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The Magician
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Awoken/Shadowkeeper hybrid

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Overseer of the Shaderunners
Advisor of Kirito



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Both Chase Niles and Steve Niles do not know who they are or what they are, all they know is that they are Awoken

"Dark and light, two different things that are both very strong, but in my opinion, Dark is better"

— Chase Niles, The Magician

Chase is and Advisor of the Shadowkeeper, he is very strong and killed a lot species in his life span there for he shouldn't be underestimated, he also is an overseer in the group known as the Shaderunners. tell him to do a magic trick and he will do it without a problem just not to much because then he will start to get annoyed


Night Daggers, Cane Gun


Summon Taken Hive, Summon Scorn, Levitation,Teleport, Shadow tentacles, Beam of darkness, Shadow Flames, Resurrection, duplicates


Steve Niles (Brother)
Kirito, the Shadow Emperor (Friend/Leader)
Asuna, the Shadow Empress (Friend/Leader)
Mal (Friend, I guess)
Delteris (Friend/Partner)


Teaming with Mallory[edit]

Chase was in his room getting ready for the attack against the House of Eclipse with the shadow emperor himself Kirito, but it seems the Shadow Emperor came to him early

"Emperor Kirito what brings you here? Well I- Hold on. Why would you need your Night daggers for a meeting? oh they're not for the meeting sir, they're for the attack on the House of Eclipse that Mallory, My brother, and I are going to be leading. Mallory? Of Course, I ordered her to assist me with the attack oh also you may need to delay the meeting, I want to complete this mission first."

The Second Collapse[edit]

Nightmares Awaken[edit]

Fully Embracing Darkness[edit]

After some events during Nightmares Awaken, he finally found a way to the spirits and found the spirit of his father, his father told him about the Great War between the Ancient Shadowkeepers and the Nightcravers and how one of the Knights of Agony killed his uncle. After the story, his father gave Chase a ghost that was not like others, instead of light the ghost was filled and corrupted with darkness and it was wearing a phalanx shell “This is Delteris” said his father “He will help you on your journey”, Chase gladly takes Delteris and starts fading out of the spirit world, but before he fully faded out, “To help you, I shall duplicate most of my power and donate it to you, once you leave here, remember to Fully Embrace the Darkness”. When Chase got back to the real world and once he did Delteris happily introduced himself even though Chase knows who he is “You and I are going to get along very well” said Chase. After a short talk, Chase sat down to “Fully Embrace his Darkness” when a few minutes passed he was about to give up until shadows started to swarm him, the shadows got bigger and bigger until Chase was fully consumed, and when Chase was finished Embracing, he came out brand new. He was no longer confused, he was no longer afraid, he felt confident, he felt happy, he felt like he was a demigod. And so he went back to the Shadowkeepers to help defeat the Nightcravers once and for all.