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Dominus Khraghul, the Almighty
Gall'usk, Elite Bombardier
Primus Ral'un, Enforcer
Analyst Rolak, Free-Thinker


Flagship Hades
The Almighty
Fleetship Typhon
Ordnance Juggernaut
Firebase Hades
Firebase Airfield
Excavation Site VII
Terrabase Charon
Firebase Vulcan


European Dead Zone, Earth
New Pacific Arcology, Titan
Arcadian Valley, Nessus
Meridian Bay, Mars
Echo Mesa, Io


The Behemoths are the highest ranked Cabal military detachment. They are a subunit of the Stone Breakers that have expanded to include remnant soldiers of the Red Legion, effectively merging the two to form an extremely dangerous military force.


After the death of Dominus Ghaul, the Red Legion have been withering in the face of Guardian forces. They have since resorted to making more weapons under the work of Bracus Zahn, an ironmonger equipped with multiple firearms. He engaged the Guardians in Firebase Airfield but was defeated by another team of Guardians.

With no remaining options, they have called for fresh reinforcements from the Stone Breakers. The request came through to Primus Tho'urgh, who willfully sent his forces in to assist in fortifying Red Legion defensives, as well as an attack on newly found territory. Those who attacked were tasked with finding resources that could help with further increasing defenses for Red Legion Firebases. As defenses increased, opposing forces were driven back. Primus Tho'urgh, alongside his companion Primus Ko'rok and his army of Stone Breakers, then personally took the fight to the Guardians personally. Tho'urgh had selected a few of his most trusted soldiers to be his elite guard, one of whom was his son, Khraghul. The Guardians fought back against the Cabal invasion, and eventually slew Ko'rok and Tho'urgh.

However, Khraghul survived amongst all the rubble and became a well-known war veteran. He claimed that he would continue his father's conquest, and stood up to take up the role of the new leader of both the Stone Breakers and the Red Legion, eventually merging the two into a subunit that became the highest-ranked Cabal force known: the Behemoths. His innumerable kill count during the battle against the Guardians made him a prime candidate for earning the rank of Dominus, rendering him an elite Cabal warlord. He sent his crews to aggressively attack vital enemy strongholds and sap them of their morale and power. In doing so, he claimed remnants of SIVA from the Dusk Splicers, drew untold dark power from Hive relics, cracked open Vex artifacts to understand time, and mangled with Taken powers to unlock new abilities. With these new powers, he has successfully desecrated and ruined several environments in his wake, rendering them almost completely inhabitable. However, Khraghul has yet to take the fight to the Guardians personally. He and his forces lie in wait on the outer edge of the Solar System until all conflict has ceased, allowing them more time to prepare themselves for an attack until the time is right to strike.

Espionage Crisis[edit]

Khraghul and his legion's surveyor drones have collected Dust Giant reports of an elite subunit of Emperor Calus' Shadows known as The Spartans, a division of Gladiators, taking on the forms of previous Cabal commanders and wiping out bases in Meridian Bay and the European Dead Zone, who are now commanded by Primus Val'ouk, the leader of the Spartans and Calus' personal Consul. Gall'usk and Rolak have begun working on security defenses including cameras, drones, and turrets. They are even planning a new type of mobile ground artillery should the Spartans launch a large-scale invasion. With these defenses, they hope to drive Val'ouk and his Spartans away from Behemoth territory.

Unique Forces[edit]

As a result of being a part of the Behemoths, soldiers always have the prefix "Hardened", although stronger variants of these enemies use the prefix "Adamant". Each individual soldier specializes in using claimed enemy weapons/abilities from either of the four other enemy races.

