotillion showing Ben and Mal together. An eye patch is drawn over Ben's right eye, and Mal's face has and "x" over it with "GOOD GIRL" written on her. Mal peels the poster off the wall, crumples it, and throws it over her shoulder. She puts her goggles back on and drives off, many people staring at her as she leaves. She drives on until she reaches a building, turns right, and parks her scooter in an opening. She takes off her helmet, grabs a rock off a nearby table, and throws it at a sign reading: "Danger: Flying Rocks" hanging to the side of the building. It folds to the wall, then a door slides upwards revealing a flight of stairs leading up the building. Mal then starts walking up the stairs to the room above.

Mal later is walking down to Lady Tremaine's Curl Up & Dye. She gets to the doors, but notices that there is hanging sign that says the shop doesn't open until midnight. She pushes the doors open and walks inside to reveal a hair shop with walls and furniture splattered with paint and bubbling bottles. She spots Dizzy Tremaine sweeping the hair-covered floors while listening to "Rather Be With You" on her headphones. Dizzy notices Mal and exclaims with surprise, asking if Evie was with her as well. Mal chuckles and tells her "no," and Dizzy looks disappointed. Mal tells her that she forgot that the place doesn't open until midnight and compliments it saying that it looks good. Dizzy chuckles, and Mal asks her if her grandmother has given her any customers yet. Dizzy responds that she only gets a witch here and there. She goes on saying that she usually does a lot of cleaning. Mal asks her if she did Evie's hair, and Dizzy tells her yes, and that she thought of the little braids that Evie wore. Mal asks Dizzy if she had any ideas for her, and Dizzy examines her. She begins criticizing Mal's hair and nails. Dizzy asks Mal how far she can go with her hairstyle, and Mal tells her to make it so that Mal feels like herself, but way worse. Dizzy squeals happily, then grabs a large pair of scissors. She dyes Mal's hair magenta, then cuts some hair off. Dizzy straightens Mal's hair and paints Mal's nails black. After it is done, Dizzy spins her chair around and Mal gets up to look herself in a paint-splattered cracked mirror. She then pulls out money from her pocket and gives it to Dizzy, who asks her if the money is for her. When Mal says yes, Dizzy exclaims in happiness and runs over to the cash register laughing. Dizzy stops when she sees Harry Hook walking into the entrance. He tells her to give him the money, and calls her a runt. She reluctantly gives him the money in his outstretched hand. Harry then tells her to give him the rest of the money as well, gesturing to the cash register by hitting the desk with his hook. Dizzy walks slowly to the cash register while Harry puts the money in his mouth. Dizzy pulls out the money from the cash register and gives it to Harry. He says thank you and starts to walk out, unaware of Mal's presence, while Mal watches while chewing some gum. Mal speaks up, asking if Harry still runs errands for Uma or if he gets to keep what he steals. He turns around, shocked, and calls Mal's presence a "nice surprise." Mal says hi to him, and Harry starts walking towards her, telling her that Uma will never give back Mal's old territory. Mal says that it is okay, because she is going to take it back. He chuckles lightly, using his hook to brush through Mal's hair saying that he could hurt Mal. She suddenly grabs his wrist, and takes the chewed gum out of her mouth and places it on the tip of Harry's hook. She looks at him telling him that she bets that he couldn't hurt her without her permission. Harry lifts the hook and eats the gum off of it. He then walks towards the entrance, sweeping the counter with his arm, sending multiple objects flying to the ground. He turns back to Mal, makes a mock bow, and walks out of the shop. Dizzy, who was still behind the cash register, sarcastically remarks about how much more sweeping she has to do now.

Ben, Evie, Jay, and Carlos arrive at the Vk's old hideout, and Jay opens the entrance with a rock. The three Vk's wait outside while Ben walks up the stairs. He finds Mal in a room with walls full of graffiti. She is unaware that he is there, since her back is turned because she was using spray paint to draw herself, Jay, Carlos, and Evie with black spray paint with the words "Rotten to the Core" while standing on some boxes. Ben comments that at least she didn't draw him with horns and a pitchfork jokingly. Mal lets out a gasp of surprise and whirls around. Ben apologizes to her about their fight, saying it was all his fault and begs Mal to come home while lifting up her ring to her. Mal walks down the crates and tells him that she is home while walking towards him. Ben pushes on, telling her that he brought the limo. Mal says that she doesn't fit in in Auradon even though she gave it her best shot. Ben then says that he can change, that he will skip school, have more fun, and blow off some of his responsibilities. Mal cuts in, saying no and that she is a terrible influence on him. She tells him that one day she might do something so messed up that the kingdom will turn on both of them. Ben shakes his head, pleading her not to quit "them," and that he and the people of Auradon love her. He asks Mal if she loves Ben. He takes the ring and places it in Mal's right palm. Mal looks down at it, and takes it in her other hand, smiling slightly. She then places it in Ben's hand and closed it into a fist. She sadly tells Ben that she needs to take herself out of the picture because it was best for Ben and Auradon. Ben starts to protest, walking towards her, but Mal backs up, clearly uncomfortable with Ben being to close. She tells him that she can't do this and that Ben should leave. She walks over to the boxes, grabs the spray paint can, and steps up. When Ben keeps standing there, she asks him again to leave. Ben walks slowly away, and Mal looks miserable.

