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House of Eclipse


Tyrakus, Kell of Eclipse
Creytoks, The Wise
Zevorro, The Scavanger
Kestizz, The Silent One


Cerkics Prime
Darkeeks Perfected
Kerix, The Powerhouse
Teslerix, The Operator
Bartix, The Savior


The Carriage
Tangled Shore


Season of Loyalty
Season of the Apocalypse


"With the power of the darkness, we are strong enough, but with the power of the light and darkness, you can be anything."
Tyrakus the Traitor of Oryx

The House of Eclipse is a fallen house that go under both the power of light and dark, the house has already obtained the power. This house was founded by Tyrakus who was able to rebel against the taken and betray Oryx. The House of Eclipse is a friendly faction of the fallen, but they are still a dangerous foe.


The Attack on the House[edit]

The Niles Brothers lead an assault full of the Shadow Collective, Taken, Scorn, and Hive, most member's were able to evacuate but the rest of the were either killed or forced into joining the Shadow Collective, The Niles Brothers were close to victory but with the help of the Mithrax Eido and the House of Light they were able to defeat some of the Shadow Soldiers and escape the area, as the Shadow Army see them flying away to escape once of the Commanders of the Shadow Collective tried to go after them but was immediately stopped by The Magician, this would be a victory for the heroes this time but will they succeed the next?

The Second Collapse[edit]

Clash of the Kingdom[edit]

"As we share the connection with our Great Machine, we also share a common enemy: the Overtakers, who seek the fall of your friend. We cannot let them claim her life, no matter what."
— Tyrakus, forming an alliance with the Vanguard.

Even though the House of Eclipse allied with the Vanguard, some members didn't trust the one person they were protecting from the Overtakers, Mallory, but either way, the House of Eclipse still needed to learn how to forgive and forget just like the House of Light did with The Saint. During the course of this event, Tyrakus would call upon The Guardian to do battle with his Barons, who possess the ability to resurrect themselves, in preparation for the battle against Malice, the leader of the Overtakers who sought to avenge his mother by killing Mallory, along with all of humanity and the Lightbound Eliksni, in an attempt to 'save' the world from Ravana, while his generals would task the Guardian with hunting down Malice's dark champions.

However, a few weeks into the event, Tyrakus received news that Tatsuyi, the eldest son of Kirito and Asuna, and the Shadow Collective had formed an alliance with Astronema to successfully assassinate Malice and destroy the remnants of the Overtakers, which not only spared Mallory that horrible fate, but also led to the emergence of another threat known as the Acceleration Research Society, a mysterious organization founded by White Cosmos, the White King of Accel World who sought to use Mallory's powers to resurrect the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca and end the entire world with the Armor of Catastrophe. Upon hearing this news, Tyrakus and Vanguard Commander Luther Hargreeves established a full alliance between the Guardians, House of Eclipse, and another group who opposed White Cosmos's plans called Nega Nebulus in an ongoing attempt to prevent White Cosmos from destroying the entire universe.

The Apocalypse[edit]

Nightmares Awaken[edit]

"Darkness, it roams around the Sol System like always, but this one is different. It seems we have another enemy, perhaps more dangerous then the Overtakers and the Shadowkeepers combined. We must increase our forces and help our allies fight off this new force of darkness, and the rest of our soldiers will reinforce our home Excalibur. Now, LET US REGAIN THE SOL SYSTEM!!! "
— Tyrakus rallying the House of Eclipse




Eclipse Barons[edit]

Prime Servitor[edit]

  • Cerciks Prime

Perfected Servitor[edit]

  • Darkiks Perfected

High command Servitor[edit]

  • Keriks, the Powerhouse
  • Tesleriks, the Operator
  • Batriks, the Savior


Notable Members[edit]

Notable Groups[edit]


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