Red Legion[edit]

  • Hardened Scorpius: Infused with SIVA Turret parts to increase fire rate, accuracy, and damage over time. Can occasionally launch Solar missiles.
    • Adamant Scorpius
    • Hardened Volcanic Scorpius: Now shoots fire in a cone instead of in rapid fire streams. Has close range explosive defense mines. Leaves behind a SIVA Swarm when destroyed.
      • Adamant Volcanic Scorpius
  • Hardened War Beast: Has SIVA branded into its body. Leaves behind a damaging SIVA trail when running, and can charge up for a headbutt attack that will cause significant damage and knockback. Claws deal less damage, but swipe more rapidly.
    • Adamant War Beast
  • Hardened Psion: Armed with Void Induction Repeaters. Can launch a Solar Psionic Blast using a Hive relic on its head that leaves behind a Volcanic Rupture that launches Guardians upward, deals high blast damage, ignites them. Can use a short-range Arc melee attack that blinds Guardians upon contact and removes a portion of their ability charge with every successful hit.
    • Adamant Psion
  • Hardened Legionary: Armed with a Solar Burst Rifle. Has a gauntlet that fires live SIVA Charges and Null Mines; also comes with a retractable Shock Blade.
    • Adamant Legionary
  • Hardened Phalanx: Armed with a handheld full-auto Arc Slug Spigot and equipped with a Vex Overshield, a portable ballistic shield reinforced with Vex parts and has several combat functions.
    • Adamant Phalanx
  • Hardened Incendior: Armed a Cabal Magma Thrower that has an underbarrel burst-fire Arc Shredder. Can throw Void grenades of toxic Hive gas. Its fuel tank no longer explodes when it dies, but still takes critical damage.
    • Adamant Incendior
  • Hardened Gladiator: Armed with an arm-mounted superheated Solar Cabal Greatblade and equipped with a lightweight shield with a Taken drill on its front. Can throw Arc flashbang grenades.
    • Adamant Gladiator
  • Hardened Centurion: Outfitted with a Void energy shield. Armed with an Arc Projection Swarmer; comes with a Void Vex Laser Rifle mode. Can unsheathe a superheated Solar Cabal Greatblade that functions identically to the Gladiator's blade.
    • Adamant Centurion
  • Hardened Colossus: Armed with a Void Slug Bomber. Can rapidly launch Taken Scramble Missiles when attacked. Can unleash an Arc Quake at close range, leaving behind an electric pulsing maelstrom that damages anything in its wake.
    • Adamant Colossus

Stone Breakers[edit]