When Ben walks out of the building, he tells Evie, Jay, and Carlos that Mal refused to go back to Auradon. Evie insists that she will talk to her, and walks over to an object that resembles an ear trumpet stuck to the wall while Ben walks away. She asks Mal to let her talk to her for a second. On the other line, Mal walks over to another ear trumpet in the room and pulls a heavy lever next to it, then tells Evie to "go away" then Carlos asks Evie and Jay where Ben is. They stop and look nervous, while Evie calls Ben's name. They see a shadow walking over to them through a dark aisle, and Evie angrily tells Ben to not scare them like that. The shadow turns out not to be Ben, but Harry Hook. He says that scaring is his specialty. Jay angrily demands what Harry did with Ben, and Harry said that they captured him. He says that if Evie, Jay, and Carlos want to see Ben again, to have Mal come to Ursula's Fish and Chips alone that night. He goes on saying that Uma wants to have a little visit with Mal. Harry turns to Jay, and makes a mocking sad face saying that Jay has lost his touch. Jay lunges for Harry, but Evie holds him back while Harry laughs and mockingly barks at Carlos. He turns around and walks casually back into the aisle, whistling. Jay turns and starts climbing up a ladder leading up to the top of the building, while the others follow.

After Jay, Carlos, and Evie explained what happened, Mal starts scolding them saying if they hadn't brought him along, he would have never been captured. The other three explained that Ben would've come anyway, and asked Mal what they were going have to do now. Mal says that "they" are not doing anything and that the matter is between Uma and herself, and she would get Ben alone. Carlos tries to slow Mal down, saying that she will still have to go through Harry Hook and his wharf rats to get Ben, and Jay agrees saying that she will need them to help. Mal reminds them that she has to go alone and Jay responds saying that they would wait for her until she gets back. She comes to Ursula's Fish and Chips and talk to Uma, who challenges Mal to an arm wrestling match when Mal was winning and her eyes glowing green then Uma says to Mal for her to bring the Fairy Godmother's wand to distract her and wins also tells her to bring it to her ship at noon.

Carlos, Jay, and Evie tell Mal that there's no way they're going to bring Uma the wand. They devise a plan to get Ben back and Evie commented about Mal's new hairstyle. Mal told Evie that Dizzy had done it and they were talking, then Carlos interrupted them and Mal resumes to go over the plan to fool Uma and Mal remembered Carlos's 3-D printer he can use it to make a replica wand and also use smoke bombs. While Carlos and Jay returned to Auradon to replicated the wand, Mal and Evie went to Lady Tremaine's Cut Up and Dye and Evie saw Dizzy and she showed Evie a scrapbook and then they made colorful smoke bombs, when they returned to their old hideout, Mal told Evie that she was not returning to Auradon and said that she really tried to tell her. Mal then explains that she saw the way when Evie's face lit up when they walked to their dorms for the first time, and didn't want to spoil it for her. Evie states that if Mal is staying, she will also do that, but Mal declines her for doing so. She then states that Evie was a Auradon girl and she will always be the girl from the Isle. Then Mal tossed a rock at the sign and they climbed the stairs to a landing and they sang (Space Between).

After they return with the replica wand Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos and Lonnie face Uma and her pirates. But Uma wanted to see if it's real, Mal made up a fake spell to make Dude talk to fool Uma. Mal gave Uma the replica wand and Uma gave Ben back to Mal. Once Uma had the wand, she tried to cast a spell with the wand to lower the barrier and nothing happened. Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Lonnie, and Ben got into a sword fight with Uma, Harry, Gil and the pirates. After using colorful smoke bombs to distract the pirates, Mal and the Vks with Ben and Lonnie escaped the from the Island and return to Auradon. Once they got back, Lonnie returned to swords and Jane approached Ben about Cotillion and he asked Mal did she want to cancel it, but she didn't say anything. Evie came to Mal telling her we need to talk but Carlos stopped them saying he was tired of them running off to have a girl talk so told that they are her family and told them to sit and talk. During the talk, Mal states that she was a mess and starts to cry and also said that she had no idea how to keep the princess act. Carlos suggested her to not do that. All four of them soon discovered that they could not forget that they were from the Isle. Carlos then told Mal that if Ben doesn't love who she was, he is not the one for her. After the talk, Evie told her that her dress will be there if she wants it and Jay asked Mal that if she can't stand one more day there he would drive her back himself, before leaving her alone.

