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The Dark Jester
Biographical information

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The Ringleader






Awoken/Shadowkeeper hybrid



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Political and military information


Founder of the Shadow Games
Advisor of Tatsuyi



"Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to another one of the shadow games, our contestants are, hmm let me see, dead 1 dead 2 dead 3 dead 4 know what forget about the contestants, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!"

-Steve Niles, The Dark Jester

Steve Niles likes to "clown around", he would then go on to making gambit like games expect in these games they're way more dangerous and you don't resurrect, in his games you have a rare chance of winning and if you do win Steve wont be so happy. he also was born powers of the darkness, this power is what helps him make the games


Trick Revolver


Summon Hive, Summon Fallen, Wild Card, Bomb in a Box


Chase Niles (Brother)

Kirito, the Shadow Emperor (Leader)

Asuna, the Shadow Empress (Leader)


What is the List?[edit]

the list declares who can watch the shadow games

Shadowkeepers (Whitelisted)

House of Eclipse (Blacklisted)

Loyalists (Blacklisted)

Guardians (Blacklisted)

Lightbearer's (Blacklisted)

House of Light (Blacklisted)

Anyone who's life is dedicated to the light (Blacklisted)

Anyone who's life is dedicated to the darkness (Whitelisted)

Steve's Creations[edit]

The shadow games started to lose some interest, so Steve came up with a plan to not only get his audience back but to also get new audience, mixing these creatures together to create some ugly powerful abomination.


An Unexpected Meeting[edit]

The Second Collapse[edit]

His Death and His Resurrection[edit]

A little after the second collapse he went to Steve went to deal with the new enemy known as Exo 404 leading him to the shadow games stadium, even though The Dark Jester used 4 of his luck wild cards Exo 404 was still victorious, until he was able to stab Exo 404 in the heart causing him them both to die, but both Steve and Exo 404 was resurrected

True Power[edit]

Laughing Jack[edit]

"Oh, hello there, I supposed you’re here to kill me, yeah I thought so but just to warn you ever since you last saw me, I have obtained an upgrade (thanks to my brother) so get ready for a real challenge because I have some new tricks up my sleeve, tricks that will lead you all to the dust. Anyways, during all this time I’ve been thinking, we all can’t live for ever so you we must cherish our life’s and find our purpose before we die, and I have found my purpose, this world is a circus and I’m The Ringleader, This universe is my audience… And I’m the JESTER"
— Stephen Niles challenging a Guardian fire team