  • Hardened Pulsar: An elite Psion unit that unleashes psychic rays towards nearby Cabal troops to grant them with elemental shielding and send them into a berserker rage, charging down any Guardians in close range before unleashing a high-damage melee attack. Armed with Void Burst Inductors. Armed with a SIVA-powered dagger that can switch between Scorch and Shock modes.
    • Adamant Pulsar
  • Hardened Lightning Psion: An aerial Psion unit with angel-like wings for rapid flight. Equipped with Solar Lasrifles. Can throw Taken Void Rift Grenades. Bringing the Psion on low enough health will cause it to fall from the air and perform a suicide bomb that unleashes a torrent of Arc energy that blinds and paralyzes anyone in its radius.
    • Adamant Lightning Psion
  • Hardened Ballistarius: Armed with dual Arc Slug Spigots for upgraded firepower each attached with underbarrel canisters that launch Hive grenades. Plants down both variants of Scorpius turrets but shields them in a dome of superheated Solar energy that will burn anyone inside. This dome must be shot away to be able to damage the turret. The shield dome will regenerate after 20 seconds if no damage is dealt to it. Can only plant one turret at a time.
    • Adamant Ballistarius
  • Hardened Flamer: Armed with a Napalm Launcher. Equipped with a reinforced napalm canister that does not take extra damage and does not explode; canister is plugged into the barrel of the launcher. When the canister is fully charged, it will trigger a Void Vex Torch Repeater fire mode. Equipped with an Arc energy gauntlet that can charge up to release a powerful punch.
    • Adamant Flamer
  • Hardened Lancer: Armed with a Cabal Buzzsaw Lance and equipped with a reinforced Vex Bronze Shield. Can use its lance to create a Void shield dome around itself. Shooting the dome slows Guardians down; the only way to shut down the shield is to enter it and shoot the Lancer to stagger it.
    • Adamant Lancer
  • Hardened Marauder Lancer: Equipped with a SIVA Overshield and outfitted with booster wings. Armed with an Arc Projection Swarmer that functions identically to the Centurion's, but is also outfitted with a Null Blade attachment for close combat.
    • Adamant Marauder Lancer
  • Hardened Hypaspist: Outfitted with an Arc elemental shield and equipped with a Cabal Overshield. Armed with a handheld Cabal Gatling Inductor with Darkness Missile and Shock Dagger attachments.
    • Adamant Hypaspist
  • Hardened Gunnery Sergeant: Commands nearby Ballistarius units and is capable of operating heavy artillery on Goliath Tanks. Outfitted with a Solar elemental shield. Armed with dual Projection Swarmers. Can throw live Void Vex Spire Grenades. Can unleash a Solar quake at close range which leaves behind a pool of fire that ignites and sunders its target.
    • Adamant Gunnery Sergeant
  • Hardened Thunderbolt Colossus: An aerial Colossus unit equipped with a rocket booster with attached guiding wings. Armed with twin Ultra Slug Throwers. Has a Taken-enhanced Phaser Cannon. Can fire Arc Cluster Missiles.
    • Adamant Thunderbolt Colossus
  • Hardened Draconarius: Armed with a shoulder-mounted Blitz Slug Cannon. Its standard now carries the Behemoth insignia and has been enhanced with SIVA. At close range, its left arm will charge up with Void energy and eventually smash the ground, releasing an energy shockwave.
    • Adamant Draconarius


The Behemoths capacity to sabotage enemy technology and use it as their own has made them capable of producing a wide array of lethal weaponry and vehicles to use in their arsenal.