At Cotillion, Mal was introduced as the Future Lady, she appeared in her Cotillion dress came down the stairs talked to the former King Beast and Queen Belle then Evie taken her hand to ask if she's alright they turned to look at the stairs when King Ben showed and told Mal he wished he had time to explain when Uma appeared. Uma talked to Mal and started to dance with Ben, Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, and Lonnie started to leave when Jane told Lumiere to show everyone Ben's gift to his lady and unveiled the stained glass of Mal and Ben. Uma got upset and wanted it covered up and it was refused, she wanted Ben to order the Fairy Godmother to lower the barrier and she refused. Mal told Evie that Ben had been spelled and Evie said the Uma found Mal's spell book, Mal kissed Ben to release him from the spell.

Uma realizing her plan has been foiled tries to escape and ends up jumping off the ship and transforming into a large octopus like her mother. She starts attacking them which enrages Mal who transforms into a dragon and the two of them begin fighting. Ben seeing at how the fighting is never ending gives a large roar before jumping into the sea getting between Uma and Mal. He answers that fighting isn't the answer and that they have to listen and respect each other, he invites Uma once more to Auradon and help him make a difference but Uma simply returns his signet ring which he had given to her earlier while he was spelled by her and disappears beneath the sea. Both Ben and Mal return to the ship, Mal transforms back into herself, but in the dress she's wearing in the glass painting. She is approached by Evie telling her "So, I did not know that I could do that" and Evie saying "Tell me about it" who then blows a puff of smoke off Mal's dress. She walks up to Ben smiling and he pulls her in for another kiss, afterwards everyone started dancing and Ben placed the ring back on Mal's finger and watched as everyone bows to the couple.

Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[edit]

Descendants 3[edit]

Mal is first seen with Evie, Jay and Carlos as they begin their mission on bringing more Vk's over from the Isle on VK Day. They've chosen Dizzy, along the twin sons of Mr. Smee, Squeaky Smee and Squirmy Smee, and Celia Facilier. A week later, before the Vk's and Ben headed over to retrieve the recruits, Ben proposes to Mal in front of Auradon Prep and she happily accepts. She is congratulated by her friends, Fairy Godmother and Ben's parents, who already planned an engagement party the following week.

Erased Timeline[edit]

"I have tossed aside all I once held dear and returned to the purity of self. We do not need titles torn from dead fables. We are, and have always been, who we are. Hated. Feared. Lost. Broken. Dredgen Yor did not make us. Orsa and his fools would have us believe we walk in the footsteps of truest, pure sorrow. I say my sorrow equals that of Yor. I say it transcends. I say we are the future, and the future does not wait for failures resting as ash in a field on some lonely, forgotten ridge. The Book says we must be unmade, not remade, not evolved, not improved. Unmade. To achieve such glories, we must start with ourselves. We must look into the abyss, naked and unafraid of its judgment against our many human weaknesses. But Orsa knows this. As did Bane and the others. They fear true judgment. They would hide behind their interpretations of Yor's ancient texts. Seeking understanding as a means to delay what must be done. No more gambits. No more posturing. No more running from a lone man with a Golden Gun. No more looking up to false heroes who speak of great lies. No more tormenting a girl who lost her parents and future life for the sake of pleasure and selfishness. Maleficent is not a worthy foe; she is even worse than an excuse. She is a traitor. A disgrace to the proud society Yor left behind for us. No longer will we let this monster taint the innocent girl's life and our namesake. From this moment on, we—those few brave enough to heed my words—will walk a straight line toward the abyss. We will end all who would change our course. We will do anything, good or bad, to ensure that this wretched pretender ceases to exist forevermore."
— Callum Sol

At some point, Mal received an envelope, containing a recording from Hades, who revealed that her real mother was, in fact, not Maleficent, but rather a woman named Kaguya Narusaka. Upon hearing the truth about who she really was, Mal tries to warn her friends about it, but Evie, Freddie, Audrey, Chad, and Ben betray her, killing Carlos and turning Maleficent back into her original form, to which Maleficent frees the villains who remained loyal to her from the Isle of the Lost and the other forgotten villains from hell and kills Yzma, Jafar, Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil, Hades, Jay, Uma, Harry, Gil, Dizzy, the Anti-Heroes Club, and Celia before ending Mal's life and annihilating the Traveler, which resulted in the deaths of each and every Guardians, along with Mara Sov, Ana Bray, Osiris, Eris Morn, and even the Young Wolf. However, a wounded stranger, moments before dying, sends a mysterious shard of Carlos de Vil's birthright jewel to Emperor Calus aboard the Leviathan, to which Calus and his forces would eventually lead a final battle against Maleficent's cult. According to Ulan-Tan, this battle would eventually lead to the widespread extinction of both the Light and the Darkness.

