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Home of the last safe refuge for the people of the Light.

Sanctuary is a space station in orbit around the Obelisk between Oberon and Peasblossom. It houses the collective remains of The Last City, The Reef, Empress Caiatl's regime, and the House of Time. It was constructed out of a ragtag fleet of two hundred and twenty ships that fled the solar system in the wake of the Second Collapse, and now orbits the remains of the Traveler.


Constructed after the refugee fleet's arrival into Titano space, Sanctuary is home to several thousand surviving civilians and soldiers. Without the ruins of Earth to sustain themselves, the development of industry was a priority for the new Council. Research into the Obelisk and why the Traveler's corpse had settled around its orbit is ongoing.


Sanctuary is governed by a Council made up of Ikora Rey, Osiris, Shaxx, Elise Bray, Uldren Sov, Empress Caiatl, and the Eponymous Archon of Time. They oversee the day to day functions of the city and govern how its industry develops.

They oversee special departments dedicated to certain areas of expertise.

  • Research division—led by Ikora Rey and Osiris, this department specializes in researching the Obelisk and the exotic planetology of Titania.
  • Exploration division—led by Elise Bray, this department specializes in exploring the exotic worlds of Titania.
  • Economics division—led by the Eponymous Archon and Empress Caiatl, this department specializes in developing the economy of Sanctuary.
  • Esoterica division—led by Elise Bray, Ikora Rey, and Osiris, this department specializes in researching a way to heal the Traveler, and to keep its Light from fading.
  • Crucible division—led by Shaxx and Uldren Sov, this department specializes in training the few Guardians that remain and keeping their skills sharp.
  • Ministry of War—led by Caiatl, Eponymous Archon, and Shaxx, this department specializes in the defense of Sanctuary.


Led by the Council, Sanctuary has done away with representation among the people. Strong leadership is needed in this dark and dangerous times. The Guardians, numbering less than fifty, have been reorganized into special forces and no more than two are sent out into the wider system at a time, and always with a division of standard soldiers as backup. The Eliksni Time and the Cabal have become the city's new security force, and man the guns of the city. Ghosts have been forbidden to explore the system unless accompanied by a research team.


Bereft of the technologies of Earth and Torobatl the city has reshaped its economic focus extensively. Now the gathering of Helium-3 and precious metals from the icy bodies of the Titano ring-system are the priority, to rebuild what has been lost. The few weapons and armor Guardians use have been put into storage, to be used only in great need; likewise Cabal and Eliksni armaments are considered just as precious.

For the present time, large portions of the space station have been given over the aeroponics to support the population. Power generation is provided by a Cabal-built antimatter reactor, which is fed by stored antimatter. The harvesting of raw material to convert into antimatter is a primary concern.


Hull and physical characteristics[edit]

Sanctuary is an aggregated mixture of Cabal, Eliksni, and Golden Age construction, hiding in the shadow of the Traveler's half-dome, shielded from the sun's rays. The space station resembles a jagged and pointed mess of machinery and alien technology poking every which way.


A fleet of Eliksni Proas constantly keep a patrol around it. The rest of the space station is lined with Eliksni plasma guns and Cabal amat weapons. Eliksni Shanks provide a defensive screen, being capable of deployed in the literal millions in the event of an attack.


Constructed out of an Eliksni Schooner with additional bays provided by two cannibalized Cabal carriers, the Hanger is home to all surviving examples of Golden Age ships, including the legendary Arcadia-class jumpship. Several civilian ships are docked here while harvester-class ships depart and enter with resources needed to sustain the city.


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