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House of Time
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House Time




United House


Reef Wars (indirectly)
Taken War
SIVA Crisis (indirectly)
The Red War
Time Virus War

Notable information:

Held fast to the ancient customs


The Fallen House of Time is a secretive House within the solar system, distinguished by their hooded purple cloaks lined with golden trim.

Like the other Houses, it has not forgotten its glorious past; unlike the rest, it still holds true to the ancient customs, making it one of the least dangerous threats to the City. During the Taken War they began extending offers of safety and refuge to the other Houses, pledging them a home if they swore an oath of loyalty to Time's Kell. By the time of the SIVA Crisis the Wolves and Winter had fully emigrated to the Jovians, taking advantage of the confusion caused to the City to slip away and abandoning their strongholds, and as the Age of Triumph appeared so too did even the broken Devils and weakened Kings.

When the Red Legion first invaded the solar system House Time met and broke their first vanguard before retreating. Throughout the later Red War, Time continued to harass Red Legionaries and ships, preventing them from overrunning other worlds such as Jupiter and Saturn's satellites; and when the Emperor Calus appeared they monitored his ship, noting the friendliness he displayed toward Guardians, but did not make contact. After the Almighty's destruction they formally extended an embassy to the Last City, recognizing that the Great Machine had indeed chosen humanity as its people, and wished to join forces with them. No sooner had they done so did the first vanguard of the dark Pyramids appear. Now Eliksni soldiery fight alongside Guardians against the Nightmares and the reinvigorated Hive.


Time's colors are purple with golden trim, much like the Awoken; her banners feature a single sphere of white outlined in gold surrounded by a starlike burst of radiance against a backdrop of purple: the Great Machine. Her leader's identity, including the Archon's and Prime Servitor's, is unknown. Unlike most Fallen Houses—with the possible exception of Kings—they have an extensive rankage system, a holdover to the ancient Eliksni customs.



House Time absorbed the remnants of nearly every other House that disintegrated in the Whirlwind, including legendary Houses such as Stone and Rain, and others such as Scar, Dragons, Storms, and Flowers.

Pre-Taken War[edit]

Prior to the Taken War, Time has not been seen anywhere in the solar system apart from the outer Jovians, although recent evidence indicates they were active during the Reef Wars and the Twilight Gap, watching and waiting.

According to Dead Orbit their primary home is Titania and Oberon, with the other moons serving as fleet-bases for their massive fleet, utilizing ancient human settlements as secure fortresses and bases. This makes them, after the Cabal, one of the most well-organized militaries in the system. Whether they have a working relationship with the Nine is unknown, but they seem to be tolerated nonetheless.

The Taken War[edit]

During the Taken War, Dead Orbit intelligence revealed that there were two other distinct Fallen Houses working alongside Time: Demons and Angels. These Houses appear to have been with it from the beginning, for they are fanatically loyal as if they are one House. As if it was an omen, no sooner had this discovery had been made than were emissaries sent to other Houses. Houses Exile and Winter, broken and demoralized, have seen this and begun to migrate there. Time's Eponymous Archon is a good Kell, and treats the survivors well. Even the remnants of Wolves have answered Time's call. This last one worried Ikora, for it was rumored Wolves' Prime Servitor, Kaliks, hid within the Ananke satellites. If so, then Time would instantly gain another House's loyalty if it were located.

Far more worrying is that Variks had been observed talking to Time's emissaries by both Ghosts and Awoken Guardians. From what Petra and certain Guardian champions know, Variks has been on the search for the Kell of Kells since Skolas' mad grab for power. While he was still loyal to the long vanished Queen, if there was any chance this House could be the one, that this Eponymous Archon could withstand House Judgement's demands, Variks would desert her and join them in an instant. His defection would be disastrous, for he knew too much about the Awoken, and the Guardians from watching them fight in the Prison of Elders.

Throughout the Taken War they continued their recruitment efforts, speaking to diplomats from Kings and Devils, but had little success. Variks remained unconvinced. When Oryx fell Time took the opportunity to study the Dreadnaught and its unique technologies. During this time they started abducting Taken for their own experiments.

SIVA Crisis[edit]

When the Crisis happened, they took an interest in the SIVA nanotechnology, noting its potential applications, and recovered some from Earth. Studying old Earth records they eventually were able to build their own Replication Chamber and started producing the technology en mass. This proved to be a boon to their efforts for they could now turn anything they wanted into useful tools and equipment.

