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Wicked World


Destiny 2





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Dragon's Cove, Aincrad


Uncover the existence of Aincrad and save a Guardian from the Darkness

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— In-game description

Wicked World is the fourth story mission and the first of the second part of the Paradox expansion's storyline. Several weeks after the Second Collapse, the Vanguard sends The Guardian to investigate the emergence of Aincrad and unearth the Shadowkeepers' endgame.


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LOCATION: Shadow Palace, Aincrad

Kirito is shown sitting on the throne adorned with numerous Splinters of Darkness, holding Zavala's Auto Rifle -- the Answering Chord, now corrupted by the Darkness.

Kirito: When I was a kid, I entered the world of Sword Art Online to escape the cruel depths of reality. But now, as I look back, I remember the faces of those I saved from the death game. Klein, Agil, Silica, and Lisbeth, my old friends... may be gone, but they are with us now and always.

He stood above them, looking at the six leaders: Kotrik, formerly an Archon of the House of Devils; Zharves, an Ascendant Hive who formerly served Crota and later Oryx; Hydrax, a large Vex mind originally built as a replacement for Panoptes; Gha'arn, a former commander of the Red Legion; Thu'urg, a Taken Cabal of the Red Legion; and Vayeriks, Fikrul's right hand man. Along with all of these were the Shadowkeepers, his army of various people from across Sol: Totomaru, Eobard Thawne, Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, Tobias Whale, Reign, Leopold Fitz, Anton Ivanov, Hiram Lodge, Morgana le Fay, Zevon, Fikrul, Uldren, Djin, Sasuke Uchiha, Phoenixaro Uchihamaki, and Ruby Hale.

Kirito: As for you, my loyal servants, my new friends, my Shadowkeepers... I gather you today because the time has come to rain darkness upon Sol. For too long, the Traveler has prevented the universe from entering the true, final shape - that of Darkness. But now, this ends. Ever since you came to this world, you've helped me do what no one else has done: kill a Guardian.

As he rallies the forces of Darkness, several forces of The Black Fleet roared in agreement, while the Darkness-empowered Guardians chuckled evilly.

Kirito: I have already slain countless civilians of The Last City and their heroes, including the Guardians' Vanguard Commander, the man they called Zavala. There could never be a better time to strike, now when their morale is low and they are susceptible to falling to Darkness. Go! Unleash chaos upon their people! Create fear in the hearts of those who follow the Light!

With that, there was an uproar of approval and laughter from the Shadowkeepers and their forces as they left.

Kotrik: (kneeling shortly before leaving) By your grace, my King.

The Shadowkeeper Army elites leave the room.

Kirito: You would be proud. Our friends' resolve remains… undiminished.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and immediately recognized it as Asuna.

Asuna: You're doing great. Soon enough, everything will be under your control, and you can reign supreme over those who have hurt you.

Kirito and Asuna walk towards the glass window, which revealed a newly-built Dark Traveler hovering over the Signal Tower.

Asuna: For years, we lost nearly everything... including our friends... all because of those monsters. The Marked. The Legion of Superheroes. The Order of the Innocents. The Legends of Tomorrow. The Justice League. Laughing Coffin. Oberon. Gabriel. The Overtakers. Maleficent. Dio. Benjamin Florian. But now, they're gone... erased from existence, and soon, so will the Light itself. The defenders of all that they called good cannot be trusted... not even the Guardians. You and I know that better than anyone. Together we can rewrite the entire universe and bestow upon its people what they deserved... Extinction.
Kirito: And the Dark Traveler?
Asuna: Once it awakens, we can finally rule everything, Kirito-kun.

He knew that no matter what, at least she would stand by his side. And that was enough for him.




Mal, Emissary of Kirito