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Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito
Biographical Information

Other Names:

Kotrik, Kell of Shadows
Kotrik, Kell of Kells
Kotrik, Thief of Memories
The True Kell of Dregs (Joskaa, Lion Kell)
Kell of Shame and Heresies (The Spider)
Kirito’s 2nd Bitch (AJ)
The False Kell of Kells (Magnusk)
Kotrik, Scumbag Kell (Vothriks, the Lost)
Kotrik, Perfected Bloodcrafter (Beater Hunt: The Bloodcrafter)
The False Kell (Koriks, Kell of Flame)




House of Rain (Formerly)
House of Devils (Formerly)
House of Shadows


Archon (Formerly)







Combat Information


Call of the Past (Briefly)
The New Emperor (Briefly)
Siege of the Hellfire
Beater Hunt: The Bloodcrafter


SIVA Cannon
Kotrik's Machine Gun


Favor of Kirito
Initial Immunity
Summon Turrets
Summon Nodes
Critical SIVA Density
Charge Lockout
Immunity Shield
SIVA Swarms
SIVA Teleport
Shock Emission
High Durability
Stun Recovery
Plate Shutdown
Summon Fallen Shadows and Shadow Splicers

"My name is Kotrik. I claim the title of Kell of Kells for myself. The Given shall fall. The Great Machine will be reclaimed. To arms, brothers! Let us advance the work of Kirito, who has given us this strength!"
— Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito, rallying his Fallen brethren shortly before triggering an assault against the Guardian.

Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito is the Kell to the Fallen House of Shadows and is one of the highest-ranking and most trusted lieutenants of the dark Shadow Army. A skilled wielder of the Stolen Thunderlord and Darkness, he is an insane Leader and a loyal Fanatical warrior; a powerful foe who will stop at nothing to help achieve Kirito and Asuna's Goal of destruction.

He is the supporting antagonist of the Paradox expansion, having helped Kirito and Asuna kill Zavala and trigger the Shadowkeeper Apocalypse and later on being hired by their eldest son Tatsuyi to kill Rudolph McAlister.


Before the Swordsman[edit]

"Kotrik was a traitor to us...he attempted to speak to the Dark...but House Judgment and House Lions banished him, however he attempted to do so to save us from a coming threat, he might have been right...but now he works for Kirito...truly a terrible day."

Kotrik, once a Fallen Captain, was an outcast of the Eliksni, due to him believing that the Whirlwind would happen, and he attempted to commune with the Darkness to save his people and was banished by the House of Judgment and the House of Lions. He would flee away from Riis; after somehow ending up at the Sol System, he would wait in the shadows, until after the Collapse, where he fled and entered the ruins of Tokyo, and made a living. After many years, he would stumble upon Kirito and Asuna, who saw potential in him. The two would then take Kotrik under their wing and have him accompany them in their conquest of destruction and to defeat the Traveler and bring an end to the City Age.

Attack on Auradon[edit]

Shortly after entering Auradon, Kotrik, along with Kirito and Asuna's legions of Shadowkeepers and the newly-assembled Shadow Army, launched a high-stakes assault that massacred countless Auradonians, corrupted Mal with the Darkness, and led to the death of Zavala. Having triumphed over the now-dead Zavala, he helped Kirito and Asuna launch the codes for the Darkness's corruptive-matter system, simply known as Lightfall, which summoned waves of malevolent Blights that destroyed everything that Auradon stood for, killed all living beings of Light and civilians of Auradonian blood within it, and turned the entire city into a realm of their ideal birth worlds, officially beginning the Shadowkeepers Apocalypse.

A New Aincrad[edit]

"Serve him, for he is the true Kell of Kells, for Kirito is the one to save us all."
— Zydrekis, Matron of Kirito

Shortly after the Shadowkeepers Apocalypse began, Kirito and Asuna split up the Shadow Army into its six respective groups, one of them being the House of Shadows, which he commands. Since then, he helped the Fallen launch countless successive attacks against The Last City and stole countless Guardian tech, including the Thunderlord.

His notorious feats would earn him Sumeragi's desire for revenge as the House of Shadow, led by Skalos's eldest son Sakodis, would attempt to keep the House of Shadows away from the Cosmodrome; however, they were forced to retreat after a close encounter with Kirito and Asuna.

Eliksni Rebellion[edit]

"Desperations can drive you to do many, many awful things, like this here fella, Kotrik. He claims to be the “Kell of Kells” and seeks to bring every Fallen together, (like Skolas), and... Do you want to know what’s even worse? He is one of Kirito’s Scumbags. This is what desperation can do to you... it can make you insane, lost, and fanatical... all for the purpose of survival."
"Dispose of this...”Kell,” as he is not a true Kell... never even was.
Joskaa and The Spider

Moments after the assault on the Cosmodrome, Kotrik would recruit numerous Fallen into his legion, seeking to strengthen Kirito and Asuna's ambition to rule over the world, which led Joskaa, AJ, and the Houses of Spider, Flame, Time, and Judgment to call on the Guardian to intervene and prevent him from succeeding.