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Creytoks, The Wise
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"New Technology may help us succeed, but what kind" — Creytoks, The Wise

Ceytoks is not a normal Eliksni, he is also an Exo and a Splicer as well, Creytoks was the first ever Archon in the House of Eclipse, he was a lone traveler on Nessus which means he had to deal with a lot of Vex trying to kill him but since he was a Splicer he had the upper hand on these foes, the bad thing was is that in every battle the go in, the Vex gotten smarter which they eventually ambushed Creytoks and started sending me reinforcements after him, Creytoks was able to take most of them out but they were to strong, when Creytoks was about to lose hope Tyrakus came in to help him fight off the Vex, all of the Vex were killed but Creytoks was badly damaged in the battle so Tyrakus used his power to not only heal him but give him the power of darkness as well, Creytoks not only had his Splicer ability boosted but he also obtained some time of corrupted version of the Stasis that can easily freeze someone to death, after that battle Tyrakus then asked Creytoks if he wanted to join him on his journey and, that is how Creytoks became the first Archon of the House of Eclipse.