During this time both Winter and the Wolves, as well as a smaller House called Oceans from Mars, had completely abandoned their homes to emigrate to Time. Their remaining Barons and Archons swore loyalty to Time's Eponymous Archon and their colors were incorporated into Time's banners.

Experiments with the Taken[edit]

When Oryx attacked and started Taking enemy forces en mass Time chose to stay out of sight, preferring to wait. As Guardians began pushing back the Taken King, however, Time started abducting Taken one at a time. Ostensibly for study nonetheless their true purpose was to reconvert them back into their old selves, reclaiming their soul from the Darkness. They succeeded for the most part with the Taken Fallen, rechristening them Reborn Eliksni, and welcomed the freed individuals back into the fold.

For the Cabal and Hive, they were little more than mindless animals when converted but displayed loyalty toward them, much as domesticated animals would. Vex were the hardest, for a personality that was once part of a monolithic hive mind now severed to serve evil, reconverting was deemed to be an impossible task until SIVA was recovered from some captured Splicer Devils. With SIVA they discovered they could reprogram the "Taken" Vex away from mindless worship into some measure of independent thought, but without the hive mind. Time solved this by linking them to their Servitor network, utilizing their abilities in service to both Angels and Demons. Nonetheless they were used only in limited numbers, as the ontopathogenic attributes of the Taken were still present and needed constant supervision.

Age of Triumph[edit]

When the Guardians began to fully push back their enemies, dealing heavy blows to the Cabal on Mars and the Vex on Venus, as well as starting to more fully explore the Dreadnaught, Time also withdrew from all areas back to their Jovian bases. Deep orbit satellites had confirmed the approach of a large fleet and they were preparing for the invasion.

The Red War[edit]

When the Red Legion invaded the solar system Time was the first to meet them in battle. Marshalling its combined forces they attacked the first Cabal vanguard as they entered through the Kuiper belt, destroying one of two Traveler Cages and damaging the Almighty, before retreating to their hidden fortresses. Enraged Dominus Ghaul would have changed his plans to follow them had not the Consul advised to continue.

During this time they started making note of a rising Taken force on Saturn and started marshalling their forces to contain it. Utilizing the Reborn they fought against the Viruses long and hard. This conflict, known as the Time Virus Skirmish, lasted throughout the entirety of the main campaign of Destiny 2. Many were lost but ultimately House Time managed to contain the Taken to Saturn. Unfortunately, with Dominus Ghaul's defeat, the newly deployed Stone Breakers appeared in the system to finish what the Legion had started. The Guardians, newly revitalized, were able to cut off the Stone Breakers' head, but only enraged them further.

When the Behemoths were formed House Time finally decided it was time to reveal themselves openly to the Guardians and ally with them. They also approached the Emperor Calus as a backup plan.

The Pyramids Entry[edit]

With the mass entrance of the Pyramidic forces, House Time was forced to accelerate their plans, sending an embassy to the Last City for a formal alliance. With Eramis, Kell of Darkness recreating her own House of Salvation, they have little choice in the matter. Pledging their space fleets and soldiers in service to the Last City, they fight united as one to defend the Traveler from the Darkness.

They continued their experiments upon the Nightmares, but found them incompatible with the cleansing technologies employed to change the Taken.

The Second Collapse[edit]

to be expanded

Subordinate Houses[edit]

House of Demons[edit]

Demons colors are black with crimson trim; her banners feature a winged entity half crimson and half gold. This is to show that, like Angels, she is subservient to Time. They primarily serve as the military arm of House Time, and appear to have control over much of the Fallen space fleet. In addition to the standard Ketch and Skiff class there is evidence that they use more classes of ship: Proas and Cutters for fightercraft, light and heavy respectively; Sloops, a super-heavy version of the Skiff, the Yawl, a variant of the Ketch; and the Schooner, ships that near the Cabal warships in size, making them the largest Fallen ships to appear yet. More recently discovered were the Barques, the most massive of their ships, eclipsing a Cabal carrier completely.

They are counted among the premier Houses.

House of Angels[edit]

Angels colors are white with golden trim; her banners feature a winged entity half crimson and half gold. This is to show that, like Demons, she is subservient to Time. They primarily serve as the economic arm of House Time, and manufacture and maintain Fallen gear, equipment, and ships. They utilize Wolf variants of Shanks and Walkers.

They are counted among the premier Houses.