  • Induction Repeater: A Void Cabal sniper rifle used primarily by Hardened Psions. It charges up and is then able to semi-automatically fire high-damage bolts at a constant rate of 150 RPM. Guardians normally go down in as little as 5 shots, although those with higher resilience values can take up to an extra shot.
  • Burst Rifle: A Solar Cabal assault rifle primarily used by Hardened Legionaries. It fires in 3-round bursts, and should a full burst hit its target, it will cause slight disorientation and knockback. Each burst is fired quickly and accurately, so dodging a full burst requires fast timing.
  • Bombardier Gauntlet: A wrist-mounted grenade launcher used exclusively by Hardened Legionaries. It can either fire live SIVA Charges that detonate on impact or Null Mines that detonate in spheres of Void energy which blackens the vision of anyone inside. It also comes with a retractable Shock Blade attachment that inflicts a shocking effect on its targets.
  • Slug Spigot: An Arc Cabal submachine gun used primarily by Hardened Phalanxes. It can easily be wielded in one hand and is the pinnacle of close-range reactionary firepower, spewing its slugs at 900 RPM. However, its high rate of fire is somewhat offset by its set accuracy cone, making it easier to predict where the shots will go, although each shot has a chance of travelling either outside or within its normal spread pattern, making it unpredictable at time. Ballistarius units use a dual-wielded variant with a Hive Detonator fire mode.
  • Vex Overshield: A large Vex-reinforced multipurpose ballistic shield used exclusively by Hardened Phalanxes. It can expand to form a wall of Solar energy that rapidly burns anyone in its wake to death. At close range, it can either be used to unleash a Void shield blast that will slow anyone within range, or to perform a shield bash that will cause significant knockback and disorientation.
  • Magma Thrower: A Cabal flamethrower used exclusively by Hardened Incendiors. It dispenses flames in a forward cone and can perform a compression blast with extreme knockback force. It also comes with an underbarrel burst-fire Arc Shredder; should a full burst hit its target, it will trigger a shocking effect.
  • Darkness Grenade: An unstable Hive grenade used exclusively by Hardened Incendiors. It erupts in Void energy before releasing a cloud of poisonous gas that rapidly damages anyone inside of it.
  • Cabal Greatblade: A superheated energy blade primarily used by Hardened Gladiators, but can also be seen in the hands of Hardened Centurion officers as well. It inflicts a burning and sundering effect on its targets.
  • Taken Barricade: A Void handheld shield forged in Taken energy used exclusively by Hardened Gladiators. It has a drill attached to its front that can be used to rush towards Guardians and pin them to walls while causing heavy damage over time.
  • Projection Swarmer: An Arc Cabal warhead launcher used primarily by Hardened Centurions. It fires miniature seeking flashbang rockets in 5-round bursts, and comes with a Void Vex Laser Rifle that reverses Super and ability recharge rate for as long as it remains on target, which will also be latched on to and slowed by the beam at closer ranges. Hardened Marauder Lancers use a poisonous Null Blade attachment when using this weapon but leave out the Laser Rifle attachment. Hardened Gunnery Sergeants use a dual-wielded variant of this weapon but also without the Laser Rifle.
  • Slug Bomber: A Void Cabal grenade machine gun used exclusively by Hardened Colossi. Fires live explosives at a constant rate of 360 RPM. Explosives detonate on impact, releasing a singularity that pulls Guardians towards it, causing rapid damage over time throughout its entire duration.
  • Taken Scramble Missiles: A Taken-enhanced Solar missile pod used exclusively by Hardened Colossi. When attacked, the missile pod is automatically triggered, releasing a scattered spread of warheads that ignite their targets.
  • Burst Inductor: An enhanced Induction Repeater used primarily by Hardened Pulsars. It charges up before releasing a ten-round burst of sniper bolts. A full burst will instantly kill any Guardian at long range regardless of resilience value.
  • SIVA Dagger: A SIVA-powered dagger used exclusively by Hardened Pulsars. It can switch between two energy modes: Scorch and Shock. Scorch mode inflicts a burning effect whereas Shock mode inflicts a shocking effect.
  • Lasrifle: A Solar assault rifle used primarily by Hardened Lightning Psions. It is capable of accurately firing Solar slugs fully automatically at a rate of 300 RPM. Aim deflection increases as Guardians take damage.
  • Rift Grenade: A highly dangerous Taken-infused grenade used exclusively by Hardened Lightning Psions. It erupts in Void energy before releasing a Taken Blight that inflicts the "Shadow Touched" debuff and damages anything inside.
  • Hive Detonator: An underbarrel grenade launcher attachment used exclusively by Hardened Ballistarii. Grenades release a Void energy dome upon detonation that slow and sunder anyone stuck inside.
