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Gha'arn, Crownforger of Kirito
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Biographical Information

Other Names:

Dominus Gha'arn




Red Legion (Former member)
Shadow Legion







Combat Information


Call of the Past (Cutscene)
Wicked Awakening (Briefly)
The New Emperor (Briefly)


Cabal Magma Launcher
Cabal Rocket Shells


Immunity Shield
Burning Effect
Engulfed Debuff
Greed Debuff
Slowness Effect
Retainer Denial
Fleet Bombard
Call Ripper Pods
High Durability
Quake Attack
Summon Cabal Shadows

"It came from the Black Swordsman himself. We command Legions. Conquered worlds. Waged war across the galaxy to prove our worth. We shall prove ourselves worthy of the Traveler's Light, and your death is the key to achieving that."
— Gha'arn, Crownforger of Kirito, challenging the Guardian.

Gha'arn, Crownforger of Kirito is the Dominus to the Cabal Shadow Legion and is one of the highest-ranking and most trusted lieutenants of the dark Shadow Army. A skilled wielder of Darkness, he is a ruthless warlord and a loyal Fanatical warrior; a powerful foe who will stop at nothing to help achieve Kirito and Asuna's Goal of destruction.

He is the supporting antagonist of the Paradox expansion, having helped Kirito and Asuna kill Zavala and trigger the Shadowkeeper Apocalypse and later on playing a role in the death of Emperor Calus.


Before the Swordsman[edit]

Attack on Auradon[edit]

Shortly after entering Auradon, Gha'arn, along with Kirito and Asuna's legions of Shadowkeepers and the newly-assembled Shadow Army, launched a high-stakes assault that massacred countless Auradonians, corrupted Mal with the Darkness, and led to the death of Zavala. Having triumphed over the now-dead Zavala, he helped Kirito and Asuna launch the codes for the Darkness's corruptive-matter system, simply known as Lightfall, which summoned waves of malevolent Blights that destroyed everything that Auradon stood for, killed all living beings of Light and civilians of Auradonian blood within it, and turned the entire city into a realm of their ideal birth worlds, officially beginning the Shadowkeepers Apocalypse.

A New Aincrad[edit]

Shortly after the Shadowkeepers Apocalypse began, Kirito and Asuna split up the Shadow Army into its six respective groups, one of them being the Shadow Legion, which he commands.