Current Timeline[edit]

Mal's Betrayal[edit]

A few years after Kirito and Asuna recruited Zevon into the Shadowkeepers, Mal tries to find Maleficent, but instead comes into contact with a mysterious potion, to which she touches it and becomes evil again, killing off Maleficent. Under the influence of both the potion and her birthright jewel, she helps Zevon, Kirito, Asuna, Uldren Sov, Fikrul, and the Shadowkeepers launch a catastrophic attack on Auradon, to which the Guardian, Zavala, and her friends attempt to stop her from wreaking havoc. However, just when Evie was about to save her, Pirrha, the Rifleman shoots her magic mirror with a Scorn Crossbow, rendering Evie vulnerable and ending Freddie Facilier's life. Evie, now weak, struggles to get through to Mal, and ends up being shot in the head by Zevon with Lord of Wolves. Enraged, Zavala attempts to fight Mal, but is cornered by Kirito, who penetrates his Ghost and kills him with his own Origin Story before fleeing with An Answering Chord. Mal, now corrupted by the Darkness, helps the Shadowkeepers and their forces, including the Scorn, Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, and Taken, turn the remaining Auradon Prep students into the Ghosts of Nagasaki and rewrite history, reawakening an anti-matter wave that would alter the Guardian's timeline and resurrect Cayde-6.

Cayde's Resurrection[edit]

"You wanna know how Mal and her friends were able to stop Zevon from taking over Auradon and turning everyone evil? Well, it's simple. Kirigamine's SIVA powers and my Ace of Spades. Well, that and a Coldheart."
— Cayde-6

At some point in time, a few years after the takeover, Mal and Zevon have a daughter named Alina. At that time, Cayde-6 reactivated the Vex teleporter, sending him a few years back in Auradon, where he establishes an alliance with a vigilante from the future named Kirigamine Tougorou, who helps him stop Zevon from turning everyone evil.


"I know who you are, Mal. You may have changed the future, but you didn't change our fate."
— Mara Sov

A few months after the Guardians rescued Mal, Alina's future self, known as Dredgen Thorn, established an alliance with the Guardian, who helps her reawaken the Forges. At the same time, The Drifter meets a mysterious girl, who reveals that a second Collapse was coming, and this time, not even the Traveler would be able to save them or Mal.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Mal's drawing of Uldren Sov and Pulled Pork

Mal is a sneaky, smart, and ruthless girl who is a natural born leader and skilled at artistic things, especially spray paint. Though she is compassionate, she is also vengeful and doesn't forgive others easily. She has a knack for casting spells.

She enjoys coming up with wicked schemes and is the most feared on both the Isle and Auradon because of her reputation as the Dragon Queen. She isn't fond of beautiful surroundings or anything pink, calling them gross, but she does sometimes wonder about how life would be off the island. Despite this, she is not necessarily immoral; according to Ikora Rey, she is just misguided. Her "mean girl" facade is mostly an act, likely because she does not want to relive the terrible moments of Ben and Evie's betrayal. The Guardian, Cayde-6, and Ikora are the only people who see through Mal's act (including herself), and saw her for who she was - a good person.

She also tends to be overly-sarcastic and has a strange love of mud.

Mal is described as a girl with dark purple hair with highlights of lighter shades of purple that is curly and reaches a little bit over her shoulders. She has green eyes with "flecks of gold" and is of medium height (5'2"). She mostly wears purple and shades of green and pink during the movie. At Ben's coronation, she wears a lavender dress that is short on the front but long and regal looking on the back. Mal had her hair tied up in a bun. According to Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, she has a dragon-shaped marking on her arm, the symbol of Maleficent.

In Descendants 2, while in Auradon, her hair's blonde and lightly longer with purple tips at the end. When she goes back to the Isle, she goes back to having purple hair, only this time, light, straight, and with bangs. Towards the end of the movie, she has wavy purple hair with bangs.

Also, in Descendants 3, after being empowered by Hades's ember, her dark purple hair is magically highlighted with blue streaks. Her outfit is also given blue features.


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