House of Stone[edit]

The eldest, most renown of the Houses of the Eliksni. They were among the first to merge with Time in the Great Exodus following the Whirlwind and the death of their Kell at the hands of Oryx. They provided much of the nobility that fill out Time's extensive ranks. Their banners are grey with a golden circle.

House of Rain[edit]

One of the original Houses of the Eliksni, the majority of this House was absorbed into Time following the Whirlwind, with a few renegade factions splitting off on their own. They provided Time with its spiritual hierarchy and most of the House's Archons come from this noble clan. Their banners are purple with a depiction of the Great Machine, same as the Fallen Dusk.

House of Scar[edit]

The remnants of Scar, broken from its internecine war with Winter, joined Time for protection. They provided Time with many warriors and frontline soldiers in exchange for protection and a fanatical loyalty. Their banners are white with a red clawed hand.

House of Dragons[edit]

Not to be confused with the renegade House of Dragons led by Dreviks. One of the ancient Houses of the Eliksni clans, absorbed into Time's hegemony. Their colors are red with golden trim; her banners depict a winged entity of six limbs breathing fire. This is to show her unity with Time. They serve as the specialist class of House Time, providing many skilled workers and pilots for their fleets.

House of Storms[edit]

A minor House, they were once renown for their agricultural skills. They serve as the breadmakers and keepers of Time. Their banners are light blue with a stylized depiction of clouds.

House of Flowers[edit]

A minor House, they were well known for their artistry and poetry, having turned out numerous workers of culture throughout the ages before and during the Great Machine's arrival to Riis. They joined with Time for protection. Their banners are pink with a flowering bouquet.

House of Oceans[edit]

A minor House, they are skilled masters of terraforming. They helped carve out livable habitats for House Time when they arrived at the solar system, and were responsible for transforming Pluto into a mockery of Riis, to the best of their abilities. Their banners are dark blue with stylized waves.

Command Structure[edit]


  • Eponymous Archon—Time's "Kell", and supreme leader of the three Houses
  • Archon Basileus—the "Pope" of Time, attached to the Prime Servitor
    • Basilinna—mate to the Archon Basileus, attached to the Prime Servitor
      • Gerarai—fourteen priestesses who serve the Prime Servitor
  • Archon—typically nine, each attached to a Subordinate Servitor and serve the Prime Servitor
  • Polemarchos—Time "war-leader" and chief overseer of House Demons
  • The Strategoi—ten Archdukes who serve as commanders of House Demons' fleets and advisors to the Polemarchos
  • Archduke—leader of ten Barques
  • Duke—leader of ten Schooners
  • Marquess—leader of one Schooner, ten Ketches
  • Count—leader of five Ketches
  • Viscount—leader of one Ketch, five Yawls
  • Baron—leader of one Yawl, ten Cutters
  • Baronet—leader of five Cutters, ten Sloops
  • Vidame—leader of five Sloops

House Hierarchy[edit]

House Time's hierarchy varies drastically from other Fallen Houses. Instead of having their own files and ranks, each Fallen troop is classed into one of three combat groups: Skirmishers, Reconnaissance, and Champions. Skirmishers are fast, agile opponents armed with efficient close range weaponry, although they must sacrifice durability to do so, and are the first enemies Guardians will typically encounter when engaging House Time's crews. Reconnaissance troops are versatile opponents that can cover a wide range of tasks, and are more tactically intelligent and better equipped than their lower-ranking Skirmisher counterparts. Champions are large, heavily armored foes armed with specialist heavy weaponry, making them a force to be reckoned with, and are typically deployed as crew leaders in battle.


  • Slasher: A Dreg armed with a Shock Machete. They run incredibly fast and can use their machetes to perform two different attacks: a three-slash combo or a winded-up overhead downward strike, the latter of which can inflict a slight shocking effect.
  • Spearman: A Wretch armed with a Scorch Spear. They can leap incredible distances towards their targets, performing a high-damage thrust that inflicts a burning effect. It uses a series of repeated jabs when faced up close.
  • Outlaw: A Dreg capable of throwing Shock Daggers at its targets. Knifes can bounce on several surfaces, and leave small electrical fields wherever they hit, which will blind and slow Guardians that step in them.
  • Stinger: A Wretch armed with a one-handed Null Javelin and equipped with a Drag Hook. They use their hooks to pull Guardians towards them before using their Javelins, which will remove a set portion of ability charges with successive hit.
  • Crow: A Dreg equipped with a miniature jetpack and armed with dual Advanced Shock Pistols. They rapidly flutter around the battlefield to use their pistols, which fire in quick, accurate bursts, allowing them to down Guardians quickly with little effort. When killed, their jetpack explodes


