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The Magician
Biographical information






Awoken/Shadowkeeper hybrid

Hair color:


Eye color:


Political and military information


Overseer of the Shaderunners
Advisor of Kirito


Warlock (Voidwalker)

Notable info:

Personal Advisor of Kirito
Overseer of the Shaderunners


"Dark and light, two powerful things with a line that's very thin, some may think the darkness corrupts you, but the same thing can happen with the light, moral of this story, it isn't the power, it's the one who holds it. So the question I ask you guardian is what path shall you take?"
— Echo of The Magician to the Guardians

Chase is an Advisor of the Shadowkeeper, he is a very powerful Darkbearer and Lightbearer and leader of the Shaderunners. tell him to do a magic trick and he will do it without a problem just not to much because then he will start to get annoyed


Night Daggers, Cane Gun


Summon Taken, Summon Scorn, Summon Hive
Levitation, Teleport, Shadow tentacles, Beam of darkness, Shadow Flames, Resurrection, duplicates/Illusions, Black Lights, Death Bell, Gray Famine, Nova Blaster.


Steve Niles (Brother)
Kirito, the Shadow Emperor (Friend/Leader)
Asuna, the Shadow Empress (Friend/Leader)
Mal (Friend, I guess)
Deltaris (Friend/Partner)


Teaming with Mallory[edit]

Chase was in his room getting ready for the attack against the House of Eclipse with the shadow emperor himself Kirito, but it seems the Shadow Emperor came to him early

"Emperor Kirito what brings you here? Well I- Hold on. Why would you need your Night daggers for a meeting? oh they're not for the meeting sir, they're for the attack on the House of Eclipse that Mallory, My brother, and I are going to be leading. Mallory? Of Course, I ordered her to assist me with the attack oh also you may need to delay the meeting, I want to complete this mission first."

The Second Collapse[edit]

The Big reveal[edit]

Nightmares Awaken[edit]

Fully Embracing Darkness[edit]

A glorious discovery[edit]