  • Napalm Launcher: A Cabal pyrotechnic weapon used exclusively by Hardened Flamers. It fires a ball of pure Solar energy that expands into a large pool of flames upon detonation. Under its barrel is a Vex Torch Repeater that is linked to the Flamer's canister. Once the canister is fully charged, the Torch Repeater activates, repeatedly bombarding Guardians from afar with explosive Void siege bolts.
  • Overcharge Gauntlet: A Cabal supercharged gauntlet used exclusively by Hardened Flamers. When pulled back, chain reactions are activated, triggering an Arc energy surge. It then thrusts forward to transfer the energy to its target, unleashing a devastating punch that will blind, shock and knock back anyone within range.
  • Buzzsaw Lance: A Solar Cabal lance used exclusively by Hardened Lancers. Pulling it back superheats it, and it then automatically thrusts forward to unleash a flurry of powerful melee attacks followed by a strong downward slash that creates a wall of deadly fire.
  • Bronze Shield: A Vex bronze-reinforced ballistic shield used exclusively by Hardened Lancers. It can perform a shield bash that precedes an Arc blast that will blind any Guardians within its radius.
  • Null Blade: A Void blade attachment used exclusively by Hardened Marauder Lancers. It poisons and slows any target that it hits.
  • SIVA Overshield: A SIVA-enhanced shield used exclusively by Hardened Marauder Lancers. It can perform a high-damage shield bash that leaves SIVA Swarms in its wake as well as a nanite cloud upon impact.
  • Gatling Inductor: A Solar Cabal sniper machine gun used exclusively by Hardened Hypaspists. It charges up before automatically firing high-damage sniper bolts at a constant rate of 360 RPM. This allows it to kill all Guardians in 5 shots, regardless of resilience value. There are alos two additional weapon platforms attached to it: a Darkness Missile launcher and a Fallen Shock Dagger. Darkness Missiles track their targets and trap them in a dome of Void energy upon detonation, which will slow, poison, and suppress them, whereas the Shock Dagger will blind, shock, and paralyze its targets for a short time.
  • Spire Grenade: A powerful Vex grenade used exclusively by Hardened Gunnery Sergeants. It detonates on impact, releasing a Void rift that will pull Guardians in and will teleport them to one of two different locations: either another spot on the ground or up in the air.
  • Ultra Slug Thrower: An upgraded Heavy Slug Thrower used exclusively by Hardened Thunderbolt Colossi. It has increased accuracy over its original incarnation and double the fire rate at 1200 RPM. Given that they are dual wielded, the total fire rate is 2400 RPM, literally dropping Guardians in less than a second.
  • Taken Phaser Cannon: A Taken-enhanced Phaser Cannon used exclusively by Hardened Thunderbolt Colossi. It charges up before firing a gigantic Void beam that will instantly kill anything that crosses and will unleash upon impact a giant blight, which will inflict the "Shadow Touched" debuff and damage anything inside.
  • Cabal Cluster Missiles: An Arc Cabal missile pod used exclusively by Hardened Thunderbolt Colossi. It fires a swarm of missiles that aggressively track their targets, which blind and slow anything in their path.
  • Blitz Slug Cannon: An Arc shoulder mounted rocket machine gun used exclusively by Hardened Draconarii. It automatically fires Arc super slugs at a rate of 240 RPM. Each super slug leaves behind a miniature concussion field upon detonation that blinds, shocks, and paralyzes anything that steps inside, before eventually detonating, causing an explosion with significant knockback force.
  • Behemoth's Gaze: A SIVA-enhanced standard used exclusively by Hardened Draconarii. It fires a long stream of SIVA that attaches nanites to its target, and also leaves SIVA Swarm clouds in its wake. Guardians inflicted with SIVA nanites can spread the effect to each other via trail.
  • Suppression Gauntlet: A Void Cabal gauntlet used exclusively by Hardened Draconarii. It pulls upward, channeling Void energy shortly before slamming the ground, creating an energy shockwave that sends Guardians flying upward and suppressing them of their abilities.


  • Leech: Large, remote-controlled, seeking Cabal drones. Armed with dual Slug Repeaters. Unleashes a stasis beam that latches on to nearby Guardians and saps a set portion of their health to increase their own speed, damage resistance, and attack power.
  • Slashwing: Quick-flying aircraft equipped with dual Lancer Cannons. Equipped with bladed wings that cut away at the ground, creating debris storms that greatly disorient Guardians' vision.
  • Ultra Interceptor: An up-sized Interceptor with a much larger operator seat. Armed with quad artillery cannons and has a permanent booster setting, but is generally much slower than the regular Interceptor. Operated by Gunnery Sergeants.
  • Cerberus Tank: A larger and more powerful variant of the Goliath Tank. Operated by Gunnery Sergeants, whom can only be killed once the tank is destroyed.
  • Ordnance Juggernaut: A gigantic Cabal siege engine equipped with multiple weapon systems and is capable of smashing infrastructure to pieces.