  • Marksman: A Vandal armed with a Wire Repeater. They continuously provide high-damage sniper fire for their teammates. When faced at close range, they unveil a Shock Machete for close range reactionary combat.
  • Savage: A Marauder equipped with a short-range teleportation device and armed with quad Advanced Shock Pistols. At point blank, they use Shock Dagger attachments on their upper pistols, inflicting a shocking effect on their target.
  • Trooper: A Vandal armed with a Null Rifle with an underbarrel Shock Grenade attachment. They can unleash a constant stream of slow-travelling but seeking bolts of Void fire, whereas Shock Grenades generate a small field that blinds and slows anything in its radius.
  • Arachnid: A Marauder armed with dual Shrapnel Launchers. They can actively climb on walls and surfaces to gain superior attack angles. Occasionally, they will cling in place on a surface and fire shrapnel from down below.
  • Harpooner: A Vandal armed with a shoulder-mounted Harpoon Welder. They can rain down flaming harpoons that release a line of fire where they strike, igniting everything in its path. It can mount its weapon on a piece of cover to increase the rate of fire.
  • Stalker: A Marauder that can teleport via smoke vanish and is armed with a Scorch Rifle. They unleash a stream of high-damaging Solar bolts that inflict a burning effect once enough bolts hit their target. They can also throw Null Grenades that poison anything in their radius.


  • Quartermaster: A large Captain armed with a Scorch Mace. They unleash large lines of flames where they strike, which ignite and sunder their targets. The line eventually erupts upward, sending Guardians flying into the air. They also teleport when attacked.
  • Autogunner: A large Captain armed with a shoulder-mounted Null Autocannon. They spin up their barrels before unleashing a torrent of Void bolts that remove a set portion of ability and Super charge with each hit, effectively sapping Guardians of their abilities. If wanting to get up close, they will teleport towards their target before unleashing an Ultra Smash melee attack.
  • Pyrotech: A large Captain armed with a Shrapnel Thrower. They fire wads of hot lead that leave large pools of fire upon detonation, and can use a flamethrower fire mode at closer ranges, although they still prefer to teleport towards their target and smash them.
  • Fumigator: A giant Captain equipped with a ballistic shield and armed with a one-handed Nox Cannon. They release high-explosive toxic grenades at a rapid rate, creating large poison clouds in their wake. At close range, they can fire a cone of noxious gas before performing a shield bash that will knock Guardians down and send them flying in the opposite direction. They teleport around their targets as a means of flanking them, and are also equipped with Arc energy shields on top of their physical shields, boasting the highest defense levels of any known Fallen. However, they normally move incredibly slowly.


  • Shank: robotic drones common amongst the Eliksni.
    • Sekris-series repair Shank: a class of Shank designed for usage aboard the capital ships of Time.
  • Servitor: spherical robots forged in the image of the Traveler.
    • Controller Servitor: robots designed for assisting Pilot Servitors.
    • Reactor Servitor: robots designed for monitoring the reactors of Time ships.


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The House of Time has preserved the ancient secrets of their fallen homeworld and with it the construction of more advanced shiptypes.


  • Barque: the largest and most impressive of Eliksni ships. Over two hundred have been observed gathered at the Battle of Pluto when Time broke the back of the first Red Legion invasion fleet.
  • Schooner: the second largest. Over a thousand were observed strafing Cabal elements at the Battle of Pluto.
  • Ketch: the backbone of Eliksni shipbuilding culture, Time boasts the largest armada of Ketches ever seen since the Whirlwind—nearly an hundred thousand. Nearly twenty percent of all of Time's Ketches were destroyed by the Red Legion during the Battle of Pluto.
  • Yawl: the mainline ship of the fleet. Less impressively bulked than a Ketch, almost half its total volume, they nonetheless serve an important function in being support vessels.
  • Cutter: a patrol and outrigger ship, they usually serve as the equivalent of light cruisers and usually are seen dogfighting with the enemy.
  • Sloop: a bulkier, more heavily armed and armored variant of the Skiff, they have greater troop and vehicular capacity, being capable of carrying up to three Walkers, and two Skiffs.
  • Skiff: the mainline troop transport.
  • Proa: a lighter vessel, these serve the equivalent of fighterships. They are never seen far from their Cutter mothership.